How to Create Emotion with Music in Video Marketing

Posted August 22, 2018

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If you’re asking yourself, “should I add an audio track to my video?” the answer is always, yes! Music is often the most overlooked, last minute decision in a quick video marketing job, however it shouldn’t be. Music helps to create emotion and set the tone of your marketing video. The right track can turn a good video into a brilliant, emotional tale. A bad track can even cause good video footage to look bad and create a disconnect between your viewers.

It can take hours of listening to find the perfect track, and with copyright licensing restrictions it can be hard to find that beat that makes your video pop. Luckily, we’ve integrated a huge audio library into our online video maker so you can browse royalty-free stock audio tracks until your heart’s content, and insert them straight into your video! So how do you choose the right music to create emotion in your video?

How to create emotion with music using stock audio:

1. Consider the message of your video

Are you creating a lighthearted, fun video, or conveying a more serious message? The right song will help reinforce the underlying message of your video. Inject your video with all the feels by using soundtracks that invoke the emotion you’re looking to create with your video’s message.

Keyword searching in the clipchamp stock audio library can produce results for any mood, for example:

  • Chill

  • Happy pop

  • Serious

  • Cinematic

  • Dark

  • Inspiring

  • Uplifting

  • Fun

How we create emotion with music in this video: we chose a ‘cinematic trailer’ audio track, that was slow and building to create an uplifting and inspiring feeling. We used slow motion videos that aligned well with the slow pace of the music. The video is cropped to a 12:9 ratio and a light filter is used to create this cinematic landscape look.

2. Choose the tempo

The tempo, or speed of the track can help set the pace of your video. If your creating a reflective montage, select a slower track at around 80-90 bpm. If your video is a exciting and fast paced, select a quicker track at around 120-130 bpm.

How we create emotion with music in this video: for this promo video, we used a fast paced track to accompany our video that we played in fast-forward to really accelerate the tempo and make the video more comical.

3.  Remember your audience

Connect with your audience through music that they’re into. Think about adding music that appeals to certain generations. For example, you could use electronic dance music with Millennials, grunge and hip hop with Gen X, or rock and soul for Baby Boomers.

4. Less is more

In this case, the less distracting the music is, the better. If your video has a voice over, choose tracks with no lyrics, and preferably no vocals at all. This will help to keep the viewer focused on the narration and not be distracted. Ensure you set your audio track to a lower volume than your voice over. The best videos contain music that you don’t even notice at all.

5. Choose the track first

Try choosing your music first, then fitting your video clips to the music. Often, this will result in the most synergy between your audio and video.

How we create emotion with music in this video: we found this fast hip hop track, then paired with with funky video clips and punchy editing to create the most impact.

Adding stock audio to your video project is easy as pie, but if you’re struggling, check out this help centre article on How to add stock music and audio!

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