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Expert video marketers your small business can learn from

Posted February 10, 2022
Written by Samir Sampat

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Expert video marketers your small business can learn from CC thumbnail

Video marketing is a powerful tool for small or large businesses. Today, videos are cost-effective to create, easy to consume, and usually preferred by viewers as the way to learn. And with the insights of some video marketing professionals, your small business can generate success through videos in no time. 

Read on to explore video marketing for small businesses and some professional insights.

Video marketing for small businesses

Video marketing is when businesses use videos to promote a service or product, engage with their audience, educate existing consumers, and reach new customers. With mobile video consumption currently rising at a rate of 100% each year, video marketing is only going to get bigger. It's estimated that as much as 82% of all Internet traffic will come from videos, either via streaming or download, by the year 2022. 

Sometimes it’s hard for small businesses to compete with well-known brands and find their place within the industry. So, it’s more important than ever to embrace the power of video marketing for your business. 

Sharing videos on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and many more, allow small businesses to directly connect with their target audience. And with video already being a preferred choice of entertainment, users will engage with your brand's video content.

Using a marketing technique that your audience already enjoys will increase engagement rates and grow your small business in no time. Video marketing can be cross promoted, so you can share your brand’s videos anywhere, with a click of a button.

Why video marketing is important for small businesses

Small businesses have a lot to gain from adding video to their marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at some of the most important advantages of video marketing for small businesses. 

  • Increase brand awareness, 

  • Generate lead conversations, 

  • Increased revenue, 

  • Influence buying decisions, 

  • Higher search rankings (SEO), 

  • More valuable backlinks, 

  • Reduced marketing expenses. 

Video marketing helps small businesses engage with their audience in a way that works for them. Viewers can simply click on a play button or glance at a video when they desire. Rather than reading a lengthy written paragraph. Users are viewing almost seven hours of viral videos a week. So the more videos your small business creates, the higher chance you have for viewers to see them, leading to better brand awareness and eventually increased sales. 

Learn from professional video marketers

Let’s take a look at some experts who believe video marketing can skyrocket your small business

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a small business and entrepreneurial expert, author, speaker, and internet personality. Vaynerchuk offers his years of experience through valuable support, beneficial insights, and advice for small business owners. Helping Fortune 1000 brands leverage customer attention through his full-service advertising agency, Vaynerchuck knows the power video holds for small businesses. He claims anyone can create great viral videos when they take the preconceived generalizations out and just speak to their audience.

2. Laura Clery

Laura Clery is an actress and comedian, best known for her weekly comedy sketches to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. With a combined 10 billion views and 23 million social media followers, Clery knows a lot about how to make quality video content that can go viral. Using an alter ego to offer insight and inspiration to her audience, Clery has a widely known online presence and high engagement rates. And her unique style boosted her growth dramatically. Clery can help small businesses learn more about the viral video. 

3. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the textbook definition of a successful entrepreneur. Digital marketing expert and SEO genius, Petal, has featured on Forbes and other business media sites. And has even been recognized by former President Obama for being one of the top entrepreneurs under age 30. His powerful business knowledge can give small businesses an actionable insight into marketing, and how to create their unique video style. Patel thrives on seeing positive client results and sharing small businesses with the necessary resources that they need to succeed. 

Create engaging videos to skyrocket your small business

All three professionals have one thing in common. They know how to turn a small business into a global phenomenon. And with the right video marketing tips and tricks, your small business can increase brand awareness and generate leads in no time. 

Create powerful video content with Clipchamp.

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