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12 Father’s Day video ideas

Updated May 24, 2024

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Looking for new ways to celebrate Father’s Day? Whether you're a social media whiz or just looking for a heartfelt way to say "thanks," Clipchamp has you covered.

We've got 12 timeless Father's Day ideas to get you started, from classic "Happy Father's Day" video cards, to gift guides and dad joke compilations. Use our free video templates or create something special from scratch to show Dad how much you care.

12 Happy Father’s Day video ideas

1. Father’s Day video card  

Skip the paper card this year! One of the easiest ways to show your gratitude to your dad this Father’s Day is through a sentimental video card. Select a free video template, upload your own video clips or personalize the stock video footage. Then add stock music and personalize it with Dad's name. Post your video card on social media or send it directly to Dad with a quick message on WhatsApp.

2. Cooking with dad video 

Are you a foodie with a foodie Dad? This Father's Day, surprise your Dad with a recipe video tribute to his cooking skills. Whether it's his legendary marinade or the world's best pasta sauce, get ready to share the magic (and the recipe!) with your followers. Record a step-by-step tutorial and include text about the ingredients and cooking methods. Add captions to make it easy to follow along and spice things up with fun transitions.

3. 'Day in the life' video

From morning coffee to work life, film Dad's world! Record a ‘day in the life’ video with your dad. Mix in serious moments that show his dedication with some funny behind-the-scenes clips. Record short video clips and merge them easily in Clipchamp. Add transitions, captions and some fun stickers before sharing it to your choice of social media like TikTok. Just remember to make sure your dad is on-board. 

4. Father's Day sale video

If you run a business, help your customers celebrate Father's Day with a quick and eye-catching sale video. From epic sales to free gifts with purchase, share your unique deals using a classic sale video template. Just personalize the text, add your own product photos, then share directly to social media.  

5. Interview with dad video

Make Father's Day extra special with a heart-to-heart interview! Ask him anything – his funniest childhood stories, the best advice he's ever received, or even what he secretly wishes you knew about him. You may even challenge your siblings to do the same interview with Dad and compare notes! Edit your video with an intro and outro, add captions to accompany his stories, and share it on YouTube.  

6. Father's Day gift guide video

Brands, creators, and specifically UGC creators can help viewers find the perfect present by showcasing products, services, custom-made gifts, and experiences fathers will truly love. Think gadgets for the techie dad, grilling essentials for the BBQ master, or epic adventures for the dad who's always on the go. Highlight what makes each item special and don't forget to throw in any sweet coupon codes you might have. Share your gift guide on social media using this template and inspire others to celebrate Father's Day in style.

7. Slideshow tribute video

Surprise your dad this Father’s Day by showcasing your joyous moments together in a cheerful slideshow video. Record a webcam message with the camera recorder or use our text to speech generator to express your gratitude in a heartfelt voiceover. You can also add cinematic background music and soft transitions like Cross Fade between clips.  

8. Father's Day quote video

Honor your dad or celebrate all father figures with a meaningful quote video. Enhance your video with stickers and add overlays like sparkles, elegant fonts and background music. You can also update font color and themes to match your dad’s favorite colors.  

9. Dad joke meme video

Did Dad crack you up with another groan-worthy joke? Turn it into an epic meme video the whole family will love. Start with a ready-to-use video meme template, add in a photo of your dad, personalize the text to read their joke, then share it to social media like Instagram Stories. Your dad might even end up going viral. 

10. Father's Day giveaway video

Show your appreciation and promote your business at the same time with a quick and engaging giveaway video. First, highlight your amazing product or service and show how it makes dads the true heroes. Next, make entering the giveaway a breeze by explaining the steps clearly and simply. Don't forget to build anticipation by announcing the lucky winner draw date. Resize your video to suit any platform from YouTube to TikTok. 

11. Father's Day prank-to-party video 

Try something different with a playful, good-natured prank on Dad! Capture his hilarious confusion with Clipchamp, adding a playful camcorder overlay for a retro vibe. But shhh, it's all a setup for a surprise party or gift at the end. Film his reaction and edit the video with funny music and captions. 

12. Father's Day travel adventure video

Travel with your father and create a heartfelt video celebrating your adventure. Our travel video templates make it easy to capture your journey, from stunning landscapes to candid moments of laughter. Film everything - epic excursions, funny interactions, and heartfelt conversations. Personalize your video with text overlays, captions, and royalty-free music to reflect the mood and highlight Dad's personality.

From tribute videos to video cards, say Happy Father’s Day differently this year with Clipchamp. Explore the full range of templates here.

If you’re looking for more special occasion video ideas, check out Mother’s Day video ideas.

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