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10 Father’s Day video ideas

Posted June 6, 2023
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Looking for new ways to celebrate Father’s Day? Whether you want to share a tribute to your dad or post content as a creator, make a special personalized video with Clipchamp.

Explore 10 timeless Father’s Day video ideas like Happy Father’s Day message videos and dad joke videos you can create from scratch or using free video templates.  

10 Happy Father’s Day video ideas

1. Father’s Day video card  

One of the easiest ways to show your gratitude to your dad this Father’s Day is through a sentimental video card. Select a free video template, upload your own video clips or personalize the stock video footage, add stock music and edit the text to your father’s name. Share your video card on social media or send it by messaging apps like WhatsApp.  

2. Cooking with dad video 

If your dad and you are foodies, create a short, mouth-watering video showcasing your dad’s favorite recipe on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. From secret marinate recipes to the best pasta sauce, share your dad’s tips and tricks so your followers can enjoy, as well as creating a memorable video for dad to look back on. Record a step-by-step tutorial and include text about the ingredients and cooking methods. Add animated text overlays, captions, and transitions to make it easy to follow along.

3. 'Day in the life' video

Whether you want to capture your dad’s morning routine, work life, or everyday activities, record a ‘day in the life’ video with your dad. Combine videos of your dad’s serious responsibilities and more lighthearted moments to make an engaging video. Record short video clips and merge them. Add transitions, captions and some fun stickers before sharing it to your choice of social media like TikTok. They might even go viral. Just remember to respect your dad’s privacy as well.  

4. Father's Day sale video

Father’s Day is a popular time of year to buy gifts to show gratitude. If you run a business, create a quick Father’s Day sale video to show customers what you’re offering. From sales to free gifts and discount codes, share your unique benefit through a classic sale video template. Just personalize the text, add your own media, then share directly to social media.  

5. Interview with dad video

Sit down with your dad this Father’s Day to record an interview-style video sharing some of your dad’s best answers and experiences. Ask him questions that he should know about you, himself, memories, lessons he’s learnt, and some heart-felt perspective on fatherhood. You can even turn this interview video into a challenge if you want to get competitive. Edit your video with an intro and outro, add on-screen text, and share it on YouTube.  

6. Father's Day gift guide video

Brands, creators, and specifically UGC creators can make Father’s Day gift guides to suit any different lifestyles. Feature products, services, and other gifts that you think your dad would love to receive, in hopes of inspiring others with some ideas. Highlight the product benefits and add any coupon codes you have to share with your viewers. 

7. Slideshow tribute video

Surprise your dad this Father’s Day by showcasing your joyous moments together in a cheerful slideshow video. Record a personal webcam message using the camera recorder or create a voiceover expressing your gratitude to your dad using the text-to-speech feature. You can also add cinematic background music and soft transitions like Cross Fade between clips.  

8. Father's Day quote video

Honor your dad or celebrate all father figures with a meaningful quote video. Enhance your video with stickers and add overlays like sparkles, elegant fonts and background music. You can also update font color and themes to match your dad’s favorite colors.  

9. Dad joke meme video

Turn the overheard dad joke into an entertaining meme video to share with the family. Start with a ready-to-use video meme template, add in a photo of your dad, personalize the text to read their joke, then share it to social media like Instagram Stories. Your dad might even end up going viral. 

10. Father's Day giveaway video

Promote your business while sharing your love this Father’s Day through a quick giveaway video. Show what product or service you’re offering, how to enter, and when you’re going to announce the lucky winner. Resize your video to suit any platform from YouTube to TikTok. 

From tribute videos to video cards, say Happy Father’s Day differently this year with Clipchamp. If you’re looking for more special occasion video ideas you can create for free, check out Mother’s Day video ideas.

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