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How to Make IGTV Videos for Your Brand

Posted January 14, 2020
Written by Lana Sciasci

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How to create create IGTV Videos for your brand

If Instagram’s features had catchphrases, Instagram stories’ would be “here for a good time, not for a long time”. We’re constantly told that the key to video marketing is making things shorter and faster – less than 15 seconds to be exact. According to that logic, speedy Instagram stories should be the ideal platform for all video marketing, right? Not according to Hootsuite, who suggest that viewers seeking connection and education from a brand would benefit from longer videos. There’s a need for an Instagram feature with the catchphrase “slow and steady wins the race”. Here’s where IGTV comes in.

IGTV provides a platform forpermanent videos on Instagram (stories disappear after 24 hours) that can be anywhere from one minute to one hour long. Savvy content producers and brands are creating tutorials, interviews and behind the scenes videos and posting them to IGTV to build deeper, longer term connections with users. It’s even rumoured that IGTV, with its mobile optimised portrait view and promise of no ads, is giving Youtube a run for its money. Intrigued? Here, we’ve put together a simple guide with everything you need to know about how to make IGTV videos.This guide will cover:

  1. How to make IGTV videos

  2. IGTV video ideas

  3. **How to optimise your video for IGTV**

1. How to make IGTV videos

We all start somewhere. Whether you’re familiar with IGTV or this is your first time at the rodeo, this is the essential information you need to know. Before you get going though, you should know that you’ll need to set up an IGTV channel for you brand’s account.  

IGTV video formatting

  • MP4 file format. You can convert your video using Clipchamp’s video converter.

  • Portrait (9:16). You can select this dimension at the beginning of your Clipchamp project.

  • 650MB size limit for videos 10 minutes or less. Use Clipchamp’s video compressor to easily compress your videos.

  • 3.6MB size limit for videos up to one hour.

  • Minimum frame rate of 30 frames per second.

  • Minimum resolution of 720 pixels.

IGTV video length

  • Minimum length of 15 seconds.

  • Maximum length varies from 15 to 60 minutes depending on your Instagram account.

  • Standard user maximum length of 15 minutes.

  • Verified user maximum length of 60 minutes.

2. IGTV video ideas

Behind the scenes

Get real. Your followers and customers want to know more about you, and the day to day workings of your business are a gold mine of content. Take viewers on a tour of your workplace, reveal how a product is made or tell the story behind the idea that started it all.

One great example is Louis Vuitton. The luxury fashion house produces excellent behind the scenes IGTV videos that peek behind the veil of exclusivity and show the artistry and craft that goes into making a premium product.

IGTV Louis Vuitton behind the scenes.


Show them how it’s done. Followers and customers look to brands for information about products and services before and after purchasing. Give customers an experience that doesn’t stop at the sale by producing how to’s and tutorials that relate to your brand.

A great example? Mecca Cosmetica. The cosmetics powerhouse sells a lot of products and they know their customers desire expert advice on how to use them. Mecca Cosmetica creates quick, informative tutorials about how to use their products and utilise layover text as a way to clearly communicate which products they are highlighting from their dense selection. 

IGTV Mecca Cosmetica tutorials.


Go above and beyond. A number of brands are seizing the opportunity IGTV’s longer time limit creates to produce original series. Depending on your brand this could range anywhere from cooking shows to a scripted series. The possibilities are endless.

An exciting example is National Geographic. With plenty of incredible footage at their disposal, National Geographic has created one of the most exciting IGTV channels on Instagram. They consistently create captivating one-off and series videos that engage and entertain their followers and, in turn, reinvigorate their love of the brand.  

IGTV National Geographic storytelling.

3. Optimising your videos for IGTV

The finishing touches. With the basics down and the content inspiration flowing, Clipchamp offers a number of features that make it quick and easy to optimise your videos for IGTV.

Layover text

According to Sked Social, 85 percent of Instagram users watch videos without sound. That means there’s a big reason to add layover text to your IGTV videos. By adding captions, you can avoid viewers missing out on important information and even hold their attention longer – Sked Social also notes that video with captions generate a 12 percent increase in viewership. You can add captions using Clipchamp’s text and titles feature  – with this tool you can add text and alter the font, size, colour and position in the frame to work perfectly with your video.

Brand logos

IGTV gives content creators and brands opportunities to diversify their video content, but this doesn’t mean you want to lose your brand signature altogether. An element of consistency is required to clearly link your IGTV channel back to you. This is where Clipchamp’s brand feature comes in handy – it lets you apply your logo to videos to maintain brand awareness and recognition. So it can work with your video, the feature allows users to change logo transparency, size and position and gives users the option to cloud sync across all video projects to save you time in the future.

It’s pretty clear that IGTV offers a lot of opportunities to brands producing video content. Truthfully, it feels like a welcome breath of fresh air amongst the hustle and bustle of most social media features. The above tips are a simple spot to get started on the production of higher quality, longer videos for IGTV. Now that you know how to make IGTV videos, we think you’re ready to create content that leads to brand enrichment, deeper customer connections and, in our opinion, a whole lot of fun!

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