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8 reasons every business should use video ad templates

Posted February 23, 2021
Written by Rachel Surgeoner

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Running a small business means wearing many hats—but making video ads doesn’t have to be an all-consuming process. By utilizing Clipchamp’s video editor and video ad templates you’ll save more than just time and money… read on as we highlight 8 big reasons why every business should video ad templates to solve your video marketing woes!

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1. Low effort, highly professional

Clipchamp’s fully customizable video templates are made by professionals and tailored to suit a range of industries. With access to Clipchamp’s professional stock footage library, you can level up your video ads without blowing the budget by hiring a film crew. Whether you’re wanting to create a promo video for an upcoming sale or an intro video to let your customers find out more about your product or service—we’ve got a template for you!

2. Right dimensions, every time 

By choosing a pre-built social media video ad template you can rest assured you’ll get the correct sized video ad dimensions for all your Facebook video ads, Instagram video ads, YouTube video ads and more, every time. 

Create instant Facebook video ads with our Facebook ad maker and effortless Instagram video ads and Instagram stories with our Instagram ad maker and Instagram story ad maker. Plus, check out our blog for the lowdown on How to Make Video Ads for YouTube, Tik Tok, Pinterest and LinkedIn

3. Save time 

Work smarter not harder. Clipchamp’s video ad templates are quick and easy to use for the ultimate video productivity hack—you’ll save time and reduce stress by utilizing video templates made by professional marketers instead of spending hours creating your own from scratch. Think of all the video ads you can create using templates in the time it would take to make just one without having a stock footage library and pre-designed content for every occasion at your fingertips! Feeling extra motivated to spend your time better? Consider using a daily free schedule template so you can prioritize work and also find time to things for that matter most.

Save time-8 Reasons Every Business Should Use Video Ad Templates-Clipchamp blog

4. Save money

Clipchamp’s free video editor allows you to create quality video templates for zilch-nada-gratis! And if you sign up as a Business user for less than $20 a month you can add custom branding to your videos as well as have access to Full HD exports, video compression, cloud media backup and more. Now that’s a whole lot cheaper than hiring a video producer which costs upwards of $5,000 for a 1-2 minute video! 

Save money-8 Reasons Every Business Should Use Video Ad Templates-Clipchamp blog

5. Streamline your video ads 

Using a template helps ensure you don’t forget any essential elements such as titles, logos, captions, transitions and call-to-actions in your video ad. Our free video templates help you to stick within specific guidelines for each video sequence and placement but are also fully customizable—you can change the background music, add custom text and logos and drag and drop in your own footage. Do as much or as little customizing as you like and your video is ready to go!

6. Increase brand awareness

Add branding to your video assets and build your brand awareness by maintaining a consistent look and feel across all your video ads. Do this with ease by selecting and reusing your favorite Clipchamp video ad templates and simply changing elements were needed to suit your video content strategy. 

7. You don’t need to be a video pro

Gone are the days of needing a degree in film to make a video ad. Clipchamp’s video editor and free video ad maker templates are intuitive and easy to use, so you can create compelling video ads for your product or service in less than 20 mins! And, if you're using trendy time management techniques such as the Pomodoro method, that leaves you with at least an extra 5 minutes for that coffee break or, dare we say, catch up on social media.

8. Video sells 

We don’t need to tell you for the gazillionth time that video is king when it comes to marketing. In 2021, every business, brand and human with a smartphone attached to their hand understands the engagement factor video has over any other medium. When it comes to marketing, you want video ads to help your product or service stand out, help tell your story and get quantifiable results (all-important sales, enquiries and brand awareness!) 

Here are more video marketing tips for small business

Ready to put all these inspiring reasons for using video templates and handy productivity tips to good use? Sign up to Clipchamp today and create compelling video ads from our range of professional video ad templates and pat yourself on the back when you improve productivity and watch your video marketing go from social media woe to social media wow!

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