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How to Make Video Ads for LinkedIn

Posted June 17, 2020

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How to Make Video Ads for LinkedIn

The popularity of video ads is soaring across mainstream social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but did you know this on-trend advertising method has also found success on LinkedIn? Yes, according to LinkedIn, video gets 20 x more views than any other content type on the site.

This career-focused platform offers unique opportunities for businesses to connect with new customers. So how do you create a video ad optimised for LinkedIn? Let us show you how. In this this blog post that we'll cover:

  • Why video ads are beneficial to your small business

  • LinkedIn target audience and ad objective.

  • Linked in video ad examples.

  • How to make a video ad for LinkedIn. 

Why video ads are beneficial to your small business

Social media marketing creates opportunities for your small business to reach a larger audience at a lower cost than traditional methods. You can target the right audience, reach more potential customers, and frequently update your content.

Video ads help businesses connect and interact with consumers on a more personal level. Whether it’s a product tutorial, launch video or question and answer… the options are limitless. Video marketing is the new black. It’s time to move past pictures and add videos to your advertisement toolkit. Learn more about how your small business will benefit from video ads through our Video Marketing for Small Businesses blog.

Why video ads are beneficial to your small business

LinkedIn target audience and ad objective

How to determine your target audience

Before you start creating your LinkedIn video ad, you need to determine your campaign's target audience. Make the most out of your ads by targeting people who are most likely to view, interact and convert with them. Your target audience is determined by the particular demographic your ad, product or business is aimed towards.

Here are a few tips to get your targeting started:

  • You can create surveys for your current clients to complete to gain further insight into your clientele. Many tools are available online so you can make surveys and questionnaires.

  • Get in touch with your sales team to find out what demographic is purchasing your product. 

  • Check out the social profiles of current clients and dream clients. Research what content, blogs and websites they are viewing and sharing on social media.

  • LinkedIn profiles state what interest the person has at the bottom of the page. You can use this information to your advantage for the creation of your LinkedIn video ads. 

  • Make sure to document all the information you find. 

What is your LinkedIn ad objective?

Now that you have a  target audience in mind, the next step is to identify the objective of your campaign. A strong objective is key to the success of your ad. Here are some ways to promote brand awareness and conversation:

  • Tell your brand's story.

  • Share customer success stories.

  • Keep your ad visually appealing and concise. 

  • Show demos, sneak peaks or event previews to gage viewer attention.

Target audience and ad objective

LinkedIn Video Ad examples

Here is a collection of our favourite LinkedIn video ads to inspire you and help you grasp an idea of what works best on the professional platform. Clipchamp Create also offers a wide range of promotional ad templates to help you get started. 

Inditex Promotional Video

Inditex is promoting their latest app called INET. This video ad portrays the company's key goal of connecting Inditex teams across the whole globe extremely well. Using a correlation of videos with no verbal communication, only background music. The ad captures modern day communication and is very easy for viewers of all ages to relate to. 


WeWork Promotional Video

This short, simple and visually appealing ad works amazingly well on LinkedIn. Using simple  text, viewers are able to watch its wonderful visuals. This video is very easy to process and is specifically targeted to small business owners of any age. 


Adecco Promotional Video 

This entertaining and creative video takes a different approach to LinkedIn ads. The recruitment agency displays their staff in a humorous light with a slideshow of funny CVs their clients have received. This video is a very creative way to generate brand awareness. It is definitely worth a watch!


How to make a video ad for LinkedIn

Want to create an awesome video ad but not sure how? Let us help you with our step by step tutorial. It’s easy, fast and fun!

LinkedIn Video Ad Specs

  • Length: 3 seconds - 30 minutes length (most successful video ads are 15 seconds long)

  • File size: 75 KB - 200 MB

  • Format: MP4 

  • Ratio: Landscape 16:9, Square 1:1 or Vertical 9:16 (vertical aspect ratio can only be served to mobile devices)

Step 1. Log into Clipchamp Create or create account 

Log into your Clipchamp Create account or sign up for free. 

Step 1. Get started by creating a Clipchamp account

Step 2. Create a new project  

Select the Create a video button on the left side bar. For LinkedIn video ads, you are able to choose from three of our five format options. Widescreen, Square and Vertical. We recommend using widescreen 16:9 ratio as mobile and desktop users can view the ad correctly.

Step 2. Create a new project

Step 3. Add your video footage

Select and click Add Media on the left side bar, then drag and drop video files or Browse my files. Your clips will automatically upload to your media library. You can also browse Stock video if you wish to use stock footage instead.

Step 3. Add your video footage

Step 4. Drag and drop clip onto timeline

Drag and drop your video footage onto the timeline bar. Add as many clips as you’d like. You can move the clips around anytime if you place in the wrong sequence.

Step 4. Drag and drop clip onto timeline

Step 5. Crop clips

Click on the video you would like to make shorter or longer. Drag the green sidebar left or right. 

Step 5. Crop clips

Step 6. Add titles

Click Text and drag and drop a title you would like to add to your video onto the timeline. You do not need to add any text if you do not want.

Step 6. Add titles

Step 7. Add background music

Click Stock and browse the audio files. Once you have found a background music, click the + plus button and the audio will be added directly to your media library on the editor. Drag and drop the audio file onto your timeline. Turn the volume down so it isn’t too loud on playback. Fade out the tune as well.

Step 7. Add background music

Step 8. Export LinkedIn video ad

Once you have finished your LinkedIn ad, click Export in the tip right corner. Choose the export quality, we recommend using 720p for fast social media upload speed then click Continue. Your video will automatically save to a location of your choice. 

Step 8. Export Linkedin video ad

It’s now time to watch your LinkedIn ad!

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