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10 Video Templates to Help Your Business Through COVID-19

Posted September 4, 2020

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10 Video Templates to Help Your Business Through COVID-19

COVID-19 has completely changed the way we run our businesses. Whether it’s using alternative advertising methods or focusing purely on online sales, we are all experiencing new, different challenges everyday. Creating eye-catching marketing videos is a great way to keep your business alive during uncertain times and it boosts your online presence. To help you out, we've selected our top 10 video templates to help your business through COVID-19 and stay connected with your customers and viewers. 

Making sure your customers stay informed is important right now. Achieve this by making a professional looking video in minutes. Start with a free, ready to use video template for any industry, and fully customise it to make it your own. 

Our top 10 COVID-19 video templates

1. Kerbside pick up

Kerbside pick up

Kerbside pick up allows small businesses to keep both employees and customers safe. This means stores offer online or phone orders, packaged up and ready to be placed in the customers’ car boot for them. Eliminating social interaction is key during a pandemic as it lowers the risk of spreading germs.

Our Kerbside Pick Up Restaurant Feed Ad Template is one of our favourites. Being stuck at home entertaining the kids while preparing dinner can be challenging at times. So why not order kerbside pick up from your favourite restaurant for dinner? This ad is fun, inspiring and direct. With minimal text and only two stock videos used, viewers can stay focused on the ad's message without being distracted.

2. #isolife


Every year the internet seems to bring people together to take part in humorous “challenges”. Using social media challenges within your marketing campaign creates a positive brand sentiment and gets people talking about your company or product. Keeping up to date with the latest trends on TikTok and Instagram is a great way to target a selected audience age group and promote your business in a fun and interactive way.

Our TikTok Push Up Challenge Ad Template is a fast paced, energetic video template suitable for a variety of businesses. This multi purpose video template is a great way to promote your new gym weight loss challenge, healthy eating, staying active during quarantine or clothing brand.

3. Takeaway restaurants

Takeaway restaurants

During a pandemic, local restaurants have reinvented themselves into takeaway restaurants in order to keep the community safe and fed. As this might be a new concept for most restaurants, promoting your business through social media videos is a perfect way to target hungry viewers stuck at home. 

Our Pizza Delivery Instagram Feed Ad Template is suitable for any restaurant. Remember, you can customise the stock footage to a different cuisine, and even add in your own! The groovy background music and slow motion pizza twist captures viewers attention and makes their mouths water. Don’t be defeated during COVID-19. Takeaway, instead of dining in.

4. Online fitness

Online fitness

The best thing about online fitness is you can access it almost anytime and anywhere with enough room to roll out your yoga mat and a Wi-Fi connection. Market your business with an enthusiastic video template showcasing your new venture, free trial period or sale.

Our Now Offering Online Yoga Sessions Ad Template is perfect for first time Clipchamp users. It’s easy for viewers to follow and very effective. Showing the studio, then a home yoga class gives viewers the opportunity to see what they too can be achieving with your online classes.

5. Video chat

Video chat

Excellent customer service is a vital part of running a successful business. Customers expect fast reply times and quick answers to their questions. In times of crisis, customers can't physically come into your workplace. Instead, virtual consultations and chats have been widely used and loved amongst the community. Promote your new form of communication with your customers through our video chat templates and business templates.

Our Cosmetic Consultation Video Chat Ad Template is one of our favourites. Show potential customers your surgery is adaptable to the current times by presenting online consultations. You can use stock footage like us so you do not disclose any personal information from clients. Transition between your average in person consult and online consult.

6. Thank you healthcare heroes

Thank you healthcare heroes

Say thanks to all of our hard working healthcare heroes by making a social media video. Give back to the community by offering exclusive deals to healthcare workers or set up a donations page on your website. A small gesture your business makes can be extremely powerful. Whether it’s a donation fund, free coffee or a thank you card video, they all make a difference. 

Our Honouring Our Front Line Healthcare Workers Ad Template sends a strong message to the community about honouring our healthcare heroes, yet promotes your businesses donation fund at the same time. This kind gesture shows your business giving support to the community in times of need, giving thanks to those that sacrifice their time and risk their health for others wellbeing. This template shows a slideshow of unique healthcare workers in their work uniforms ready for action. You can involve the community in your ad or use stock footage.

7. Buy gift cards

Buy gift cards

Who doesn't love receiving a gift card for their birthday or special occasion? Sending a gift card to your friends, family or work colleagues is a great way to say thank you, farewell, happy birthday or happy anniversary. With zero social contact, a gift card is perfect for these challenging times and a last minute gift idea.

Our Isolation Party Gift Card Feed Ad Template is a humorous way to promote your businesses services or social distancing gifts. This ad is upbeat, lighthearted and suitable for any business. Promote your instant email delivery system for your gift cards for zero wait time. If you're shipping products, make sure to add a high quality business card with a QR code or a call-to-action to review the product or keep in touch with with your brand on social media. You can use a business card builder like Print Peppermint or a free online service.

8. Community ads

Community ads

Create an informative ad to share with your local community. Ranging from ‘things to do in social isolation’ to ‘ways to prevent germs’, get the message across in a new, fun way. 

Keep your viewers entertained by creating an upbeat ‘things to do’ video. Videos don’t always have to be promoting a specific product or service. The options are endless! Our Things To Do While Social Distancing Video Ad Template gives users ideas on what to do while stuck at home. You can add in whatever activities you desire, from gardening to painting, home decorating and cooking. Let your creativity run wild with this awesome video template. 

9. Online orders

Online orders

Tell the community your business is still open and taking online orders. Just because your dine in service or retail store is closed, doesn’t mean you are closed for business. Create a marketing ad for social media showcasing your new online ordering service. Pay for your dinner, pet supplies, clothes and groceries all online.

Our Italian Restaurant Order Online Video Ad Template shows a creative and effective ad displaying your businesses new ordering methods. Promote your new online ordering system so your loyal customers don’t miss out. This template shows cool video effects, and displays a traditional Italian restaurant vibe.

10. Closed for business

Closed for business

In the worse case scenario, your business has had to shut their doors during the pandemic. Unfortunately for customers, this means missing out on your service. Luckily for you, you can create a trendy video ad to inform the community about your recent closure. 

Even though it’s sad to see a business close for a period of time, you can still create an informative social media ad with a few easy clicks. Promote your new take home packs or ‘do it yourselves’. Refer customers to your website instead of your brick and mortar store. Don’t stress, our Patisserie Closed Story Ad Template is a great example of how to promote your new take home packs. 

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