Split screen video editor 

Resize and place your videos side by side with Clipchamp. No downloads required.

A visual showing how to edit two videos side by side in Clipchamp video editor.

Simple editing tools

Pink split screen icon.

Resize and layer

Double the videos, double the fun. Select and place your video clips one above the other on the timeline. Next, drag and customize the size and placement using our intuitive shortcuts directly in the video preview.

Customize templates

Work smarter, not harder. Choose from a range of well-designed split screen templates perfectly sized for your favorite social media platforms. Simply swap the stock media with your own video clips and add in your social media handle or brand logo.

Purple cinema icon

Edit and refine

Enjoy smart video editing basics. Trim long videos and adjust the audio volumes so both your videos can be heard. Level up your videos with animated text, stickers and a lifelike AI voiceover to connect the videos or showcase their differences.

How it works

  1. Record or upload videos

  2. Add videos to the timeline one above the other

  3. Crop or resize each video to fit

  4. Save your video in 1080p

Using the resize video button with the floating toolbar in Clipchamp

Make dynamic social media videos

  • Bring viewers in on the fun by creating a split screen reaction video, whether you're watching funny videos or gaming epic fails. 

  • Showcase a 'before and after' transformation with side by side videos to make a compelling social media ad. 

  • Add humor to your Shorts and Reels by placing animated text or GIFs on one side and videos on the other side.

An abstract image showing a social media vertical video being edited with text and stickers

Show, tell and teach

  • Compel your potential customers with a product demo on one side and a raving customer review on the other.

  • Create helpful step-by-step tutorial videos in the split screen layout and add text popups to make it easier to follow.

  • Support online learning with a webcam narration to support your complex ideas and diagrams.

A visual showing a teacher explaining statistics in a video tutorial.

Showcase special memories 

  • Wrap up your birthday with a side by side highlights video that captures all the joy from making a wish to celebrating with loved ones.

  • Make travel vlogs immersive by showing your point-of-view along with overhead location shots or close ups of food or outfits.

  • Share wedding moments to your TikTok or Instagram Story using a vertical template.

A visual showcasing making a travel vlog in Clipchamp video editor

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