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10 Marketing Videos to Make While Social Distancing

Posted April 3, 2020

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10 Marketing Videos to Make While Social Distancing

Many small business owners and creators are quickly discovering the importance of producing professional digital marketing ads at home during health crises. The majority of bricks and mortar businesses have shut their doors, leaving consumers unable to browse the shelves, with only take away or online shopping options available. With sales now heavily depending on the success of digital marketing campaigns, businesses must make sure their ads are relevant, entertaining and insightful.

Let us help you get creative in isolation with our guide to 10 marketing videos you can make at home. In it we'll be covering:

  • Video marketing tips.

  • 10 professional at home marketing video ideas

Video Marketing Tips

To create and run a strong marketing campaign on social media, we recommend keeping the following strategies in mind: 

  1. Brand awareness. Consumers are more likely to view your ads on social media as they are probably at home with some time on their hands. Relevant and relatable ads are more likely to pop up in consumers' news feeds. Stay on top of your marketing game and keep posting content. 

  2. Relevance. Keep your advertisement relevant. Advertise your product so it’s a must have in these health crises or social distancing scenarios. For example, how can your product ease their boredom? Remember, the more relevant your ad is, the more engagement you’ll receive.  

  3. Re-marketing campaigns. Now is the time most shoppers will be browsing the net for goodies to purchase. We all have a shopping cart full of items but usually never check out. Drive potential customers to rethink clicking the ‘x’ on their cart by offering them an incentive to come back and buy. For example, free shipping or a free gift, a discount code or a percentage off of their first order. 

  4. Try something different. Sick of the same social media ads? If your business has slowed down, it might be a great idea to create a new type of campaign. Try using a different social media platform like TikTok or YouTube, instead of the usual Facebook and Instagram. This will create a new audience avenue and see how well different ads perform. 

10 professional at home marketing video ideas

1. "A day in the life” YouTube videos

There’s no doubt we’re currently all watching our favourite YouTubers in overdrive, giving businesses the perfect opportunity to promote their products through video creators and influencers. YouTube is the second most popular social media platform having over 1.9 billion users.

Paid product ads are a great way to stay connected with thousands of consumers in a very entertaining way. Users watch creators purely for entertainment and build an online relationship. If their favourite influencer is using your product during their “everyday makeup routine” or “day in a life”, consumers will be more likely to take an interest in the product and possibly purchase it. Of course supplying a discount or free shipping code for the influencer to offer viewers gives consumers an extra incentive to buy. 

2. Product demos

Marketing videos don’t always have to be highly edited, a simple iPhone quality video can do the trick! If you’re selling a product, the odds are you believe in it working and have fully tested it out yourself. Have a go at demonstrating to the camera or your phone how to use the product and upload the video to social media with a description and optional discount code. Don’t worry if you’re filming in active wear inside your house, be real and authentic with viewers.

3. TikTok ads

If your business's target audience is between 13 and 30, creating a TikTok account is likely to boost your engagement during in isolation. This will not be your average marketing video. Running a challenge, following trends and making silly videos is a great way to engage viewers and gain potential customers.

Iconic fashion label, Guess, created a trending hashtag challenge as a new marketing scheme and it worked. The hashtag has over 41.6million views since being created at the end of 2018. Think outside of the box, not all advertising has to be the traditional commercial style. 

4. Q&A videos

It’s the perfect time to create a quiet, sit down set up and answer all the FAQs your consumers or potential customers might have. Filming a question and answer video is an excellent marketing strategy that businesses often overlook.

Online face to face interaction establishes a personal connection between a seller and consumer, instead of having the standard FAQs page on your website. Video is becoming more popular within the online marketing world, so why not embrace it? You can answer as many questions as you’d like. The options are limitless! Popular Australian brand HiSmile has created this awesome video to answer their customers’ most asked questions. 

5. Gaming videos

While we all have a little more time on our hands, gaming is becoming an increasingly popular pastime across many demographics. Just look at how many people are playing Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

A #letsplay style YouTube video can help you find common ground with your customers and followers who are also in isolation. No, this video doesn't promote a product, but it does offer some entertainment at a time when people really need it. The best way to create this type of video is using Picture in Picture.

6. Comedy skits

Put a smile on someone’s face and create a funny ad, TikTok or skit. Who’s to say we can’t look cute in quarantine? Australian Fashion label Sabo Skirt has made an awesome video showcasing their new collection while throwing some humour into it. Create a fake photo shoot in your house, get dressed up and film yourself having fun in the outfits. Audience targeting, demographic and interest-based ads are great to test using this funny marketing videos. 

7. Before and after videos

You can’t beat a breathtaking before and after shot. Show consumers how your product can enhance their look too just with a simple before and after video. Create a community and let your customers get involved. Have them send in before and after videos of themselves. This creates a platform for potential customers to see real life examples of your product and makes consumers feel valued. Not sure how to add two videos on the same screen? Check out our “How to create picture in picture video” blog to learn more. 

8. Community videos

Taco Bell has created the perfect ad to make while social distancing at home. Showing viewers still enjoying their menu, as well as informing the public they are still open for business while abiding by strict health regulations. Either use stock footage of people enjoying a product or let consumers send in their own personal videos to you. Community involvement is vital to spread awareness and send a strong message that you’re still open for business. Have fun with this video. Footage can be of iPhone quality and short snippets are great. 

9. Stock video ads

A creative marketing video doesn’t always have to use your own footage. Now could be the time to create excellent video ads using professional quality stock footage like the collections available in our Stock Library. Creating videos with stock footage can save time, money and allow you to use footage you might never have the resources to create on your own in isolation!

10. Repurposed videos

If you’ve got extra footage or images lying around, use them! Maybe it's left over shots from a campaign or some less than captivating video that was left on the cutting room floor. It's reassuring for customers to see content from businesses and creators during this time, so keep it flowing. You can liven up your repurposed footage by creating a slideshow montage or adding exciting filters.

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