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3 video ideas to create leads for executive coaching professionals

Posted March 22, 2021

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With nearly 2 billion people logging into YouTube every month and having a watch time of over 1 billion hours every single day, video is one of the most powerful tools for any online executive coaching business.

Online executive coaching businesses have become a popular YouTube genre to watch as more people are tuning in virtually to learn about starting and growing their business.

If you run an executive coaching business and want to expand your online video content, this blog will teach you how to make an executive coaching video using Clipchamp’s free online video editor

We’ll explore: 

  • Why does a business coach need to create videos?

  • Video ideas to generate leads to your coaching business

  • How to end your video with strong call to actions

  • An easy online video editor and mobile app can help

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Why does your executive coaching business need creative videos? 

As an executive coaching professional, the fundamental goal is to create an authentic relationship between business and coach clients either in person or online sessions. 

Video has given executive coaching professionals the opportunity to communicate with their customers wherever they may be. Building trust and connections via online video will help move your leads into your coaching CRM to build your client base and keep your existing client relationships strong.

Speak to clients' emotions and show them that you understand their situation or concerns and care to resolve them. 

Take advantage of the new video era in executive coaching by sharing your inspirational videos on a YouTube channel, allowing viewers to watch them at any time and anywhere. 

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Video ideas to generate leads to your executive coaching business

Video marketing for your executive coaching business doesn't always have to be traditional. Stand out in your industry and get clients on autopilot by learning how to incorporate video content into your business strategy. 

Below are our top video marketing ideas that will help executive coaching business owners generate leads to their landing pages or YouTube channel.

1. Interview a previous client to make a customer testimonial video

Hearing success stories from first-hand customers is what every potential client wants to hear. Build trust and credibility by creating a video with past client results, showing how happy they are with your services. 

In the below YouTube video, Morgan is the executive coaching client sharing her experience with an executive business coach, Pam. The interview/question and answer style video is simple yet effective. Morgan effortlessly shares her positive personal experiences with the audience. This style of video might just encourage potential clients to the buy now button or fill out an intake form to start working together. This video idea also works for remote clients. 

If your executive coaching clients are online, video chatrooms like Google Hangouts and Zoom are perfect tools to produce your client testimonial video with the help of our video editor. 

2. Give advice or share tips on how to start a new business video

Online videos for executive coaching can consist of so many different types of videos. One of which stands out the most and should be introduced into your video marketing strategy is advice and sneak peek videos. People enjoy learning via video, so these videos are specifically tailored to your target audience of potential executive coaching clients. 

Without giving away too many executive coaching trade secrets, create a video that gives viewers a helping hand when figuring out the ropes in starting a new business

When trying to figure out how to get more coaching clients, keep in mind that clients may not be ready to sign up yet, but the few pieces of advice they take away from your video will stick with them, and possibly refer back to you in the future. 

The below YouTube channel of Goldman Sachs shares some advice to small business owners whilst promoting their channel for further advice.

3. Candid live video streaming video

Whether you’re an executive coach sharing your expertise on business or sales, business owners need a solid marketing strategy in order to grow. Human interaction generates both followers and potential leads, so why not try marketing your executive coaching business with Live Streaming? 

More executive coaching professionals are now utilizing this new technique in the marketing field as they have found it widens their target audience reach and increases conversation (meaning more leads). Going live consistently shows followers your dedication and passion for your coaching business. 

Existing followers will recommend your live stream to other potential clients as they will see your determination for others to succeed. Followers can comment questions in the comment section on the Live Stream, allowing instant feedback and answers from the professionals. 

Lancaster Business Coach is a perfect example of teaching clients through live stream coaching in an interview-style casual chat.

How to end your executive coaching video with a strong call to action

There is no better way to create leads for your executive coaching business than including a strong call to action within your video. No matter what topic you are discussing, viewers and potential clients need to know how they can further contact you. 

You could reference landing pages, future video topics, where to subscribe or sign up— these are all great ways to draw your target audience back to your website. 

Vanessa Lau shares her knowledge as an executive coaching professional via her YouTube channel. Lau always makes sure to include a call to action at the end of every video to make sure video viewers know what they’re in for in the next video, how to subscribe and be notified when a video is live. 

An easy online video editor and mobile app can help!

Feeling optimistic about your future executive coaching promo video content? Keep the above video ideas in mind when brainstorming your next executive coaching video.

With all your new video ideas, it’s time to start the editing process. Lucky, executive coaching videos aren’t hard to edit with the help of our free online video editor or iOS mobile app. All you need to do is find a quiet, comfortable filming set-up, prop up your smartphone or camera and start talking to the device as if you were speaking directly to coach clients.

Create an executive coaching video promo video with Clipchamp and share it directly with potential and current clients. Hopefully, you should start to see the video views rolling in. 

Create, share and view your new executive coaching video.

You don’t have to be an expert to create an effective promo video for your executive coaching YouTube channel. From customer testimonial videos to video ads, Clipchamp has everything you need. 

If you’re stuck for ideas, head on over to our template library for some inspiration. Not sure how to start editing? Check out our step by step tutorial on how to merge videos on your iPhone for free.

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