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Why every coming soon page needs a video

Posted October 18, 2021
Written by Clipchamp

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A coming soon landing page is extremely valuable to any eCommerce website. They secure your desired website domain, improve your SEO, and collect important leads and data so you can track your website’s analytics and growth from day one. But with so many eCommerce businesses emerging, it can be hard to break through the noise. That’s why your website marketing needs a video coming soon page to capture your audience’s attention and drive registrations straight away. 

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Read on to explore the many benefits of landing page promo videos on your eCommerce site and how to easily make a coming soon video. 

The benefits of video marketing on a coming soon landing page

Landing pages help your email and subscriber list grow, improve SEO rankings with keywords, and promote your social media pages. But landing pages with video give you an even bigger head-start. Videos are one of the most effective ways to drive conversations, generate leads, and increase traffic to your eCommerce landing page.

Don’t believe it? Check out the benefits of video marketing on eCommerce coming soon pages below. 

1. Video marketing captures and holds viewers attention

When a visitor clicks on your eCommerce coming soon page, they’re already intrigued by your brand. But driving visitors to stay engaged with your coming soon page can be quite challenging if you don’t have any visuals. Further spark engagement and capture website visitors’ attention with a coming soon page video. They’re extremely easy to make, time-efficient, and add so much more value to your website. The average visitor spends 105% more time on an eCommerce website that includes a video. The more time your visitors spend on your landing page, the greater your brand’s message is being received. 

2. Create an emotional connection with video

Whether consumers are aware of it or not, eCommerce website visitors respond well to emotional cues through video. Video creates an emotional connection between prospects and your brand, especially if you add in some stock audio, animations, and lifelike voice-overs. 86% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video, and 87% of video marketers found video gives them a good return on investment. Once customers have built an emotional relationship with your brand, they’re more likely to trust you. 

81% of online shoppers have some fear when buying from an unfamiliar website. So building an emotional connection and trust with video is a must. 

3. Help explain your brand’s mission or complex product

Video can explain your brand’s mission, the purpose of a product, or introduce your online business in a short amount of time. Provide important information to consumers who are waiting for your eCommerce website to launch, and get them excited about your brand. Videos are a consumers’ favorite type of content to see, and they might even compel someone to leave their details on the page. Easily create an explainer video or promo video for your coming soon landing page with Clipchamp’s free online video editor.

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How to create a coming soon page with video

Coming soon page

Creating a coming soon page with video doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. With the help of plugins like Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode, creating coming soon pages for any eCommerce website has been made easy. Thanks to its user-friendly drag and drop builder, ready-to-use templates, and large image library users of any skill level can create excellent and fast-coming soon pages. 

Coming soon page video

Not sure how to create a video for your coming soon page? Clipchamp’s free online video editor has got you covered. Create crowd-pleasing landing page videos in no time with our ready-made video marketing templates. All you need to do is add your business brand kit and customize any text, then you’re good to go. 

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Coming soon page examples with video

Ready to get started? Whether you’re looking to create a promo video, explainer video, video background, or a support video landing page, start thinking about your landing page design with these examples. 

1. Coming soon page background video

A landing page video background is easy to make and extremely effective. Create an atmosphere that will draw viewers in to subscribe to your emailing list. Feature one, or multiple videos of your products, brand, or even beautiful stock video on your landing page background. Add a countdown to when your eCommerce website will launch, your brand name, and any information you want your viewers to know. 

Use these stock footages

2. Coming soon page promo video

Since your eCommerce website isn’t up and running yet, you’ll need to think of other ways to promote your product. A landing page promo video is perfect for viewers who are already on your website and eager to learn more about your product or service. You can share your product’s special features, design, how your product can ease your prospect’s pain points, or simply just a slow-mo video showing off your product. Make sure your promo video is on autoplay, and loop so viewers are more inclined to watch. 

Use these templates

3. Coming soon page explainer video

Are your viewers looking for more information? Create a coming soon page explainer video that will keep your viewers entertained and on your eCommerce website for longer. Give viewers the option of whether or not they would like to play the video. They can pause, play, and stop anytime they want. Explainer videos share beneficial insight into your brand, product, or service. 

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4. Coming soon page video meme

Once you have added a lead capturing form to your landing page, add some humor to your coming soon page and hype your audience with a customized video meme. Viewers are becoming more ad-averse, so swap your usual coming soon page video strategy for something a little less conventional. Memes are easy to make, simple to embed onto your eCommerce website and have up to ten times more reach than traditional advertising. 

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Start creating your own landing page videos

Keep viewers entertained, intrigued, and wanting more with a coming soon page video. Easily create beautiful landing page videos with Clipchamp’s free online video editor. 

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