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10 Easy 4th of July marketing ideas

Posted June 20, 2022

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Independence Day is one of the busiest days of the year with many community activities and historical places to visit. Now, it’s also an emerging shopping event. From online giveaways to one-day promos, the 4th of July is a sale event that’s easy to get involved in.  

So how can you create easy 4th of July marketing videos to draw in eager shoppers? Read on to explore. 

Why you should plan 4th of July marketing videos 

With the 4th of July being a day of celebration among the community, it gives brands and content creators an excellent opportunity to run a sales campaign. But with Independence Day approaching, businesses and creators must plan their 4th of July marketing videos ahead of time and stay on top of the competition. Not taking part in Independence Day marketing campaigns from lack of planning might mean your business can lose out on potential customers. 

Save time and money this 4th of July by batch-creating content. Having holiday marketing prepared ahead of time and scheduled to post means you can focus on other essentials like decorating in a red, white, and blue theme or personalizing website sale banners. 

So what do you post on Independence Day? Read on to explore easy 4th July marketing video ideas for any business.

10 easy 4th July marketing ideas

Ready to create a 4th of July marketing campaign? Take a look at 10 of our helpful Independence Day marketing ideas for promoting a sale and business. 

Promote a sale

Boost your product sales this 4th of July with these easy Independence Day marketing campaign ideas. 

1. Independence Day sale promo videos

Create an eye-catching promo video this 4th of July. You don’t need to be an editing professional to create on-trend sale videos. All you have to do is select a USA theme stock video, add your promotional text, brand logo, and background music, then share it directly to social media. If you’re posting sale promo videos to socials like Instagram and Facebook, we recommend creating a 15-second video length. If you’re posting to YouTube, 60-second video ads are preferred. 

Independence Day sale promo videos

2. 4th of July giveaways before the holiday

Leading up to the 4th of July is the best time to draw attention to your brand on social media. 4th of July giveaways can promote and generate engagement surrounding your brand while also giving back to the community. Try giveaways like #CaptionThis, photos of your independent furry friends, or USA-themed GIF contests. 

3. Give a gift with any purchase

Entice customers to purchase on the 4th of July by offering a gift with purchase. These gifts can be large or small, physical or online discounts to show your appreciation for your customers. Promote your gift with purchase through a short social media video post or funny GIF to draw customers’ attention. 

4. Military discounts

The 4th of July is the perfect time to give thanks by offering special military discounts. If your business already provides all-year-round military discounts, promote an additional discount within the week of Independence Day. 

5. Gift guide

Create a gift guide video if you’re selling products that would make the perfect 4th of July gift. Gift guide short videos help customers view your products faster and influence them to follow through with purchases. 

Promote a business 

Are you not looking to promote a specific product or giveaway this 4th of July? Instead, read on to explore on-theme holiday marketing opportunities that can promote your business. 

6. Showcase team culture with a mini vlog

Do you want to share your workplace red, white, and blue celebrations this 4th of July? Leading up to the holiday, showcase your in-house team's culture in a mini vlog style video. Tour your workplace and record each staff member (if they would like to be featured) sharing how they celebrate or decorate for Independence Day. Viewers can get an insight into the workplace and connect with your brand on a more personal level. 

Keep your followers smiling and laughing with funny Independence Day meme videos. Promote your sale event differently this 4th of July by keeping up with the latest social media trends. Just customize and share an entertaining meme video using our meme video template.

8. Red, white, and blue themed video backgrounds

Sometimes the 4th of July can’t be celebrated in person, so hold a virtual party instead. Create a red, white, and blue-themed video background to share with your family, friends, or customers. You can even add your logo to the virtual background to promote your brand. 

9. Share a 4th of July recipe

Do you have a traditional 4th of July crowd pleaser recipe that you make every year? Sharing recipes lets viewers get to know your brand better and personally connect with them. Whether it’s a potato salad, red, white, and blue skewer, or your favorite cheesy dip, share your 4th of July recipes with Clipchamp’s easy-to-use recipe video template. 

Butter Cookie Recipe Template

10. Sponsor a 4th of July special event

Sponsoring a 4th of the July event in your local community is an excellent opportunity to build a positive brand image. The more time you spend within the community, the better your chances of gaining sales. 

11. Things to do on Independence Day video - bonus idea

Don’t want to promote a sale event this 4th of July? Share your favorite Independence Day activities in a helpful slideshow video instead. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue, picnic, parade, family vacation, movie night, or arts and crafts, the 4th of July can be packed with summer activities. Just select a collection of USA stock images and free vectors, add red, white, and blue text and catchy background music, then share your video on social media. 

The best 4th July marketing video examples

Castlery 4th of July sale

Castlery promotes its holiday sale in a quick 15-second slideshow video, perfect for social media. 

Belle Tire 4th of July sale

Belle Tire promotes their 4th of July sale in a short 30-second marketing video. 

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks campaign

Macy’s 4th of July marketing video isn’t promoting a sale but emphasizes Americans’ bravery and resilience throughout the past years. 

Burger King’s 4th of July sandwich campaign

Burger King’s simple yet effective promotional video shares a classic menu item for a discounted price, in honor of Independence Day. 


What are the best platforms to post 4th of July marketing videos?

Choosing the right platform to publish your 4th of July marketing videos is entirely up to you. Consider which social media platform is currently the most popular with your target audience and which platforms you would like to post on. 

Can I share holiday marketing on more than one social media platform?

Yes. Sharing holiday marketing videos on multiple platforms is a great way to reach a wider audience. Be sure your video meets the platform’s aspect ratio requirements before publishing. If the aspect ratio of your video isn’t suitable for another platform, easily edit the aspect ratio with Clipchamp.

Should I use captions on the 4th July marketing videos?

Yes. Adding captions and subtitles to your 4th of July marketing campaigns is a helpful tool for those who watch your ad on mute. Captions also make your holiday marketing more accessible to viewers. Easily add captions using Clipchamp’s auto-captioning tool on the iOS app. 

Create scroll-stopping 4th of July marketing videos today

Whether you’re sharing your favorite Independence Day activities or promoting your sale event, the 4th of July is the perfect time to connect with shoppers and celebrate American history. 

Ready to create an Independence Day marketing campaign today with Clipchamp’s free online video editor. 

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