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OnlyFans Banner—Size, dimensions, format and tips 

Posted May 6, 2021

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With the OnlyFans community becoming more popular by the day, creators are looking for new ways to stand out from their competitors.

Onlyfans banner

Creating an OnlyFans banner for your channel can give creators a chance to add a personal touch, catch viewers' attention and possibly even get featured in the top 5 or 1% of OnlyFans credentials.

Read on to make sure your banner artwork fits the OnlyFans requirements including size, dimensions, format, aspect ratio and text styles. We'll also look at how Clipchamp can help.  

  • Why OnlyFans banners matter to your channel page 

  • OnlyFans banner specifications

  • Text and graphics on OnlyFans banners - less or more?

  • Optimize and test your OnlyFans banner for mobile users 

  • How often should you change your OnlyFans banner?

  • FAQs

Why OnlyFans banners matter to your Channel Page

The odds are your favorite OnlyFans creators have a personalized OnlyFans banner at the header of their channel page. 

If used correctly, OnlyFans banners can be a great tool to build your brand and stand out in the flooded sea of creators. OnlyFans banner artwork expresses your personality, who you are, and what vibe your channel gives off. It can also be used as a bulletin board-like quality for announcements. From lifestyle creators to advice channels, no matter what your desired audience or genre is, an OnlyFans banner is a must-have. 

OnlyFans banners matter to your Channel Page

OnlyFans Banners Specifications

Dimensions for OnlyFans banners

When it comes to the perfect size for OnlyFans banners, you’ll need to create a custom size. Unlike YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn banners, OnlyFans dimensions are 1168 x 204, also known as 5.73 aspect ratio

Dimensions for OnlyFans Banners

Format for OnlyFans banners

Just like any other social media platform, OnlyFans prefers your banner artwork to be saved in either JPEG or PNG format with a high resolution. Banners that are of a low resolution will appear blurry and bad quality when shown on the channel page. If you want to reduce the image size without compromising the quality, you can use an online image compressor.

Aspect ratio for OnlyFans banners

Your OnlyFans banner must be made in 5.73 aspect ratio. Keep in mind that OnlyFans channel pages can be viewed on mobile devices and desktops. Your banner will automatically adapt to mobile devices, usually being cropped on both sides. Make sure you keep your main focus of the banner right in the center to avoid being cropped. 

Onlyfans on mobile and desktop

Text and graphics on OnlyFans banners - Less or more?

Typically, creators don’t add any text to their OnlyFans banner artwork. Why? Because the platform automatically overlays creators’ username, brand name and profile picture on banners. The automatic text and graphic that OnlyFans provides doesn’t leave much room for personal text to be added, without being accidentally hidden. 

Profile pictures will always cover the left side of an Onlyfans banner. If viewers are using a mobile device, the banner will be cropped again to size. Therefore if any logos, text or personal graphics are placed on the far right or left side, they will be unfortunately cropped. 

Always keep your face, text, logos, and announcements horizontally towards the center top of your banner to avoid important information being cropped or covered.

Optimize and test your OnlyFans banners for mobile users

Mobile devices and desktops will present creators’ banners differently. Mobile devices will crop the left and right sides of banners to fit portrait requirements, and desktops will show the entire banner in a widescreen display. Follow the template below to optimize your OnlyFans banners for mobile users. Make sure to test your OnlyFans banner artwork in preview mode before publishing live.

OnlyFans Banners for Mobile and desktop Users

How often should you change your Onlyfans Banner?

Feel free to revamp your Onlyfans banner whenever you feel like it. If you’re changing your aesthetic, branding, genre or simply just sick of the images you have selected, make a new banner! If you particularly use your OnlyFans banner to announce important information, don’t hesitate to change your banner text once a week. There really aren’t any specific rules, but don’t go crazy changing your images every day. You need your viewers to easily recognize your brand as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my OnlyFans banner be a video instead of images?

Unfortunately, at this point in time OnlyFans users are limited to graphic and text-only banners. 

Can I use stock images instead of my own?

Yes! You can use stock images if you do not want viewers to see you in your OnlyFans banner artwork. Make sure to choose a stock image that still represents your brand and suits the theme of your channel page. 

Don’t forget to add intros to your OnlyFans video content

OnlyFans banners are an awesome, free tool to generate brand awareness and attract users to your channel page. If you want to stay on brand, try creating a personalized intro for your video content. We offer free-to-use Intro maker that can be used for any social media or video platforms. For further information, check out our How to Make an Intro blog. Happy editing! 

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