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How to Move Your Retail Business Online with Video Marketing

Posted April 22, 2020

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How to move your retail business online with video marketing

In times of crisis, small retailers are presented with many new challenges. Currently, they’re facing the reality of closing their physical doors and limiting business to online shopping services only. With consumers not able to visit stores physically, the fastest way to reach customers and to stay relevant is through advertising on social media, specifically through video. Let us show you how to use video to communicate with your customers (and boost sales) during this trying time. In this blog we’ll be discussing: 

Ecommerce marketing strategy 

Video has dominated the social media marketing industry. As consumers can no longer touch, see or interact with products in real time, they are relying on video ads, demonstrations and product reviews. Recent studies show that more than 50 percent of consumers want to see videos from brands more than any other type of content. If your small business isn’t publishing video content already, we suggest starting now!

If you don’t have a dedicated content creation team, don’t worry. Consumers are seeking raw, authentic content rather than high cost, extravagant videos. Increasingly, small retailers are using pre-made video ad templates to save them time and money. It’s easy – between using stock footage, a smartphone camera and an easy to use, free editor, you will be creating awesome content in no time. 

What you need to do to create your ecommerce marketing strategy

  • Determine target audience: define your target market by behaviour, age, country etc.

  • Create a goal: determine the end goal of your video ad.

  • Practice: test, learn and adapt to your specific market. 

Learn now to create your own marketing videos for any social media platform with our easy to follow, step by step tutorials. Additionally, you can dive deeper into marketing strategy by checking out ‘Our Guide to Creating a Video Marketing Strategy’. 

Ecommerce marketing strategy

5 video ads retailers can create at home

Retail businesses now have to rely on video to communicate with their customers during quarantine. People generally have more time on their hands now, so they are more likely to be scrolling through social media and online shopping. A great tip is to promote different products or services like online shopping services that have a higher demand in the current environment. For instance, music streaming, entertainment or the delivery loungewear or household products.

Before you jump into creating a video marketing ad, establish the main trends that are relevant at the moment and which ad formats best suit your business. 

  • Working from home 

  • Social distancing 

  • Fast Delivery

  • Entertainment / streaming / communications 

  • Home schooling 

Below, we’ve come up with five video ad ideas for you to try, and we’ve gone a step further by creating video templates to get you started.

Demo videos 

Unlike traditional marketing ads, a demo video showcases the ins and outs of how your products work. Demonstrations can range from a screen recording of a video game to a YouTube video putting the product to the test. Consumers want to see the products being used as they can no longer go in store and try it for themselves. 

Recommended video ad ratio: 16:9

Recommended export format size: 1080p

Strong Mission Statements 

Consumers want to support brands with a high-level vision, mission or prominent goals. Promote your product and how it can be beneficial to consumers, but also share where the proceeds may be going and who you are supporting. In uncertain times, get the community involved.

Recommended video ad ratio: 1:1 

Recommended export format size: 720p or 1080p

Social media story ads 

Increase your brand awareness through social media story ads. Create content that is memorable and grabs consumers’ attention immediately. You can use humour, textual cues, or unusual videos that make viewers stop and think. 

Recommended video ad ratio: 9:16 

Recommended export format size: 720p or 1080p

Free delivery or discount ads 

Retail businesses are now relying on online sales to stay afloat. Consumers are more likely to buy from you if you offer them free shipping, a discount code or proof of delivery. Fast shipping time also plays a major role in future sales. Now’s the time to promote the convenience you can offer.

Recommended video ad ratio: 1:1

Recommended export format size: 720p or 1080p

Yes we’re still open! 24hr online store 

Many customers may not know that your store is still selling but has moved to online sales only. A simple social media feed marketing video showing that you still have stock and are delivering door to door is sometimes all you need to stay relevant. 

Recommended video ad ratio: 1:1

Recommended export format size: 720p or 1080p

Clipchamp’s Facebook Video Ad Maker 

If you need to create a social media ad in minutes, use our Facebook video ad maker. It’s an easy, quick and simple way to create stunning video ads that your audience will love. Simply follow the easy instructions on our website – add your text and contact information on top of stock footage and audio for simple and effective video ads on Facebook.

Clipchamp’s Facebook Video Ad Maker 

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