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Save your money Ryan Reynolds! Use Clipchamp's online video editor instead.

Posted June 1, 2021
Written by Clipchamp

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Clipchamp is a free online video editorTry for free
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Hey Ryan Reynolds, you can create the same professional video ad without the expensive price tag. Swap celebrity big budgets for Clipchamp's free online video editor.

With our online video editor, you can create a sea of marketing videos that your audience will love for a fraction of the cost. 

Ryan Reynolds looking left and right GIF

Find out how Clipchamp can help you create a professional-looking marketing video that won’t break the bank.  

How to make a professional marketing video in minutes

One word — Clipchamp. Join millions of creative users in over 200 countries for all your video marketing needs in one place. 

Forget about spending $500 on one ad: Clipchamp offers a free video editor that requires absolutely no editing experience. It’s beginner-friendly with a drag-and-drop interface. Complete your project—fast and free—without ever leaving your Google Chrome web browser. We also have a plan to suit all situations. You'll definitely never have to pay $500 for one video ad ever again. From our free basic plan to $39 a month, our online video editor gives you the tools you need to create professional marketing videos just like Ryan. 

With hundreds of free help blogs to assist you to create amazing videos, you’ll never have to use a confusing YouTube tutorial video again.

Get the same special features Ryan used—for free!

Yes! Clipchamp isn’t just a video editor. It’s a free online video editor equipped with professional editing features and all the integrations you’d ever need—including Google Workspace, Zoom and even Pinterest— so you can easily share your video with your audience in seconds. 

Whether you’re creating a quick 15-second video ad for social media or a cinematic masterpiece for YouTube, our online video editing features have got you covered. Let’s dive into what we have to offer. 

Easy drag-and-drop video editing

Our online video editor is made to be beginner-friendly with our drag-and-drop editing timeline. If you want to upload personal footage to the editor library, just drag-and-drop! The drag-and-drop method also allows users to easily navigate footage and audio from the library to the timeline when they need it. There is no limit as to how many clips you can drag-and-drop into the editor.  

Free stock video and audio

Sometimes personal footage isn’t quite right or there isn’t enough of it. If you need extra content, search through our library with stock video, imagery and audio. There are over 800,000 assets to choose from. 

2018-09-20 Clipchamp stock library

Green screen effect

Ryan uses the green screen effect in his video but looks like he paid a hefty price tag.

If you don’t have the perfect background for your video marketing but don’t have a spare $500 lying around, don’t worry. Our green screen editor can turn your average-looking video into a masterpiece on a budget. Spice up your video by replacing backgrounds and adding overlays and GIFs in seconds.  

Green screen video example

Picture in picture

Just like Ryan has, you can overlay your video onto another video or an image background. You can get more of the video without the added stress. Our free online picture in picture feature lets you overlay videos, slideshows, and images in just a few easy steps.

Text to speech

Produce a professional-sounding ad in minutes with our text to speech feature. If you’re not confident to use your own voice (we can’t all sound like Ryan), try our text to speech generator. Choose from our wide range of AI voices to narrate your video.

Clipchamp text to speech feature interface


Background music is an important element when it comes to video marketing ads. Luckily for you, our online video editor enables you to add your own music tracks to videos, as well as any of our extensive stock audio. Choose similar audio to Ryan's for free, all you have to do is drag and drop.  Edit the volume, speed, and more. 

Overcome creative blocks with ready-to-use templates

You don’t have to be an editing genius to work with our video editor. Use one of our free video templates for any industry and take the stress out of editing. Simply customize the video template by adding your own branding, text, color scheme, and footage.

Clipchamp video template library interface

Repurpose your video with our online video resizer

If you’ve made your masterpiece for YouTube, but want to share it on TikTok, our online video resizer can help. Easily alter the aspect ratio of your marketing video for all different social media platforms.

From widescreen 16:9 to portrait 9:16 aspect ratio, choose from a variety of dimensions that Facebook, Instagram and YouTube will love. Our online video resizer is fast and free to use.

Clipchamp resize videos

Could Ryan have made the same marketing video for under $500?

Absolutely! Don’t waste valuable time, money and resources creating expensive marketing video ads that can be made at a fraction of the cost, or even for free.

Our online video editor is completely free to sign up, take a tour and give it your best shot. We can guarantee you'll be able to make an awesome marketing video for social media for well under $500, with no editing experience needed. Ryan Reynolds, work smarter not harder and tell your story with Clipchamp

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