Twitter Moment ideas for any business

Posted March 29, 2021
Written by Milind Mehta
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Twitter is a powerful conversation hub and catalyst for global trends. It’s also a great platform to position yourself or your business as a thought leader in an industry.

We explore the Twitter’s feature Twitter Moments and some content ideas to help any business start participating in this avenue like an expert!

Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read tweets - What are Twitter Moments - Clipchamp blog

What are Twitter Moments? 

Twitter Moments allow you to post a tweet, photo or video. More importantly, it allows you to curate tweets in a longer form when compared to a single tweet. That's why Twitter Moments can be a useful new tool for brands to add to their marketing strategy.

You can also curate any tweet conversation or live event that is relevant to your brand via Moments.

Twitter Moment ideas for any business

Looking for ideas to jump on this trendy new feature? We've created a list of easy-to-execute content ideas to elevate any business' Twitter presence.

Geolocational trends on Twitter provide a talking point at any time of day. It is good practice to keep an eye out for trends that align with your business and brand personality. Although these trends are short-lived, it can help a business account gain new followers when they promptly contribute to a trending conversation.

If you find a relevant topic for your business, seize the marketing opportunity and post it as a Moment with your brand's thoughts.

Launching a product or service

You can use Moments to launch new products from your business.

As it curates multiple tweets, you can easily create a chain of tweets that’s related to your new product to create awareness and boost sales.

It’ll be easier to understand the product as information can be presented to the consumers in a single thread without having to navigate through multiple tweets or pages looking for information. 

It's a good idea to lead with a promo video or demo video for your new product, as video is known to be the best way to educate and engage on social media. You can create a vertical promo video in minutes to highlight key features and even technical components to potential buyers on Twitter.

Creating hype for an online event

If your business is hosting a webinar or other virtual meeting, you can share a Moment that asks your Twitter followers to 'save the date' and register for the event.

Hyping up a live event days before the date makes sure that enough viewers sign up. It'll be even better if you create a specific event hashtag and add it to your Twitter Moment.

Moments can be a good addition to your marketing activities to make your virtual event stand out.

Girl holding hashtag symbol to indicate Twitter - Twitter Moments - Clipchamp blog

Curating user-generated content

Highlighting user-generated content on your main page by just re-tweeting can make your business Twitter profile look a bit messy.

Twitter Moments are a better option if you want to curate your audience’s tweets under a single thread. This makes the audience feel valued as a consumer and also keeps the business profile clean and polished.

UGC contest on Twitter

Brands can run a Twitter contest with a brand-specific hashtag and curate the best entries as a Twitter Moment thread.

Your business can also respond to feedback related to your business using a Twitter Moments thread. The audience will appreciate when you interact with feedback as this means that they’re being heard and noticed by the brand. 

Highlighting corporate culture

What goes on behind the scenes at your business? You can post about your company’s day-to-day culture, feature your team, talk about your virtual team routines, among other snippets.

It's also a good spot to feature your corporate video and attract new employees.

Ready to post Twitter Moments? 

Now you're armed with content ideas for Twitter Moments!

Remember that posting videos can lead to higher engagement for your social media account—87% of marketers said that videos boosted their website traffic—reported by Hubspot. If you'd like to create creative videos for your business, explore our easy, drag-and-drog style video editor and make professional-looking videos in minutes!

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