Text to speech

Create lifelike voiceovers to suit any video with the AI text to speech generator.

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Professional voiceover features

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Diverse array of realistic voices

Choose from hundreds of natural sounding voices in neutral, feminine, and masculine tones, multilingual, and AI generated sounds. 

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Extensive variety of languages

Select from over 80 different languages like Spanish, Japanese, Hindi, Italian, Arabic, German, French, and many more.

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Personalize the pitch and pace

Customize the pitch of your AI voice from extra low, low, medium, high, and extra high. The AI text to speech generator allows you to choose from 0.5x speed to 2x speed for free.

How to use text to speech in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Click on the text to speech generator

  • 2

    Pick a language, voice, pitch and pace

  • 3

    Enter your text to generate a preview

  • 4

    Save to the editing timeline

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Ideal for creators

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Perfect for businesses

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Excellent for online learning

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Voiceover writing tips 

Unlock AI text to speech's full potential and produce natural sounding voiceovers for your videos by adjusting the pace and intonation of your narration. 

  • Full stops add a moderate pause to your text to speech. 

  • Commas add a short pause to your text to speech. 

  • Ellipses (“ …”) add a long pause in your voiceover.  

  • Question marks change the intonation of your voiceover.  

  • Exclamation marks and typing in all caps don't change the delivery of your text to speech. 

An image of the voiceover text.

Need more help creating AI voiceovers for videos?

Head over to our helpful text to speech guide and take a look at the video tutorial for more AI voiceover tips and tricks. 

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