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Convert videos to MP4 and other modern formats with our free online video converter.

Have your videos work flawlessly on any modern device, on websites, in presentations and on social media.

All of this without input file size restrictions or slow uploads, unlike any other converter on the web.

1. Convert

Our video converter accepts a wide range of video formats as input and converts them to WebM, MP4, FLV or WMV.

2. Optimize

We optimize your videos for Web, Mobile or Microsoft Office use. You can adjust output settings if you like.

3. Save/Share

You can save converted videos to your computer or upload straight to YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive and Vimeo.

Join millions of happy users around the world.

I needed to convert an old 550MB VOB file to a more common format. VLC failed on multiple attempts. Clipchamp was simple and delivered a 125MB MP4 in around 15mins. AV quality indistinguishable from original. Thank you!


Love, Love, Love this! I'd been having to rely on my husband to convert videos for an online course I teach. Through a Google Search, I found Clipchamp. Simple, easy, quick, and it uploads the video! Can't ask for more, particularly for this not-too-techy-teacher.


"Instructions are so simple and user friendly and output quality is also excellent. Thanks a ton!!!"


"I got exactly what I wanted in less time!! Clipchamp was put to the test 35 mins after another app and still had better quality and faster conversion!"


"By far the most reliable and convenient online app. Great great results. 10 out of 10 I will use and always use. Thanks for the excellent service you provide."


Amazing. Neat, simple, works in your browser. It has worked a treat, 64MB MOV file converted to 3.3MB MP4 file. Done in seconds and Save button puts the processed file back onto your home computer.


Funcionou muito bem no vídeo que converti para whatsapp. Reduziu bastante o tamanho e ainda assim a qualidade ficou muito boa em um dispositivo full HD.


Melhor site para conversão de vídeos. Consigo colocar qualquer vídeo em formato mp4 para enviar via whatsapp e também consigo compactar qualquer vídeo diminuindo arquivos de quase 30MB para arquivos de 5MB, que não perdem tanto a qualidade para visualização.


Troppo utile... davvero veloce... consigliatissimo!

Colors Design Studio

Excelente conversión, lo intente de muchas maneras pero siempre me fallaba algo. Clipchamp fue la mejor solución, lo recomiendo.


Su sencillez es lo mejor! Amigable y confiable. Con soluciones así realmente te da animo para hacer muchas cosas y merecen darles este mensaje. Gracias!


Fue la unica pagina que me dejo convertir el archivo. Recomendable.


Here is what's included

No Input File Size Limits

Your input videos can be of any size and we don't impose any artificial restrictions - we tested our converter with file sizes of up to 20 GB and have had users report successful conversions of even larger videos.

Convenient Output Presets

Our presets make it easy to obtain videos for the most common scenarios - you can also adjust settings manually if you like. Our default is best for web, producing output videos for any kind of online use.

Any Input Resolution

Our converter accepts many video resolutions as input, including 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4K. The aspect ratio of your original videos (e.g. 16:9, 4:3) gets preserved in output files.

Any Input Format

Our converter supports many input video formats including popular ones such as AVI, MOV, DIVX, FLV, 3GP, MP4, WMV, VOB, MKV.  If your clip is not in one of the formats listed, it's worth giving it a try in any case.

Convert to WMV on Mac

Microsoft-proprietary video formats are still required in some situations, e.g. to have videos play properly in older versions of PowerPoint. Clipchamp's converter lets you create WMV/ASF videos even if you're using a Mac.

Privacy Protection

Clipchamp never has access to your videos - a unique feature thanks to our clever tech. Files remain on your computer unless you make use of one of our integrated upload options.

Efficient Batch Processing

Our batch input option lets you convert multiple videos at once. They will get processed one after the other and saved on your computer or uploaded to Google Drive. This is available in Chrome and requires our extension.

Many Output Resolutions

Output videos can have the same resolution as their input videos or you can change it to 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p or 4K. Note that you can preserve or reduce resolutions, not increase them.

Modern Output Formats

Select one of the following as output: MP4, WebM, ASF (WMV), FLV. While MP4 and WebM are good for playing on any modern device and for online use, FLV is for specific scenarios and ASF for use in Windows/Microsoft Office.

Convert for use on Chromebooks

Videos you convert with Clipchamp are also guaranteed to play on Chromebooks if you select the best for Web preset and MP4 or WebM as the output format.

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Part of the Clipchamp video tools

Our online converter is part of the video tools you can use right here on our website. They also include a video compressor, video editor and webcam recorder. All you need is a computer and a web browser (we recommend Chrome).

Create a free account and compress, edit, record and convert up to 5 videos per month. Get unlimited videos and a number of Pro features by upgrading to the Business Plan at any time.

Clipchamp is fast and user friendly. I am by no means a computer wizard and needed this file converted to MP4 for work. They came through so fast! Highly recommend!
Wow what a great MP4 video converter. Worked without a hitch. Thank you so much.
Great...GREAT... I hate WMV files, and have to convert them, all the time. My programs WILL NOT accept WMV's to save my life. This came in handy.

The best video converter for any project

Video Quality

Convert videos online at no visible quality loss (in the vast majority of cases) and get files that play on websites and all modern devices. Optimize conversion settings and choose from our output quality options.

Advanced Technology

Videos get converted on your computer inside the browser and they never get uploaded to a server for processing. You stay in control of what happens to your files. No software installation or any browser plugins are required.

Social Sharing

Many social sharing and messaging apps have strict video size limits and only accept a few formats so if your video is not in one of those, it needs to get changed. Convert your videos with Clipchamp to have them get accepted by apps such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram or Snapchat.

Smaller Videos

Thanks to our built-in compression, output videos will often be smaller than the original video. Smaller MP4 files make it easier to stay within upload limits of video sharing sites and website builders like Squarespace or Wix. They also save space on your computer.

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