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How to Add Video To LinkedIn

Posted October 15, 2016
Written by Tobi Raub
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**** Updated on 19th May 2020 ****

Adding video to your LinkedIn updates, articles or even on your LinkedIn profile page can be a great way to make new connections, stand out from the crowd, or engage with people in your network. 

Fortunately, LinkedIn has now introduced a native video option for status updates, allowing you to directly upload videos from your computer. For articles you’ll still need to embed your videos from a service like YouTube or Vimeo using the video’s URL, but the process is easy.

In this post we'll show you 3 ways to add video to LinkedIn:

  1. How to upload a video to a LinkedIn status update (or embed from YouTube)

  2. How to embed a video in a LinkedIn article

  3. How to add a video to your LinkedIn profile page

We’ll also give you tips on how to edit and share your videos faster and without file format or compatibility issues.

1: Add video to a LinkedIn status update

After you’ve started a LinkedIn post on your personal feed, adding a video is easy. Simply click the video icon at the bottom of the frame:

A window will open where you can select a file from your computer. Choose the video you want and click Open.

The video will appear and you can play it back to check it. Once you’re happy, click Next.

NOTE: The “Edit” option on LinkedIn only allows you to add a video caption file. If you’d like to more easily add text or subtitles to your video, or edit it in other ways (e.g. trim the start or end, or adjust the colours) you can do this in a few minutes using a free online video editor like Clipchamp.

Now all you have to do is add text to your update (if you want to) and click Post.

LinkedIn will notify you once the video is ready. If it doesn’t appear, gives you an error message, or takes too long to upload, try converting and compressing the video first before uploading it.

The final post in your LinkedIn feed will look like this when you play the video:

You can also add videos to LinkedIn company page posts using the same process.

If you’d rather embed a video from YouTube in your LinkedIn post, that’s easy too. Simply click on "Share" under the video on YouTube, copy the short URL, then paste it into your status update. LinkedIn will recognise it and fetch the video's preview and title:

As an even quicker alternative, you can also share a video directly from YouTube to LinkedIn through the YouTube Share options. Just click the LinkedIn icon, then sign in to your account in the window that comes up, add a message, click submit and you're good to go:

2: Embed video in a LinkedIn Article

LinkedIn's blogging and article service, formerly known as Pulse, is a great way to share long-form content on the platform - for instance it’s used by our CEO Alex

If you'd like to add videos into an article or blog post you're publishing, you won’t be able upload them directly, but you can easily embed them from YouTube or Vimeo. 

To do this, simply create a new article, then click the square icon to the left of the text area:

After clicking the "insert" icon, select the Video option

 Then simply add your video's URL and hit enter / return on your keyboard:

Which will embed the video like this:

3: Add video to a LinkedIn profile page

LinkedIn currently doesn't let you embed video files directly on your personal profile page. However, you can still use the new Featured section to feature a link to a video right near the top of your profile. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Feature a LinkedIn post that has your video in it (part 1 of this article shows how to upload a video to a LinkedIn post).

  2. Feature a link to a video on YouTube or Vimeo.

To use either of these methods, just click on Add featured.

Now click on Posts to select one of your LinkedIn status updates (a list of your posts will appear and you can click the star icon under the one you want to feature), or click on Links add a video on YouTube or Vimeo. We’re going to show the latter process.

When you click on Links, a window will appear. Paste the URL of the video into the provided field and click Add:

The next screen will give you the opportunity to the change the title and description of your video. Once you’re happy, click Save:

NOTE: if you’d like to edit your video, e.g. to add text or music, it’s best to use an online video editing app to work on it before uploading it to YouTube.

Now an image of the video, together with the title and description, will appear in your Profile’s featured section. Your visibility and privacy settings will determine who can see it:

Of course, a featured link like this one will still take any viewers who click on it to YouTube to watch the video (or to the LinkedIn post if you used that method), rather than playing an embedded video directly on the page. 

If you want a video that will play on your LinkedIn profile itself, there is a workaround to achieve this that involves creating a Slideshare presentation, adding a YouTube (or Vimeo) video to the first page of the presentation and then embedding this presentation on your LinkedIn profile. While we haven't tested this trick ourselves it's been suggested in this blog post.

So those are 3 ways you can add video to your personal LinkedIn! Want to know more about LinkedIn videos and best practises? Check out our Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Videos. After making your LinkedIn videos, you can learn to get more shares on your LinkedIn articles.

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