Is AI marketing worth it for your small business?

Posted June 23, 2021

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As a small business owner, marketing is important to grow your business. You want to create content that drives traffic, increases your brand awareness, generates leads and influences potential customers without going over your limited budget. How do you do this without employing a team of specialists? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the answers. 

AI marketing can cut down the cost and be a solution for your small business if it’s implemented correctly into your marketing strategy.

It can help small business owners run their business more efficiently, saving time and money, along with simplifying tasks and reducing human errors. 

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This blog will explain what AI marketing is, the impact it has on the marketing industry for small-scale businesses and how to promote your AI marketing correctly using our online video editor

  • What is AI marketing? 

  • Is AI marketing a solution for your small business?

  • The AI marketing tools small businesses need to know about 

  • AI video content marketing opportunities 

What is AI marketing?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a constellation of many different technologies that can perform tasks that usually require human Intelligence. To put it simply, AI simulates human Intelligence by using machines. This may sound futuristic and unreliable, but it can save users a lot of time and money, with the AI industry potentially becoming worth over $15 trillion by 2030. AI marketing is often used interchangeably with marketing automation - but there's a huge difference. Marketing automation involves manually configured actions set up to automate routine marketing tasks. On the other hand, AI marketing uses machine learning to make automated decisions based on data collection. Both marketing automation and AI marketing help small business owners save time and grow revenue, but each approach is completely different. 

Artificial Intelligence marketing

AI marketing is a game-changer for businesses. It is a popular method to collect data, customer insights, anticipate customer behaviour and make automated decisions that will impact marketing efforts. AI allows business owners and marketers to understand customer behaviors so they can implement the right strategies that suit their target market to gain customer retention. 

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We've collected a range of the most popular AI-based tools and solutions small businesses can use for marketing purposes. 

  1. helps you collect and import data from any website on the internet. 

  2. Uberflip helps small businesses manage content, surface the most relevant content and messaging-based campaigns, audience, and intent data

  3. assists to bridge the gaps between human involvement. 

  4. NGDATA gives small businesses insight and invaluable information in the marketing activities of competitors. 

  5. Crystal Dash helps contact sales leads in the best way possible based on customers personalities. 

  6. OptinMonster offers a wide range of AI-based marketing and sales tools. 

  7. Flow XO automation allows you to quickly build chatbots to help you communicate and engage with customers. 

  8. Legal Robot is an automated legal analysis, helping businesses with legal documents, legal language, copyright and contracts. 

  9. CopyAI eliminates writer’s block, missed deadlines and stale copy. Take the stress out of creating blog posts, product descriptions, digital ad, website and sale copy, and social media content. 

Is AI marketing a solution for your small business?

The statistics don’t lie. A recent survey shows, 13.6% of small-medium business owners have already invested in AI marketing solutions, with this percentage estimated to rise soon as the return on investment becomes clearer. 29.5% of small-medium business owners believe AI (like edge AI) will have the greatest impact on their business in the next year.

AI-based tools are already offering small businesses many different benefits, such as lowering costs, time efficiency, increasing results, reducing risk and improving responsiveness reducing risk, improving responsiveness, and optimising IT Operations. Many small business owners underestimate the benefits Artificial Intelligence offers to their future sales

1. AI-infused CRMs to maximize leads, sales, and marketing  

CRM systems are made to collect customer data from emails, phone and social media platforms, to help improve the sales process. Now, add the help of AI to the equation. AI helps small businesses analyze the customer data CRM has collected from digital marketing campaigns, personalized emails and blog posts, automatically adjusting marketing and lead generation based on the information found. That’s pretty neat, right? 

AI takes the stress out of marketing and assists your small business to generate more leads and customer retention without you lifting a finger.  

Girl smiling and holding laptop with an visual chart of a sales funnel

2. Sales forecasting

Meeting customer expectations can be quite a challenging task for small business owners. Knowing what will work and what won’t. AI marketing makes it easier for small business owners to understand customer needs and behavior by collecting data from their past purchases. Beyond just marketing strategies, businesses can benefit from sample business plans to help increase conversion more strategically.

Analyzing customer behavior can predict what customers will buy next and, potentially, how many products will sell. AI marketing helps small businesses know what to promote, where to promote it and which demographic to target. Avoid ordering too much stock or selling out of products too quickly. 

Knowing such information can help small business owners promote and recommend products that fit their customer’s needs based on their past purchases. Personalize customer experience to gain customer retention, engagement, and more sales. Don’t forget about checking out customer testimonials. 

3. Customer insights from social media and blogs

The data that AI marketing collects is extremely valuable for small business owners to understand customers and clientele. Artificial Intelligence analyzes online content that customers consume, such as social media platforms, blogs, and video sharing sites. Once this information is shared with marketers, they can easily determine customer personas. These include past interactions and communications, purchase behaviours, on-site interactions, referral sources and many more. 

Having access to customer insights allows small business marketers to avoid promoting irrelevant content and sponsored posts to consumers that aren’t interested. This will save your small business a huge amount of money within the marketing budget. 

4. Personalized email marketing content

AI-powered tools can help small businesses owners create content to maximize efficiency. Automating specific tasks such as email content, personalized messages and social media content curation can save your content team quite a bit of time. Most eCommerce businesses run through subscription-based software like Shopify. These platforms have a built-in automated group email services marketers can use instead of sending one-by-one. 

5. Chatbots and voice assistants

When you’re a small business, it isn’t sustainable or advisable to hire a whole team of customer service employees to answer customer questions. Usually, there's a similar pattern of FAQs customers are asking whether it’s shipping and returns related, sizing or re-stocks, small businesses can waste a lot of time troubleshooting customer problems. 

Chatbots and voice assistants can be a great asset to your eCommerce website as they can help resolve customer issues for you. If similar questions keep recurring, chatbots can maintain a bank of FAQs to reduce the number of questions you personally have to answer. A simple solution to an ongoing, time-consuming task for small businesses. 

AI video marketing opportunities

As we’ve established, AI marketing will give your business an insight into which marketing strategies work best for your customers, who to target and what to promote. Small business marketing, especially video marketing performs better when personalized. Personalized video is one of the best ways to turn everyday customers into brand advocates, gaining an even higher customer retention rate.

Apply AI data-driven strategies to market a video towards a specific customer or group of customers using our online video editor

Currently, AI voiceovers are trending on social media video.

Whether you’re creating a video marketing campaign for landing pages, blog posts, an explainer video or purely for brand awareness, save time and money using ready-made video templates on Clipchamp.

Is AI marketing worth it? Yes.

9 out of 10 businesses have an ongoing investment in AI, with 83% of businesses making AI a strategic priority for their business. Not only will Artificial Intelligence give your small business a huge insight into important customer behaviors, but it'll also save your business time, money, and vital resources. 

You can optimize your video marketing strategy by targeting the right customers: batch create videos and publish to your highest viewed social media platforms.

AI marketing can do some heavy lifting for you. If you need to create your new marketing videos that will catch the attention of potential and current customers, get started with a free Clipchamp template.

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