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How to use video for remote employee onboarding

December 13, 2021
Looking for creative ways to use video when onboarding new hires? Welcoming new employees…

Introducing screen and camera recording in Clipchamp

August 3, 2021
Who doesn’t love an iconic on-screen pairing? We’re thinking Jim and Pam in The Office…

Discover Idea Pins — everything you need to know about Pinterest’s newest feature

May 19, 2021
If Idea Pins sounds unfamiliar to you, you’d be correct — it’s new to all of us…

Perfect for Pinterest – introducing our new 2:3 vertical aspect ratio

March 10, 2021
The last time we checked, 9:16 was the go-to aspect ratio for vertical videos. But…

How to use Pinterest video to promote your business

March 10, 2021
In a marketing landscape dominated by big data and complicated strategies, Pinterest…

Work Better, Together – Introducing Clipchamp Teams BETA

February 25, 2021
Update: we're phasing out Clipchamp Teams. The feature is no longer available for…

How to import and export videos using Clipchamp's Microsoft OneDrive integration

February 23, 2021
Clipchamp has integrated with OneDrive – Microsoft’s answer to the web’s ever-expanding…

Chromebook x Clipchamp: A new partnership

February 8, 2021
Here at Clipchamp, we’re big believers in teamwork – without it, we wouldn’t be here…

How Rose Serafini Reinvented the Zendesk Onboarding Experience with Clipchamp Videos

December 17, 2020
Meet Rose Serafini – she’s an Associate Startup Solutions Architect on the Startups…

Clipchamp's video editor PWA installs see a 97% monthly growth

December 17, 2020
*This blog post was originally published on Google's Web.dev blog * Clipchamp is…

We’ve Launched a Clipchamp Chromebook App in the Google Play Store

December 16, 2020
At Clipchamp, we’re proud to produce a video editor that empowers Chromebook creators…

Introducing the Clipchamp Web App

December 16, 2020
We’re always looking for ways to improve the video editing experience. From fun new…

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