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Remote Video Success Stories

Posted May 18, 2020
Written by Lana Sciasci

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Remote Video Success Stories

Over the past few weeks we’ve focused on filling the Clipchamp blog with posts that highlight how video can help our users during the COVID-19 pandemic. From Zoom backgrounds to remote onboarding and video marketing, we’ve got tutorials on it all. Importantly, we’re committed to continuing this line of practical posting, but we’re making room for some feel-good content too.

In this blog post we’re highlighting remote video success stories. It’s news like this that reminds us how impactful video can be and why we’re so passionate about it.

4 remote video successes

Creators are getting inventive

Online video creators are quickly adapting to the conditions of COVID-19 and creating content to stimulate and soothe viewers who are staying at home. Video themes like #getreadywithme are being replaced by #quarantinewithme on YouTube and they showcase productivity tips, recipes and vlogs. It’s heartening to see creators continue their projects while offering an outlet to viewers at home.

Continuing the theme, professional video editors had to change the way they work too. While editors are usually found working together in creative studios with high-performance gear, they’ve had to sacrifice a collaborative environment while transitioning to creating projects with the tools they can use at home.

That’s why some software tools have already started to emerge as solutions for remote access to video files, but system performance and file accessibility are heavily reliant on the user’s internet connection. Hardware solutions for remote video editing are now being built to enable editors to collaborate and share large media files in real-time just as if they were sitting in the same room as the rest of their editing team! 

On another level, professional actors are taking things into their own hands and creating videos at home. Take John Krasinski of The Office fame, whose feel good remote video channel Some Good News has gained over 2.5 million subscribers in recent weeks. 

At home fitness is going from strength to strength

According to Google’s Coronavirus: A Month in Search report, exercise related searches are now trending around the world. Specifically, users are seeking free at home workout videos more than ever before. 

This is awesome, not only because exercise is great for us and helps us maintain our sleep cycles, but also because it gives personal trainers a new way to work remotely while restrictions prevent them from working in person but because it gives personal trainers a new way to work remotely while restrictions prevent them from working in person. Australian fitness expert Chloe Ting is one of the most popular examples.

Subscriptions services are growing

Subscriptions aren’t just for magazines or Netflix anymore. Many small businesses that work with a subscription model are using video marketing to reach audiences at a time when they need it most. 

The appeal of delivery to door is keeping a number of small businesses like wine subscription provider Good Pair Days afloat. With customers unable to taste their offering in person, this brand has always used quick, captivating video with descriptive copy, take a look at the example below.

Gaming has gone mainstream

A few weeks ago, gaming videos were watched by a small subculture of online fans. Now, everyone is obsessed with titles like Animal Crossing and it’s seeing gaming content creators’ channels boom.

This is great news for video makers trying to make ends meet from home, while on the more philanthropic end, big names are following the recent gaming for charity trend and raising money to support COVID-19 causes. 

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