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How an agency pro uses Clipchamp as part of her integrated marketing approach

Posted August 16, 2021
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Meet the creator

Meet Bec Pini - Managing & Creative Director at M4M Agency, a brand, strategy and communications agency. As Managing & Creative Director, Bec leads a team that specializes in strategy and execution, providing services to ASX listed organizations through to small businesses across diverse industries including entertainment, retail, government, council, hospitality, energy and mining. Bec began using Clipchamp to create videos for her clients, and has since seen huge success with video campaigns across the varied industries she serves. In this case study, we’ll give you an insight into Bec’s journey editing videos with Clipchamp, her tips, and her predictions for the future of video.

Why video?

Bec spent the first 10 years of her career in TV production, so she is all too familiar with the power of storytelling and impactful visuals. Unsurprisingly, when she established M4M Agency in 2003, Bec was passionate about ensuring video content was part of their integrated marketing services.

Research shows that 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a branded social video, so it’s no wonder this brand and content agency have adopted video as part of their marketing strategy.

“For me, it has always been important to have an integrated approach to marketing and communications and video is a big part of that approach.”

“Video is a vehicle to tell your brand story, in your own way. It is an integral part of our digital strategy, knowing that social videos generate 1200% more shares than text or image campaigns combined.”

This video was made by M4M Agency using Clipchamp

Why Clipchamp?

Simplicity, variety and quality were all considerations for Bec when looking to adopt a video editing solution for M4M Agency. Clipchamp ticked all her boxes.

“What I like most about Clipchamp is the ease of use, as well as the ability to turn around high quality content fast, particularly for social media. The advantages of using Clipchamp are that you have all you need in one spot. Templates, stock footage, royalty-free music as well as the ability to add/edit what else you need in your video.“

Clipchamp integrates with a variety of partners to bring about a more simplified video workflow for our users. These integrations include Dropbox, Box, Google OneDrive to name a few.

“I have used both Dropbox and Google Drive in my business for over 5 years. The fact that Clipchamp is integrated with them has made making videos so much easier. The exporting of videos is simple, and allows for collaboration and ease of sharing content with clients for approval.”

Bec's top tips for an engaging video

  • Attention-grabbing first 2 seconds

  • Great quality vision

  • Engaging soundtrack and/or voiceover

  • Strong brand elements

  • A clear call to action

This video was made by M4M Agency using Clipchamp

Bec's future video predictions

Video content and the way it’s consumed is ever-evolving, so we asked Bec what her predictions were for the future of video.

  • Think of anything in the written form and there will be an alternative option to consume it as video

  • Subtitles will be available for all video content, regardless of channel

  • First Nations languages will be available for subtitles

  • Video content will be regulated to ensure children can not view certain content

  • AI-assisted/edited video formats will be available on platforms to assist editors with time constraints

  • A lot more businesses will be producing and editing video content in-house as platforms become more user-friendly.

“A big lesson we can take away from the COVID-19 pandemic is that audiences are craving authentic and transparent video content that is also inclusive and diverse. The future of video is an exciting one!”

This video was made by M4M Agency using Clipchamp

Ready to create amazing marketing videos?

To make a video in minutes, upload your own footage or choose stock videos from our library, then just drag, drop and edit your video for free in Clipchamp.

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