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What’s the best free video maker online?

Posted September 7, 2018
Written by Joseph Tafra
Clipchamp is a free online video editorTry for free
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It wasn’t so long ago that editing video required highly specialised skills, carried out by hand using scissors and tape!

We’ve come a long way since then, with the creation of digital video formats and amazing editing software. But video editing programs can be expensive, not to mention complicated to use. Luckily, these days we have online video makers that are simple and free to use. But what is the best free video maker out there? Well, there are a quite a few to choose from, for instance here is our selection of 3 possible options:

Clipchamp: Powerful video maker, simple interface

If you are creating videos for fun, want to experiment with creative short films, or run a small business and want to make short, effective marketing videos, Clipchamp is the best free video maker for your purposes, with free and premium collections of videos, audios and professional templates.

best video maker online

Simplicity and power

Clipchamp’s tool balances simplicity and power well. The free version of this video maker allows you to easily trim video, combine videos, add sound and music, crop videos to match different aspect ratios, and more. You can also add titles, filters, and effects to your project very easily:

Filters to adjust the colour of a video

Despite the huge range of tools, the interface is very easy and intuitive. Even if you’ve never used a video maker before, you’ll pick this one up in no time. All the icons are easy to find and you can hover over them with your cursor to find out what they do.

Clipchamp's easy-to-use interface

Super-fast processing times

Another reason Clipchamp is so easy to work with is its super-fast upload times. You’ll be working on the video in your web browser but the actual processing is happening on your computer. That means fast uploads, quick compression, and speedy exporting. You can even record up to five minutes of webcam video with their recorder tool and use this in editing projects!

Unlimited exporting

You can export as many videos as you like for free at 480p resolution without watermarks, upgrade your account for 720p or 1080p exporting, or even purchase a one-off high definition download. Clipchamp also has a great library of video and audio content you can use in your project, although this professional content will have a watermark for free accounts.

This combination of an easy-to-use editor, lots of free features, and unlimited free exporting make Clipchamp a strong contender for best free video maker!

Movie Maker Online: A great video editor, if you don’t mind ads

Movie Maker Online is a very flexible online movie maker, perfect for those who are a little more familiar with video editing software.

Some people may be turned off by the platform’s funding model, which relies entirely on advertising. That means you’ll need to turn off any ad-blocking software to use Movie Maker Online, but you can always turn it back on once you’re done.


Complex interface

You’ll be able to upload video, images and music, and combine them into a project by dragging and dropping them onto a timeline. Movie Maker Online is a more complicated video maker, with a complex system of menus you’ll need to learn to navigate. This may well be the best free video maker for more experienced creators, but it could intimidate beginners.

Great features and media library

Uploaded videos can be easily cropped, and there are numerous filters available to give them a new look. You’ll also find fade options for both audio and video, plus transitions, text overlays, and more. Movie Maker Online also has a library of royalty-free images and music.

You can download as many videos as you like for free, but only in .mp4 format. If you need your video to be in a format like .mov or .flv, you’ll need to convert your exported video.

WeVideo: Free storage, but noticeable limitations

WeVideo will be very familiar to anyone who’s used Windows Movie Maker. It has a very similar layout, with uploaded images, music, and videos stored in a cache at the top of the page, ready to use.


Lots of options, lots of storage

You can upload content, transfer it from cloud storage, or record video and audio directly using your computer’s webcam and microphone. WeVideo also has a selection of themes with automatic transitions and effects, and you’ll get cloud storage thrown in as well.

Big limitations on exporting

Despite all this, the free version of WeVideo has some big drawbacks. You can only download 5 minutes of video per month, you won’t get access to their video or image libraries, and all exported videos will be watermarked.

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