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Box and Clipchamp: An Integration Focused on Streamlining the Video Workflow 

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Clipchamp Box integration

Anyone who creates videos knows it can involve a lot of files. Between footage, audio recordings, and the final export, the numbers start to add up and the process can become quite fragmented. Increasingly, we’ve noticed our everyday editors turn to file storage platforms to securely streamline the process. That’s why we’ve integrated with Box, a leading cloud content solution, to deliver a seamless and secure workflow to everyone that uses Clipchamp.

“We're thrilled to join forces with Box — together, we help our customers simplify their video creation workflow.” – Alex Dreiling, Clipchamp Co-founder and CEO.

More specifically, we see this integration as a great opportunity for businesses making videos. The new capabilities (listed below) allow for the secure sharing of sensitive files between Box and Clipchamp – your files never travel beyond the two platforms. Whether the media comes from you or Clipchamp’s 800k+ royalty-free Stock Library, this integration makes it easier than ever for teams to view, discuss, and edit their video projects.   

“Simplifying the way content is shared securely is especially important for businesses collaborating on video, as there can be numerous versions that require large amounts of space. We are excited to provide Clipchamp customers with an empowering new feature for creating video in a remote work environment.”– Fred Klein, VP Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Box. 

Clipchamp Box gif

Ok, ready for details? From today, you can: 

  • Launch Clipchamp with a selection of your files pre-loaded directly from your Box account.

  • Log in to Clipchamp and import files directly from your Box account into the Media Library to start your projects.

  • Export your finished video to Box to save or share.

New ways to import media 

In Box

To get started, head to the Box app store and add the Clipchamp app to your account. 

Clipchamp Box app store

Once the app has been added to your Box account you can start to use it. Click on your media file/s (video, photo or audio) and select the More Options icon. Then, head to Integrations in the dropdown menu and select Edit in Clipchamp.

Clipchamp Box app store 2

Your files will then load in Clipchamp’s video editor, ready for you to start editing your video.

Clipchamp Box example 1

In Clipchamp

If you’re working in Clipchamp, you can now import media files directly from your Box account into the editor. Simply head to your Media Library and select the Box icon.

Clipchamp Box editor 1

Then, select your file/s and import.

Clipchamp Box editor 2

Your file/s will appear in your Media Library ready to edit.

Clipchamp Box editor 3

New ways to export videos

No matter where you started, once you finish your video project, you can now export and save it straight back to Box. To do this, simply export your video and select the Save to Box option on the export screen. When your export is finished, your video will be saved in your Box account as well as downloaded to your computer.

Clipchamp Box editor 4

It’s time to explore Box and Clipchamp

Now that you’ve seen what you can do with the Box and Clipchamp integration, it’s time to try it for yourself. Log into your Clipchamp or Box account to get started. We hope this seamless and secure integration empowers you to create even more great videos.

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