How your business can support and celebrate Pride Month

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Looking for actionable marketing and fun activities to help your business celebrate and support Pride Month? We've got you.

Get on board the most colorful month of the year with these ideas. Promote diversity and inclusion in your team as well as to your customers.

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Recap: Pride Month is important

June is LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, which is celebrated annually to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots. The purpose of this month is to recognize the impact that LGBTQIA+ individuals have had on our history and culture. Importantly, it's also a month to advocate for the rights of LGBTQIA+ communities.

By getting your business involved with Pride Month, you’ll be making strides towards equal opportunity and justice for everyone in the community. You'll find that your customers will feel valued and you'll also attract a more diverse pool of talent over time.

How to celebrate Pride Month in your business

There are plenty of ways to get your team to celebrate Pride Month — both online and offline. As with any event, make sure you have an idea of the budget, time, and resources you'd like to use before you start planning your Pride Month activities.

Idea 1. Pride-themed logos and internal communications

Keep your team updated on important dates, like when Pride Month is on, what events you are hosting and how they can get involved. You can also create a Pride-themed logo. Think fun and colorful. Here are some great resources for Pride stickers and GIFs to include.

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Idea 2. Pride-themed corporate Zoom backgrounds

Custom Zoom backgrounds are all the rage at the moment. They're easy to create and worthwhile if your team spends a lot of time on video calls and virtual collaboration. You can create a video Zoom background with iconic Pride symbols such as a Pride flag, quotes about love and equality, or images of LGBTQIA+ activists and icons. Check out an amazing library of Pride stock footage, stickers, and video templates available on Clipchamp to help make your video

Idea 3. Pride-themed work playlists

Why not play "Name that tune" at lunch hour? Pump up the tunes in your office with a Pride-themed playlist. Better yet, get your team to add/request their favorite bops and encourage everyone to sing along to their tunes. This Spotify playlist can help you get started. Share the link so your team can groove along at home too.

Idea 4. Pride corporate video series

The most powerful spokespeople for Pride Month are the ones who have a personal, authentic connection to it. Empower your team to think deeply about what Pride Month means to them. If they're keen to share their views, you can create a digital Pride series.

Types of Pride Month video ideas

1. Educational videos: Create educational videos for your team to share the history of Pride and the LGBTIQIA+ rights movement. Educating your team helps create a more inclusive, equitable environment for all. Add some royalty free music to make your video more impactful.

2. Pride series: Seek volunteers from your business to participate in video series about what Pride means to them. Create short videos which can be sent through Slack or internal emails.

3. Corporate videos: Create a video summary of the events and activities your business is conducting during Pride Month and share it on channels like LinkedIn. This is a great way to showcase your business' support for the cause. Take a look at our ultimate guide to LinkedIn videos if you're just getting started.

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Consider posting some internal videos on social media

If your staff are on board, you can repurpose content from your pride video series and share it online on social media. Here's how Clearpay did it.

Other content you can create are carousels of your team participating in shooting the videos or simply photos of team members and a summary of their story.

Idea 5. In-person events and activities 

Do you have the luxury of in-person office time with your team? Make the most of it with these activities to engage your team in person.

A great place to start is to decorate the office with posters or balloons, and other decorations you can get from your local party shop to add a flavor of fun throughout the month.

Types of Pride Month event ideas  

1. Pride-themed trivia night: Find a host within the business, build trivia teams and have fun as you learn more about Pride Month together.

2. Invite a keynote speaker: Find presenters to share their Pride stories and this could inspire your team to be brave and share their own. 

3. Pride-themed movie night: Host Pride cinema during lunch hour or grab a bunch of tickets for your team to go and see a show. 

4. T-shirt design competition: Host a t-shirt design competition. Ask your team what Pride Month looks like to them and how they can convey this in a drawing. Ask the team to vote on their favorite and the winner could get their shirt printed.

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The best part is you can adapt many of these events to suit an online environment, too.

Idea 6. Pride-themed branded merchandise

If you have the budget to spare, branded merchandise is a nice touch to share with your team or customers. And who doesn’t love some free #merch? From notebooks to mugs, why not restock the stationary and kitchen drawers with some colorful reminders of Pride Month. 

Idea 7. Raise money for a Pride-related cause or charity

Another meaningful act of support would be to raise money for any LGBTQIA+ charity and donate as a company. Make sure your employees have a say in the charity selected and you'll see great engagement while helping a good cause.

Ready to celebrate Pride Month in your business?

We hope these ideas will help you celebrate and support Pride Month as a business.

Looking to make your Pride corporate video series? Just drag, drop, and edit your first video in minutes with Clipchamp.

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Written by Mackenzie Geeves on June 7, 2021
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