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Clipchamp 2020: A Year in Review

Posted December 17, 2020
Written by Lana Sciasci

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2020 – it's a year that will go down in history. For many, the past 300 or so days have embodied chaos and tragedy, for others, its been a year of innovation and resilience. Here at Clipchamp HQ, we're proud of what our team has achieved in 2020 and how we optimized our product to support everyday editors through this time. Our Brand Manager Lana Sciasci has summed up our 2020 success below, read on for all of the details.

Clipchamp 2020: Users surge with the proliferation of video content as companies aim to stay relevant

Global video editing platform, Clipchamp, has today announced its customer base of small and medium-sized enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, creators and influencers, has surged to over 13 million registered users worldwide, marking a 160 percent increase in new users since the beginning of 2020.

Clipchamp is an in-browser solution that provides access to simple-to-use video editing tools and features, from cropping and resizing to customized templates and special effects, allowing anyone to make engaging video content without the burden of expensive equipment, complicated software, or previous video production experience. 

As the global pandemic forced businesses to work remotely and apart from their physical spaces, colleagues, and customers, workers turned to video as an effective way to communicate and connect online. Since April 2020, Clipchamp has launched several features to help accommodate changing user needs, including webcam, and screencam recording, green screen, audio-video separation, and freehand positioning of video elements. 

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The platform, which is used by tens of thousands of businesses every week, has also experienced a 600 percent increase in overall template usage since the beginning of the year. Against the backdrop of the pandemic chaos, Clipchamp’s video templates catered to teams who suffered reduced budgets and resources and offered a starting point for creators to get their video projects finished fast.

TikTok related video creation on the platform has grown 5000 percent since January, reflecting the social media platform’s increased popularity as a video marketing service. Anna Ji, Head of Product at Clipchamp, said:

“Our focus is to ensure we provide our users with capabilities that matter to them, and this can change over time. Right now, TikTok is doing exceptionally well with small and medium-sized businesses, so we definitely want to cater to those needs.”

Clipchamp 2020 4

To meet its customer demand this year, Clipchamp nearly tripled in size to 80 FTEs, with some team members formerly employed at Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Logitech, Red Hat, and others. The company is actively hiring for roles in customer success, sales, partnerships, and marketing across Australia, the US, Germany, and the Philippines.

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Benjamin Gauthey, Clipchamp's VP of Global Strategy and Business Development, said:

“If COVID-19 has demonstrated anything, it is that companies around the world, from their marketing and HR to product and sales departments, have leaned more heavily on video content to stay in touch with their teams and customers.”

 “Video production is no longer a complex format that only a trained professional can perform. It has become possible for companies of all sizes to access this previously exclusive skill-set in a much easier, more cost-effective, and faster way.”

Clipchamp is used by tens of thousands of companies, including Box, Zendesk, Deloitte, and Comcast. Rose Serafini, Zendesk Startup Solutions Architect said:

“I personally leverage Clipchamp any time I believe a message can be best presented visually. After having used four separate platforms and many content websites to produce videos in the past, my video creation speed has increased significantly while using Clipchamp. I went from being unsure of whether I would accomplish my video production goals for the quarter, to learning how to use Clipchamp and exceeding this goal. Now, not only can I produce more videos in less time, but I have so much more enjoyment doing it.”

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On a final note Mr Gauthey added:

“The proliferation of video will continue in 2021 for businesses and individual content creators alike. We’ll see increased adoption of video creation for marketing and social media, but also for everyday communication within organizations, whether that is training, how-to, and demo videos, staff and client onboarding videos as well as video presentations. Non-marketing teams will also accelerate their adoption of videos as a replacement for other forms of asynchronous communication.”

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