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Clipchamp Hackathon 2018

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With Clipchamp Create video editor, we were the first to the clock tower when the lightning struck on a huge gap in the video market. Now we’re looking to… ahem… hack to the future. But what does that look like?

The theme for this year’s Hackathon was ‘Browser First’. We asked Brisbane’s eager designers and coders to come put their skill set on the table and help realize new browser-first applications. Hack-master Steve Baxter from Channel 10’s Shark Tank, digital design guru and Creative Director Brock Kenzler from Josephmark, and Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer Cat Matson were this year’s judges.

Participants competed for three awards:

– The Clipchamp Championship Award for the most viable commercial product; – The Clipchamp Design Award; – The Clipchamp Hack Award for the most impressive technical project.

Clipchamp Hackathon 2018 Winners

Here are the winners of the Clipchamp Hackathon 2018!

1. Best Hack

Simon, Raghi and Neil came up with this year’s best hack, and may have just come up with a second use for custom QR codes. Named ‘Rust’, the team designed a working prototype that could transmit data between any two devices using QR codes. These guys won 1000 Google Cloud credits, congrats!

2. Best Design

Jordan, Isaac and Marcos were awarded best design for their interactive mobile game. Called ‘Hot Potato’, users can throw their mobile phone to each other and answer questions using speech in a limited space of time. These guys won a coaching session with Ben Johnston, CEO of leading design firm Josephmark, well done!

Here’s a quick demo of their awesome design:

3. Overall Winner

Michael, Ashleigh, Cameron, and Liam gave us this year’s overall winning pitch. Their product ‘Trebuchet’ allows users to draw images using the motion sensors of a phone, all through the browser! These amazing people won a coaching session with Shark Tank’s Steve Baxter, and a sponsored membership to River City Labs to help turn their idea into a viable business!

Honourable Mention

An honourable mention must also go out to Markus, Dong, John, Oliver, and Josiah, who created an awesome product called ‘Chimera’ that enables users to run Windows, Linux, and Mac all in one web browser!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Clipchamp Hackathon 2018, and a special thank you to our judges and the Clipchamp team for pulling off an amazing weekend! Be sure to look out for our next Clipchamp Hackathon next year.

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