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Clipchamp’s Teams functionality and Zoom integration create the perfect #wfh video editor

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A man writes notes at his desk in front of a desktop computer. On the screen, a Zoom call recording is playing.

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Just as the world was saying “the perfect #wfh video editor doesn’t exi-”, we released Clipchamp Teams and our Zoom integration in the same week. Yes, now you can work as a team when editing videos in Clipchamp AND you can import and edit Zoom meeting recordings. 

We love a dynamic duo and believe our two newest offerings work best together. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing our best tips for editing Zoom recordings as a team. 

You can put them all into action right now, assuming you’ve read our Clipchamp Teams and Zoom integration tutorials (if not, we suggest you catch-up first by exploring the links above).

One Zoom recording, endless possibilities

Thanks to the way we’ve built Clipchamp Teams, a single Zoom recording video can be copied and edited into as many variations as you like. This is great news for businesses with multiple departments or even small teams with a variety of member needs.

Clean up and add clarity

A Zoom recording is being edited in Clipchamp. The editing timeline shows the recording being trimmed, a transition and title are also added.

We’ve covered how important it is to edit your Zoom recordings before, but we’ll say it again. Trimming away awkward silences, mics on mute and general chit-chat can cut minutes off your recordings and get your message across clearer and faster. Zoom themselves recommend editing your recording as the first step you should take after you complete your call.

You can also add clarity to your recording by adding an intro with the meeting title and agenda, transitions to make your video trimming look seamless, and motion titles or captions to highlight important information or conversation. Even better, all of these additions will make your recording more accessible to viewers with hearing impairments.

Turn your video conference into viral content

You might not think your Zoom recording would be interesting to anyone outside of your company, but you’d be wrong. Aside from classified information, of course, you should consider your recording potential marketing content. 

Plenty of brands have hopped on the #relatable train by sharing their Zoom troubles and triumphs across Instagram and some have even used it as an excellent format for interviews – check out The Hollywood Reporter’s newly-remote roundtable series on YouTube.

Get inspired by the businesses going a few steps further as well. In 2020,  Apple integrated conference call recordings into their popular web series The Underdogs, and managed to throw a few of their own product placements in the mix. Even more impressive? In 2020 director Rob Savage produced Host – one of the most critically-acclaimed horror films of the year, and the first major movie to be recorded entirely on Zoom.

Add an authentic touch to employee onboarding

A woman sits at a desk taking notes. On the screen a Zoom recording and calendar are open.

We’re not done just yet – there’s still one more incredibly useful way your team can make the most of its Zoom recordings. From employer ads on LinkedIn to remote employee onboarding materials, Zoom can add an authentic touch to a new team member’s first impression of your business. 

Flexible work is becoming a top priority for job seekers, so clearly demonstrating that your business enables this is essential. A few Zoom recording clips added to your jobs page or employer branding video is all you really need to get this across.

On a similar note, Zoom recordings can enrich the remote onboarding experience. Seeing friendly faces can and examples of team communication can help a new-starter settle in and have a top-notch onboarding experience. This is a priority, considering great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82 percent.

Start using Clipchamp Teams and our Zoom integration together

There you have it, inspiration to make Clipchamp the #wfh video editor you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re a manager, marketer or HR professional, you can use Clipchamp Teams to turn one Zoom recording into several unique and valuable video assets. What’s next? It’s time for you to log into Clipchamp, create a team, invite members and start editing your Zoom recordings.

Need more info?

It’s now simpler than ever to import and edit Zoom recordings with Clipchamp. Check out our integration blog to learn more.

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