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After months of planning and designing, we are delighted to finally announce the launch of our brand new website!

Clipchamp’s new look is an important step for us and incorporates feedback from our thousands of users across the globe. Better design, improved usability and the introduction of visual language showcases Clipchamp’s suite of products in a simpler and more intuitive way.

We hope that the redesign will simplify navigation throughout the website and allow new users to more easily access the correct information for their needs.

In celebration, we thought we would share a flashback to the humble beginnings of Clipchamp.

May 2014 Launch


It’s not only the look of our website that’s changed, you’ll see from this image that we were actually called TranscodeCentral.

Fun fact, our founders originally set out to create the world’s first distributed zetta-flop supercomputer – video compression was just a by-product!

September 2014 Redesign


Thankfully, we changed our name to Clipchamp.

The website in itself is fairly similar to the previous version, however we decided to solely focus on making Clipchamp video compression the best it could be.

September 2015 New Website

Clipchamp-Redesign 3-website

This was one of the biggest redesigns ever made to the website and will likely look familiar to the majority of our users.

Good design can go a long way, and this new look was no exception with the number of new users significantly increasing as a result.

August 2016

new website

And here we are, with a brand new look and a number of sweet new features, we cannot wait for our users to experience the new Clipchamp.

Some of the things we’ve launched include:

Clipchamp Video Request

The Clipchamp Video Request Application is a new way of collecting video from anyone, straight into a nominated YouTube channel or Google Drive account.

Clipchamp Video Request is changing the way video is traditionally sent and received, allowing businesses and website owners to collect user generated videos without needing to engage any web development resources.

Dashboard Reporting

With over 200,000 unique users currently using Clipchamp per month and millions of videos being compressed and converted, the new Dashboard features enable greater insight for users into their usage statistics.

Dashboard features will be accessible to free users of Clipchamp compression and conversion, as well as Video Request users, displaying compression, conversion and sharing data from one simple interface.

In-browser video editor.

Free forever. Make professional videos in minutes.

We Value Your Feedback

If you have any comments or suggestions on our new website, please get in touch at We would love to hear from you.

We’ve clearly come a long way since the launch of TranscodeCentral in 2014. The response from each redesign has been overwhelming and we look forward to making Clipchamp the world leader in video compression.

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