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How content creators are different from influencers

Posted January 21, 2022

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Content creator versus social media influencer—what's the difference between these roles? Let’s take a look at content creators and influencers to understand how their main goals, skills and earning potential are different. We'll also explore:

  • How do influencers and content creators post content so consistently?

  • How do influencers and content creators edit videos? 

  • Can influencers and content creators repurpose content? 

Spotlight on content creators

What is a content creator?

Content creators are passionate people that make high-quality, scroll-stopping content to stand out on social media newsfeeds. Anyone who adds unique content to social media can be a content creator. From YouTube and TikTok videos to Instagram Reels and blog posts, the options are endless. But what's the difference between a successful content creator and an amateur? 

Successful content creators know what their audience wants to see and attract a specific niche of viewers. They might have the aim to build a larger audience and brand awareness, or just share their pure talent and inspiration to viewers and followers.

Karen X is an award-winning content creator with over 500 million views. She creates renowned content for brands like Apple, Lego, Adobe, Gucci, Puma, and LG.

What is a content creator's main goal?

The main goal of a content creator is to produce professional-looking content that will generate traffic, followers, and leads. YouTubers are typically called content creators. Content creators will need to understand what type of content deliverables best work for their audiences, platforms, and marketing strategy to achieve "success" and growth.

What skills do content creators have?

Content creators don’t just make videos and post photos. Even though it may sound like an easy job, there are many skills you need to have to be successful. 

  • Build trust with your audience

  • Research current and upcoming trends 

  • Fundamentals of SEO

  • Keyword research

  • Digital marketing

  • Storytelling

  • Know your audience

  • Communication skills 

  • Consistency

  • Brand analysis

  • Writing, editing, and publishing skills

  • Managing client expectations 

  • Admin, invoices, follow-ups, emails

  • Pay attention to feedback

How much do content creators earn?

There is no set rate when it comes to content creators' earnings. Each content creator will be paid differently. YouTuber Nate O’Brien has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and earns around $595,123 in ad revenue per year.

Spotlight on influencers

What is an influencer?

Just like a content creator, influencers also post content to social media. But what makes them an influencer is their extremely large following on social media. Influencers are ideal for working with brands. Brands and small businesses looking to generate new leads and boost brand awareness can pay influencers to promote their product or services. 

Influencers and micro-influencers aren’t hard to come by. When scrolling through social media, anyone who posts a sponsored tag is typically an influencer. The main difference between an influencer and content creator is that influencers focus on their audience's engagement rates, brand promotions, and portraying themselves in a certain light. 

Kayla Itsines is currently the most popular social media influencer in Australia. With over 13.7 million Instagram followers, she boasts a life full of health, fitness, parenting, and strength. 

What is an influencer’s main goal?

Unlike content creators, influencers have a goal to “influence” their audience and followers. They aim to build strong and lasting relationships with viewers and constantly increase their engagement rates. To do this, influencers can accept sponsorships and brand deals that resonate with their audience. 

What skills do influencers have?

Content creators and influencers have some overlapping skills, but influencers need to understand the importance of audience engagement and algorithms. 

  • Photo editing 

  • Video editing 

  • Social media management 

  • Consistency 

  • Audience management 

  • Live-streaming 

  • Promotions and brand deals 

  • Knowledge of advertising 

  • Niche expertise 

  • Managing brand expectations 

  • Admin, invoices, follow-ups, emails

  • Pay attention to feedback 

  • Know your audience

  • Communication skills

How much do influencers earn?

On average, Australian influencers with over 1 million followers can earn between $92-$19,880 per Instagram post. Every influencer’s rate will be different, as some may charge depending on their follower count. Influencers can also agree to gifted products, services, or affiliate codes. Many influencers also make money hosting live video shopping events.

FAQ 1. How do influencers and content creators post content so consecutively?

Ever wondered how influencers and content creators constantly keep their audience entertained? They most likely batch create content or use a video sharing schedule app to avoid missing an upload. 

FAQ 2. How do influencers and content creators edit videos?

When posting content daily, finding an easy-to-use video editing platform will be your top priority. Clipchamp brings the entire video-making experience to your browser, with its intuitive drag-and-drop editor and essential integrated publishing tools.

If you’re new to editing or stuck for ideas, start with a free video template for any industry. Fully customize it with your brand kit and make it your own.

FAQ 3. Can influencers and content creators repurpose content?

Yes! Both influencers and content creators can repurpose their ready-made content across many different platforms. Just be sure the aspect ratio and video length fit in with the platform's guidelines. 

If you’re looking to build an effective and engaging marketing strategy, working with a content creator will help. But if you’re looking to target users and generate more leads through sponsored posts, influencer marketing is a great choice.  

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