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Posted November 1, 2019
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Video editing can be a complicated process. It can take hundreds of video files, back and forth feedback, collaboration, multiple iterations and exports to get to a finished project. With this in mind, we’ve teamed up with Dropbox to bring your favourite video editing and storage tools all in one place! 

Introducing the Clipchamp integration for Dropbox. 

Save time, stay organised and keep everything you need all in one place. With the Clipchamp – Dropbox integration, you can now edit video files directly from your Dropbox library, without the need to download them first or use complicated editing software. The Clipchamp video editor makes it easy to edit, combine clips, add music and more. Once you’re done editing, your finished video will be exported directly back into your Dropbox library for you to share and get feedback.

  • Stay organised online. Keeping your files stored in Dropbox means you’ll free up loads of space on your device and always have access to them in the cloud. You don’t have to download your files, just open them directly with Clipchamp to easily edit your video in the browser.

  • Share with your team. Use your Dropbox team account to give everyone access to your video files. Allow multiple team members to use your Dropbox video library in their own Clipchamp accounts, without fear of overriding anyone’s work. 

  • Get feedback from colleagues. Export your video to get feedback with Dropbox’s time-based commenting. Use this feedback to make further edits in Clipchamp, then export again to Dropbox to show off your changes. 

Here’s how to edit your videos with Clipchamp's Dropbox extension. 

All you need is a Dropbox account to get started.

1. Choose your video file in Dropbox

Go to your Dropbox library and select the video file you want to edit. Go to ‘Open with’ and choose Clipchamp to start creating your video. You can only select 1 video file for now, but we’ll show you how to import and edit multiple files from Dropbox in step 3.

Blog post image: s_A47BCFFDB583D520198DC8E648CA12D128215FBA8382938E3F91C83B1A8DE264_1569381392260_Screen+Shot+2019-09-25+at+1.13.50+pm.png

2. Edit your video file in Clipchamp

Your video file will open directly in the Clipchamp video editor. Here, you can find all the essential video editing tools you need to create awesome videos. Try adding some text, filters, and effects, or browse our stock library to add some background music or professional video. 

Blog post image: s_A47BCFFDB583D520198DC8E648CA12D128215FBA8382938E3F91C83B1A8DE264_1569381633468_Screen+Shot+2019-09-25+at+1.20.17+pm.png

If you’re unsure where to start, we’ve created a quick guide to creating videos here.

3. Combine multiple video files 

Select Add Media from the left menu to import more files from your Dropbox library. Once all your files are in, drag and drop your videos into the timeline below to combine them. 

Blog post image: s_A47BCFFDB583D520198DC8E648CA12D128215FBA8382938E3F91C83B1A8DE264_1569381786402_Screen+Shot+2019-09-25+at+1.21.04+pm.png

4. Export to Dropbox 

When you’re done editing, simply click export and choose your video’s resolution. You can also opt to compress your video to save even more storage. 

Clipchamp gives you 5 x free Full HD (1080p) exports for all new Dropbox users. You’ll be notified by email with the number of free exports you have remaining each time. If you have used other premium features like Branding or Stock footage / audio, you might want to upgrade to Clipchamp Business to continue your export.

Once your export is done, view your finished video in Dropbox, or download directly to your device.

Blog post image: s_A47BCFFDB583D520198DC8E648CA12D128215FBA8382938E3F91C83B1A8DE264_1569381963070_Screen+Shot+2019-09-25+at+1.25.09+pm.png

5. Get feedback from colleagues 

Use Dropbox’s time stamped commenting to get instant and actionable feedback from your co-workers or friends. You can go to your project in Clipchamp to make more edits, then re-export to Dropbox to get more feedback. 

Blog post image: s_A47BCFFDB583D520198DC8E648CA12D128215FBA8382938E3F91C83B1A8DE264_1569557754979_image.png

The Clipchamp Dropbox integration makes video editing and sharing a breeze. Head over to Dropbox to learn more about our partner integration. If you get stuck along the way, you can check out our blog and help center to learn more about video editing in Clipchamp.

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