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We’re making 1080p exports free

Posted March 24, 2022
Written by Jewel Horton

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An artistic rendering of the Clipchamp video editor.

Today’s a good day at Clipchamp because we’re making 1080p exports free for all users. Yes, that means no matter what Clipchamp plan you’re on, you can create crisp, high-definition videos free of charge. It's something our community's been requesting for a while, and we're excited to finally deliver.

Is it really free? 🧐

When we say free, we mean it. Everyone can export 1080p videos — even free users. There are just a few things to remember. 

  • If you’re a free user, you’ll need to create a video using your own footage, images and audio, or stock from a free collection.

  • Most of our stock is premium. If you use premium stock and it isn’t part of your plan, your video will be watermarked.

  • Brand kit is a premium feature. If you use it and it isn’t part of your plan, your video will be watermarked. 

For a refresh of what features are included in your plan, or to upgrade, check out Clipchamp pricing.

How to export a 1080p video

Step 1. Select the export settings for your video

Once you’ve created your video in Clipchamp, select the export button. From the dropdown of video quality options, select 1080p. 

The Clipchamp video editor, a user is selecting 1080p from the dropdown list of video quality options.

Step 2. Save and share your video 

When you’ve selected 1080p, your video will begin exporting. Once it’s finished, you can save your video and start sharing it.

The export page of the Clipchamp video editor.

Enjoy exporting

Our team's super excited to finally deliver free 1080p exports to all Clipchamp users. We can't wait to see your creations in all their HD glory. Have fun with high definition!

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