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How hair stylists can attract more clients with video marketing

Posted June 29, 2021
Written by Amrapali

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Are you a hair stylist or hair salon owner looking for ideas to expand your online video content and bring more clients in through social media?

Explore these easy essential video ideas that any hair stylist or hair salon owner can create on their smartphone or a free online video editor, and watch how appointments fill up!

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Top video ideas for hair stylists to attract more clients

Video idea 1. Introduce your salon and what you offer in 30 seconds

Create a promo video that introduces your salon and what you offer, including prices and hours of operation. This video should be posted on your website homepage and social media accounts so that potential customers can watch it in detail while researching where to get their next hair makeover.

A great place to start is by telling viewers something about yourself or for how long you have been a hair stylist as this builds trust and credibility. Film and edit it into a 30 second or one-minute promo video that will motivate people to walk in or make an appointment.

Keep this promo video short but make sure the video tours your salon.

Video idea 2. Show recent hair styling and hair makeover videos

Let your work speak for you! People will be easily convinced to make an appointment with you if you can demonstrate what kind of looks you can create.

If you're able to show a video of you working on a client from start to finish in the form of a social media story or Instagram Reel, this can build social proof and attract clients that are looking for a similar service.

Video idea 3. Create a services explainer video

Why not talk about what types of services are available in a video? For example, let's assume you'd like to promote a service for "Keratin smoothening treatment to overcome frizz". Your video can start with you explaining the benefits of the hair service, then walkthrough the steps of the treatment and finally the results.

By showing how much time and effort goes into the treatment, it can give viewers a little taste of everything they will experience at your salon in just two minutes, and they'll be hooked!

Many salon owners offer a wide variety of services, but some people don't know about them! Make sure to include what your business offers, which will help encourage more clients and allow you to reach new audiences if they see something interesting.

Video idea 4. Create hair care or product tutorial videos

If you're a hairstylist specializing in certain types of cuts or styles, one of the video ideas is to create tutorials to show your viewers how they can recreate these looks at home. 

Keeping your clients informed about the latest trends in hair styling is just as important as providing them with excellent service. A video tutorial series can go over everything from how to get volume to what tools you need for different styles so that your viewers will have fewer questions when it comes to your profession. For example, in this video East Hair Factory shows how easy it is to get hair extensions. 

Video idea 5. Talk about your salon promotions

Include a current promotion in your video and tell people how they could be part of it.

If you can offer a whole new service or product for free for the first 25 people to come in, you're sure to get some attention! If you have any other specials or deals, mention those as well. In addition to posting your video on your website/blog site and social media, you can also include your video in your next email newsletter for a more targeted audience.

Video idea 6. Introduce your team of hair stylists

Let people get to know you and your team better! A quick way to do that is to film a simple intro video per staff member--all you need is your phone.

By introducing your staff, people will feel more comfortable with who they will be greeted by and that's great for building trust.

You can also talk about how you want clients to feel in your salon. What do you get when you walk into a hair salon? A feeling of relaxation, happiness, or excitement? Convey these feelings in your salon video marketing so that clients know what they can expect when they walk in.

Video idea 7. Q&A Facebook Lives at work 

Live videos on Facebook can definitely help you reach more people than just your followers. You don't need to do one every day, but a few times a week is enough for some extra exposure and potential clients.

Schedule an event where customers can join in live and ask questions about services or products. This can help to build strong relationships.

How to create videos for your hair salon on your phone?

Want to film all your videos on your smartphone? Check out our smartphone video recording tips.

Remember to choose good lighting for filming. When filming, try to be as natural and candid as possible. The more authentic the video is, the better people will feel watching it.

Don't forget to answer questions. Make sure to include questions from your viewers in the video. Ask them what they want to know about or share their story with others. 

Make every cut count

You can reach potential clients by using social media and keep them up-to-date on the latest products and services you offer with a newsletter

Haircuts or video cuts..make every cut count!

It doesn't matter if you're running a salon by yourself, or work at a full-service salon, these video ideas can help any hair stylist or hair salon owner leverage video marketing to bring in more clients. We hope these tips help you get more clients!

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