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How to Master #halloweenathome Video Marketing

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It’s October, which means Halloween is just around the corner, and like most things in 2020, it’s looking a little different. Thanks to COVID-19, trick-or-treating and costume parties are off the table, and people are pivoting their plans to celebrate #halloweenathome. 

If you run a retail business, this might sound scary – Halloween spending reached 8.8 billion dollars in 2019. With so many events cancelled, can 2020 do the same? Thankfully, we don’t think you should be spooked (we have horror movies and creepy costumes for that). With a little adapting and some savvy video marketing, Halloween can still be a success for your business. 

So, who’s celebrating?

While just 58% of respondents say they plan to celebrate Halloween this year, the average spend per-person is increasing. Halloween fans will be shelling out around $92.12 on holiday purchases, compared to 2019’s average spend of $86.27. All up, it looks like we’ll be collectively spending around 8 billion dollars on Halloween hauls in 2020 – an opportunity retailers shouldn’t miss.

And they’re buying what exactly?

What are these billions being spent on? House decorations, costumes and candy according to the National Retail Federation. Participants are determined to have a happy Halloween no matter what, and they’re willing to pay to makeover their homes and themselves for the occasion. This is a great opportunity for brands where there previously wasn't one. Halloween homewares, loungewear, you name it.

How can businesses reach shoppers? (from a social distance)

17% of people are planning to party online using Zoom-style platforms this Halloween, so we know they’re no strangers to video. Throughout COVID-19, video marketing has continued to be a lifeline for businesses, and the spooky season proves no different. By the end of 2020, the average person will watch 100 minutes of video content per day. It makes sense then, that a Halloween-themed video ad is the perfect way to reach them.

How you can create #halloweenathome video ads 

So you don’t have to spend hours searching the internet for ways to create the creepiest video content, we’ve put together some tips to get you started even if you are working from home.

Start with a Halloween video template

Using a pre-prepared video template will save you precious marketing time as you countdown to October 31st. Our team has designed several spooky video ad templates that you can customise with your message.

Select some spooky video stock

Select some spooky video stock

Our Halloween Horrors collection is brimming with spine-tingling footage to set the mood for your #halloweenathome video ads. Edit clips together with your own footage or start from scratch with only stock.

Add audio to create a creepy atmosphere

Creaking gates, unsettling groans, off-tune pianos – we’ve got it all in our Halloween stock audio collection. Add tracks to your video ads to sound super spooky.

Tell scary stories with limited-edition halloween fonts

Tell scary stories with limited-edition halloween fonts

In the spirit of Halloween, our team has released three limited-edition fonts to use in your videos. They’re the perfect look for creepy CTAs and you'll find them all in the Clipchamp video editor.

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