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How to add captions to TikTok

Posted April 19, 2021
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Many of us don’t watch TikTok videos with the sound turned on. Sometimes we forget our headphones on the commute to work and are definitely too embarrassed to turn our phone volume up to listen to TikToks! But if there’s no sound, and you can’t lip-read, how can you enjoy a trending TikTok video? By adding captions to TikTok videos using our captioning tool of course! This blog will teach you how to add words to a TikTok using our free to download video editing app. 

  • Why you should use Clipchamp iOS app to add changing text on TikTok

  • How Clipchamp captions assist creators and businesses

  • How to add words to a TikTok (step-by-step tutorial)

How to add captions to TikTok - Clipchamp blog

Why use Clipchamp iOS app to add text on TikTok

Clipchamp is the OG captioning tool for TikTok videos. Whether you’re in video marketing or creating content for fun, the Clipchamp video editing app can take your video to the next level. 

In 2020, the Clipchamp iOS app went viral on TikTok when user Ryanstarr discovered how accurate and time-saving the auto-captioning tool really is! The Clipchamp text-to-speech app is free to download, extremely user-friendly, and fast when you want to batch create content. 

Not only is it easy to edit captions as you can preview the clip and edit in real-time, but the captions generated are also usually so accurate with minimal mistakes. 

The app isn’t just about captioning content, you can add branding such as a logo for your business and the creative font options are better than what’s to offer on TikTok! Set yourself apart from the competition on TikTok and create your own personalized content today.

How Clipchamp captions assist creators and businesses

With 689 million active TikTok users worldwide, it would be great to be visible among the TikTok community. Just to name a few, businesses small or large, content creators, and students all use the platform. 

Captions allow the message of muted videos to still be heard. That’s why absolutely anyone can use our video editing app to take advantage of the captioning tool.

If we look at the video editing app from a marketing perspective, our captioning tool can increase the reach of your video and skyrocket your global appeal. Businesses can achieve higher engagement through their video marketing efforts even if their videos are muted by default on a platform like LinkedIn. 

The text-to-speech feature assists creators and businesses who want to be inclusive to everyone like the hard-of-hearing community, as captions create a reading element to your videos. 

The app is also useful for marketers and creators who want to repurpose existing content on other platforms. 

How to add words to a TikTok

 If you have an existing TikTok that requires some captions to be added, this tutorial is the one for you. Adding captions to a TikTok video has been made easy when using Clipchamp iOS video editing app. Although, don’t feel discouraged if you aren’t too sure how to edit your TikTok video and not up to the captioning stage yet. Our How to merge videos on iPhone for free blog will teach you how to merge all your video clips into one awesome video. 

Below is our step-by-step guide on how to add words to a TikTok video using our iOS app.

Step 1. Download Clipchamp iOS app

You will first need to head over to the App Store, search for “Clipchamp” and download the free Clipchamp iOS app. You can find the app under the Photo & Video category. Click Open when the app is finished installing. 

Download Clipchamp iOS app-How to add captions to TikTok-Clipchamp blog

Step 2. Log into Clipchamp

The log in screen will appear once the video editing app is open. Choose to either log in to an existing account, or sign up using your Apple, Google or Facebook account. The editor will automatically open. 

Log into Clipchamp-How to add captions to TikTok-Clipchamp blog

Step 3. Record or upload your TikTok video

To start recording a video or select a video from your files, click on the + button at the bottom center of the app. (A moving arrow will appear above the + symbol). A pop-up will appear with a Microphone access request. Click OK. A pop-up will then appear with a Camera access request. Click OK. The last pop-up will appear with a Photos access request. Click Allow Access to All Photos. Click on the video you would like to add captions to. The video will automatically appear in the editor timeline. 

Record or upload your TikTok -How to add captions to TikTok-Clipchamp blog

Step 4. How to add words to a TikTok

Click on the + symbol at the bottom left corner of your screen. Three options will appear, Media, Text and Captions. Click on Captions to automatically create captions for your video project. Click Create Captions to start. Our captioning tool will automatically scan your video and create captions. Rename your project by clicking the three dots at the top right corner, then rename. 

Our captioning tool tries its best to caption every video you create accurately, but sometimes it doesn’t pick up on every word correctly. If there is a misunderstood word, click on your caption box and edit the text manually so the text-to-speech is accurate with no mistakes. This process will only take a couple of seconds.

Change the style, text color or background color by clicking on the text box, then the first black bubble Aa. 

How to add words to a TikTok-How to add captions to TikTok-Clipchamp blog

Step 5. Save video ready for TikTok upload

It’s now time to save your new captioned video. Make sure you have previewed your video the whole way through and ensure all automated captions are correct. Make any final changes to your captions before saving. When you’re ready to save, click on the Save/Export button at the top right corner of your screen. Once the save is complete, click on the location where you would like your video to be stored. We have chosen save to iPhone. You can share your new captioned TikTok directly on TikTok by clicking on the TikTok app when the save is complete.

Save video ready for TikTok upload-How to add captions to TikTok-Clipchamp blog

That’s a wrap!

In five easy steps, you can caption TikTok videos in no time with no experience needed. Clipchamp iOS app does all the work for you! All you need to do is upload your project and we do the rest leaving you with a professional TikTok, with captions!

Captioning TikTok videos is one of the best ways to improve your video reach, stay connected with all viewers and set your business apart from the rest. Captioning video using Clipchamp video editing app isn’t limited to TikTok videos only. You can caption any video such as Instagram Reels! You can even create a Letterbox video on the video editing app. You might just find Instagram Reels is a great marketing tool for your business in conjunction with TikTok videos. 

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