How to create effective videos for your landing page

Posted March 24, 2021
Written by Petra Odak

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Wondering how you can effectively use videos on your landing pages to lower your bounce rates and increase your conversions?

Read on to find out video marketing best practices that apply to landing pages for any industry!

One landing page = one video = one purpose

Creating marketing materials like presentations, videos and infographics can be time-intensive. That’s why many businesses reuse and recycle their corporate video. While using the same video for different purposes can make sense, it’s really better if you have one, clear purpose behind each video you create. While this is seemingly more time-intensive, bear in mind that videos with a specific purpose convert up to 266% better than general videos.

Designing landing page - how to create effective landing page videos - Clipchamp blog

When you think about a landing page, you need to set a goal for it. This can be many things, such as getting the visitor to:

  • Sign up for a free product trial

  • Convert from a free trial to a paid user

  • Subscribe to your email list

  • Book a demo

  • Or something else

The purpose of your page will also determine the direction of your landing page video. Your video could encourage viewers to get in touch with your business by leaving their essential details. It's easy to create and integrate such a form into your landing page using form creation tools.

For example, a video promoting a free trial will showcase the very best features of your product and have a call to action for the viewers to sign up for free. If your aim is to book a demo, you will only show the basics, aiming for the viewer to book a demo to learn more.

Showcase social proof through testimonials

The best landing page videos don’t even have to cost anything! In fact, you don’t even have to record them on your own.

One of the best methods to convince new customers to buy is to use your existing customers—and their reviews. This is called social proof and it’s well-known and proven that great reviews will convince potential customers who are on the fence to purchase your product or service.

The great thing about social proof is that it requires little investment on your end. Simply reach out to your satisfied customers and ask them for a short testimonial video (under a minute) where they explain how happy they are with your product or service. They can do this using their phone or a free online webcam recorder and send it back to you. 

After some minimal video editing (to maintain authenticity!), upload and post to your landing page and watch as your conversion rates skyrocket.

Think about explainer videos

A great landing page can also show what you do and how you do it through an explainer video. Explainer videos are popular with potential customers as they are excellent in conveying complex ideas in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Instead of forcing visitors to scroll through an entire page that explains your product or service, simply place an explainer video near the very top of the page.

If you’re a SaaS business, creating an explainer video is a must. You’ll be able to show what you do in a way that is concise and easy to understand.

Bear in mind however, that explainer videos may not stand the test of time well if your product or service evolves quickly. Make sure that once you create one of these videos, your product, offering or features do not change drastically. Otherwise, you’ll have to create a completely new explainer video. Here's an interesting example from productivity tool Clickup.

Clickup landing page video example - how to create effective landing page videos - clipchamp blog

Contextualize and support videos 

While videos are incredibly powerful and grab visitors’ attention really well, they cannot do the whole job on their own. Having a great video on a landing page is a good first step in pushing a visitor into your sales funnel but to achieve their purpose, videos need context. There’s a general consensus that longer landing pages actually perform better.

That means that before and after the video, you’ll need copy and design elements to support it. Before the video, you’ll need some context as to what the video is about. After the video, you’ll need some copy to further push the visitor to convert. In other words, an effective CTA is what you need.

While your landing page video can remain the same for months or years, you can change the surrounding copy and other elements as many times as you please.

Invest time in your thumbnail

Think about thumbnails that make you want to click through. Most of them have a nice big PLAY button in the middle and they’re surrounded with a nice image. 

If you’re investing time in creating your marketing videos, go the whole mile and carefully design your thumbnail. It can make a major difference because an off-putting thumbnail can ruin your efforts, even if the video is nothing short of amazing.

Speaking of which, your visitors should choose to play the video and you shouldn’t make that decision for them. If you choose to use autoplay, be aware that it can affect user experience and you might chase them away. 

Wrapping up

Creating marketing videos for your landing pages does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. With so many paths to take and the fact that video marketing brings proven results and a great return on investment, you should give it a try. 

You can start small with testimonial videos before spending more of your time on more advanced video marketing tactics. Good luck!

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