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How to Improve Your Sales Pitch with Video in 2021 

Posted January 20, 2021

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If you’re looking for new ways to spice up this year’s sales pitch with video marketing, you’ve come to the right place! This blog will discuss essential sales tips customer success managers and sales representatives need to know to take their sales pitch to the next level in 2021. 

A well-crafted sales pitch will get customers excited about a new product or service and encourage them to purchase from your brand. Customers don’t want to watch the same old sales spiel every new release. Video content will most likely boost your sales strategy if executed correctly, so let’s dive right in.

  • When to give a sales pitch?

  • How to Improve your Sales pitch in 2021 + ideas a. Sales Pitch Tips - Storytelling b. Sales Pitch Tips - Focus on the benefits of your product, service or company c. Sales Pitch Tips - Social Selling with video marketing 

  • How to improve your marketing video using Clipchamp 

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When to give a Sales Pitch

Giving a long-winded video presentation to introduce and sell a product or service is now a way of the past. Social media is quickly taking over the game as you can now pitch any time, anywhere, to potential customers. 

Professional sales representatives should be able to get their message across in a matter of minutes, so posting a short marketing video on social media is the perfect way to reach a larger audience faster. 

In order for your sales pitch to be successful online, you need to build trust with your audience by posting valuable posts everyday. This will teach your followers that your offers might just be worthwhile. So, make sure not to get caught up in broadcasting your latest offers all the time, as social media is for interacting with potential customers and creating trust. This is one of the biggest mistakes businesses make when it comes to pitching online.

How to Improve your Sales Pitch in 2021 + Ideas

You don’t have to be a natural born seller to be the best sales representative. All you need to do is have a well thought out video marketing strategy that will engage your audience and win their trust and business. Below are some of our best sales tips and video marketing hacks you should consider when improving your 2021 sales pitch.

a. Sales Pitch Tips - Storytelling

One of the biggest sales tips to date is successfully being able to connect with your audience through storytelling. Regardless of who your target audience is or what product or service you are trying to sell, telling a story within your video sales pitch engages, entertains and educates your audience. Customers want to know the story behind your business and what inspires the products you sell. If you add in some inspirational and persuasive anecdotes within your sales pitch, you’re more likely to leave a memorable impression and have a bigger impact on your audience. Therefore steering potential customers towards the goal decision to buy your product.

Storytelling is a proven sales strategy used by companies worldwide. Below are the key benefits of using Storytelling to improve your sales pitch in 2021:

  1. An engaging narrative throughout your marketing video will engage and capture the audience.

  2. You will potentially generate more interest in your product or service. 

  3. Gaining your audience's trust. 

  4. Motivate your audience to take a specific action (purchasing) by demonstrating the positive result when doing so.

  5. Educate and entertain your audience in a more enjoyable way whilst staying relevant.

Check out our 3 Ways a Video Strategy can fuel your Sales Team endeavors blog for more information. 

b. Sales Pitch Tips - Focus on the benefits of your product, service or company

Your audience will scroll past your sales pitch video if it is not relatable to them personally. Focus on addressing the needs of customers within your video, pitching how your product, service or company will help them. Why should they purchase from you? What will they gain? Will it save customers time and money? It’s best to add in some evidence to support your statement as viewers want to see reputable sources to gain their trust. 

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c.  Sales Pitch Tips - Social Selling with Video Marketing

Rather than the traditional face to face method, sales pitches are now being watched mainly online via the video marketing. From Instagram to LinkedIn, your audience is now active and can be contacted through social media. There are to different approaches customer success managers and sales representatives can use when using video marketing for their sales pitch:

1. Sales outreach: connecting, following and messaging your audience. LinkedIn invites and LinkedIn messages are the most common social selling methods.

2. Content: creating content that aligns with your business story. Posting photos and videos on your social media profile. Submitting content to free article submission sites can also help in boosting your sales.

Both methods are so important to use as all platforms require different attention. Let’s briefly focus on LinkedIn. LinkedIn marketing can work to your advantage if you know how to use it properly. LinkedIn is not just a place for written content anymore. Video marketing has now surpassed the traditional method in both making lasting impressions and generating leads. If your sales pitch marketing video is not published on LinkedIn, your company is missing out on major potential sales and interaction. Improve your sales pitch by posting a marketing video on LinkedIn.

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How to improve your marketing video using Clipchamp

Hopefully now you know a new way to complement your proven sales strategies. Create an engaging, persuasive sales pitch video on Clipchamp video editor without even leaving your browser! Video marketing is made easy when working with online video editor, Clipchamp. We’ve got thousands of video templates to help you stand out from the crowd and excel on social media when publishing a sales pitch. You can easily edit your existing sales pitch as well. Don’t forget to prepare your sales pitch before creating your video as it will help determine the strategy that will potentially sell your company, product or service. 

Our top two sales tips to improve your video marketing sales pitch, is to tell a story throughout your video, establish the core benefits you’re offering and focus on utilizing social media platforms such as LinkedIn. 

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