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How to Make Product Videos for Shopify to Increase Sales

Posted January 6, 2021

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Video is one of the most under-utilized marketing strategies when it comes to successfully selling items online. When browsing on a Shopify online store, viewers desire more than just a couple of product images to sell them on an item. So what better way to compel an online shopper than by using a video walkthrough of the product and its awesome features? 

Online stores should be utilizing the power of product demo videos and how to videos to connect with potential customers. Let us talk you through our simple steps on how product video marketing can benefit your Shopify storefront

  • What is a demo video?

  • How do product videos for marketing benefit my business?

  • How to make product videos for Shopify to increase sales, such as:

  1. Stop-motion style product videos 

  2. 360 style product videos

  3. How-to videos / Product in action videos 

  4. Product review-style videos 

  5. Green screen videos

What is a demo video?

A demo video is one of the best video marketing tools businesses can easily take advantage of to successfully sell items online and works both for B2C and B2B eCommerce. Product demos show potential customers what they can do with your product or service without needing to read an instruction manual or travel to your store for a live demonstration.

Young woman testing beauty product and smiling while making social media video - How to Make Product Videos for Shopify to Increase Sales - Clipchamp blog

How do product videos for marketing benefit my business?

A demo video captures the viewer’s attention, without them realizing it can be a potential sales pitch. Product videos can also showcase a specific feature or focus on solving a problem customers might face. Product videos and product demos generate traffic back to your Shopify storefront, meaning more potential customers and a possible boost in sales. 

How to make product videos for Shopify to increase sales

Browsing customers on your Shopify online store are sure to check out product videos before adding the item to their cart. If they’re impressed with the video marketing, they’re more likely to buy as they have viewed the product in “real” life.

If your Shopify store or social media account does not include product videos then you’re missing out on potential customers and sales! There are many good apps on the Shopify app store as well as Shopify SEO experts available online who can help you integrate product videos to your store with ease. Create your product videos with ease using Clipchamp and sell items online faster. Below is a step by step short tutorial on how to make a product video for Shopify. Follow our tutorial and track Shopify profits to see if you're making what you want.

1. Stop-motion style product videos

Stop-motion is the process of making inanimate objects come to life by moving the object or person in small increments, one frame or still photograph at a time. The collation of images is placed together at a high speed to create the illusion of motion. Don’t worry about using a fancy professional camera, your smartphone will do the trick!

All you need to do is come up with an inventive video marketing strategy using stop-motion, take photos, and edit them all together. If you don’t have a plain background to shoot in front of, try out Clipchamp's Green Screen video editor feature within the editor. Stop-motion style product videos are a unique way to sell items online by showcasing products to potential customers and increase Shopify store sales

2. 360 style product videos

If you’re looking for an easy way to showcase and sell items online, then a 360 style product video will definitely work for you. There’s nothing worse than only being able to see the front and back of product images, disabling viewers to see what the product looks like on the body or whilst in usage.

Potential customers are more likely to become frequent buyers if products are shown in real-time, on a model or demonstrated in a promotional video. Product demo videos feature the product in its natural state, showing off all its features. Either hold your product or place it on a neutral surface and rotate the camera or smartphone 360 degrees around the product. You can also use a green screen video if desired. This creates an informative 360 style product video to share on your Shopify storefront in no time. Don’t forget to add in your brand logo!

3. How-to videos / Product in action videos

How-to videos and product in action promotional video will make great additions to your Shopify storefront. They are more of a short tutorial style video, giving potential customers all the information they need to know before purchasing the product. How-to videos build a great deal of trust and credibility between viewers and your business, as they create a personality for your brand.

90% of Shopify sales come from viewers who have watched the how-to video as they are extremely helpful in the decision-making process. Not many customers actually read the instruction manual when their item arrives… so make how-to videos customers can watch on your Shopify online store instead! Include captions or subtitles for customers to read as well. Video content generates traffic back to your Shopify storefront and potentially increases future sales. 

4. Product review-style videos

Product review-style promotional videos can be made by absolutely anyone! Whether you’re using the product for the first time, or a loyal customer, opinion matters. Shopify sales can be heavily influenced by public reviews, so if you love a product and highly recommend it, make sure to tell the brand. Positive or even critical reviews are appreciated.

When creating a product review video, make sure to capture the entire experience. Start off with showing yourself unboxing the product. Generally, reviewers display the product from every angle, show how to use the product, and disclose the company’s name it was purchased from.

Make sure to find a quiet, clean space to film, either with your camera, smartphone or webcam.

Green screen video is also a handy feature you could use for a product review marketing video. Your product review promotional video should not exceed three minutes long. Edit your clips together in an easy video editor.

5. Green Screen Video

Green screen is an extremely handy special effect that allows you to isolate and remove a chosen color from your footage, then replace it with another video or image. If your video background isn’t all that appealing, try using Green screen!

You will be able to set your video background in an environment that wouldn’t be physically possible, for example, the moon, beach, a cool office space or even on top of a mountain. The choices are endless. Feel free to check out our blog to learn How to Make Green Screen Videos.

Business man standing up in front of green screen - How to Make Product Videos for Shopify to Increase Sales - Clipchamp blog

Boost sales by creating video marketing for business with Clipchamp

There’s no better way to capture an online shopper's attention than with a video walkthrough of the product and its features. Now you know four different styles on how to film product videos.

Whether it’s how to videos or product demonstrations, Clipchamps got you covered in the editing department. Boost your Shopify sales as you start making product videos for marketing today!

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