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How to Share your Hiking Adventures with Friends & Family – GoPro Highlights Without Manual Editing

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Herbert River Gorge,

Spot the hiker

Last week one of our founders, Dave, went on a hiking trip through the Herbert River Gorge south of Cairns in North Queensland.

Even though he and his friends were compensated by the beauty of the landscapes they walked through, the hike itself was quite demanding as they had to scramble through rugged terrain without a trail to follow. There were no towns, huts, or camping grounds along the way, so they had to pack enough supplies to last the week, and had to find their own sleeping spots along the river at the end of each day.

Filming The Trip

Luckily, one of the things he took along was his GoPro Hero 3. Each day, he recorded videos at different stages of the trip, overall about 26 minutes (1 GB) of footage.

The reason he was keen to use his GoPro every day was that he wanted to put one of the latest features of to the test – the Highlights Clip output option. We recently released a first version of this feature with people like him in mind – people who are out and about on a regular basis cycling, sailing, hiking, surfing or snowboarding and take videos using their little sports action cameras.

Too Much Video – Too Little Time to Edit

The problem we identified with all this footage – and that he and his kids (who all use their GoPros regularly) can attest to – is that once the latest hike or surf outing is over and the video files are copied to the laptop, most of the time no one wants to spend the extra hours going through the recordings bit by bit and manually edit them.

They know it would be great to have a short, snappy highlights video that can easily be shared with friends & family, but it takes too long to select the good scenes, dump the boring bits and add a music track.

Instead, what usually happens is that he and his family watch parts of the raw footage together to get a brief glimpse of the trip. After they’re done, the files live on his laptop and almost never get touched again.

clipchamp’s Highlights Clip Feature

After his recent trip however, Dave used clipchamp’s Highlights Clip feature on his GoPro recordings to produce a short summary of his trip. The Highlights Clip finds and extracts representative scenes from video files – it works best with sports action footage – edits these sequences together, adds some music and spits out a 45-47 second summary video. Free and fully automatic. All he had to do was select an input file, choose the Highlights Clip output option on clipchamp and hit the Convert video button.

clipchamp Highlights Clip output option

Here is the result:

(clipchamp includes integration with YouTube and Facebook so uploading the finished Highlights Clip to there right away is quick and easy)

If you are like Dave and many other GoPro owners and have lots of sports action camera videos on your hard drive that are still waiting to be edited and shared with friends & family “one day”, why not give the Highlights Clip feature a go? It might just do the trick.

Our team is also constantly working on improved and updated versions of the feature so if you have any suggestions what we should add or change to make it more useful, just let us know in the comments below.

And if you’re after some great tips of how to improve the quality of the videos you’re taking while out on your bike, check out this list of tips on the Bicycles Network Australia site. Some of the more general tips in there are also handy for other activities than cycling.

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