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How to use Clipchamp Sharepages

Posted May 26, 2021

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Clipchamp Sharepages are a place to showcase the videos you’ve created in Clipchamp’s video editor with your friends and literally anyone on the internet! 

It’s fast, time-efficient and completely free. On Clipchamp Sharepages, every video you create gets allocated its own hosting page. Here you can upload the exported video and share a link with anyone you’d like. 

Clipchamp sharepages

Essentially, Clipchamp Sharepages will solve all your problems when it comes to sending large exported video files to others. Instead of struggling to compress a massive video file to send via email, just share a direct link to your exported video instead. 

Let’s learn what Clipchamp Sharepages are, why they exists and how you can make the most of it when using our easy online video editor.

You’ll soon be ready to join the 150,000+ creators who make a Sharepage every month on Clipchamp!

The ins and outs of Clipchamp Sharepages

Clipchamp Sharepages exist to make your video editing experience easier and more user friendly. Clipchamp Sharepages was created to take the stress out of sharing large video exports with others, no matter where size they are. 

Instead of always having to upload your video to a video sharing platform like YouTube or Vimeo, all you need to do is share a link. 

Users who have the unique video link can watch your video, sign up to Clipchamp and start creating, and even share your exported video directly from the Sharepage. 

The ins and outs of Clipchamp Sharepages

How to use Clipchamp Sharepages

Just like any other saving option, Clipchamp Sharepages will appear on the export screen when you have finished and published your new video project. 

Assuming you have already finished editing your video project and ready to publish, let’s break down the steps involved in using Clipchamp Sharepages. 

Step 1. Export your project

Clipchamp Sharepages will only be useful to users who have exported their video projects and are ready to share their exports. Firstly, click on the purple Export button in the top right corner of the video editor. Select your saving options, 480p, 720p or 1080p, and choose your compression amount. When finished, click on Continue to proceed.

Export your project

Once you have clicked Continue you will be transferred to the saving page. Here, your video will load from 1% to 100% and give you the chance to save your video directly to your computer. 

Instead of choosing one of the 6 “share to” options (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Pinterest and YouTube), you will the Copy Link purple button under Sharing Enabled. The link to your exported video will automatically copy. You can also click More sharing options to display the embed code and sharing link. 

Copy your Clipchamp Sharepages link

Once you have copied your Sharepages link, head over to a new browser Tab and copy and paste your link. Your exported video will appear on a Sharepage. You’re now ready to send your link to absolutely anyone! On this Sharepage, users will have the option to watch your video, sign up to our easy video editor, create their own videos and share yours. 

Test your Clipchamp Sharepages link

That’s a wrap!

Using Clipchamp Sharepages is probably one of the easiest ways to share video exports, fast and for free. Viewers don’t need to pay anything at all to gain access to your video and they can start and stop, replay as many times as they would like. 

As long as they have a stable internet connection, everything will run smoothly! Clipchamp Sharepages make your life easier when it comes to video sharing. Never stress about having to create a video sharing account ever again. 

If you’re looking to learn what certain video editing terms mean, head over to our Clipchamp Glossary and have a browse through. If you need help with your small business video marketing, take a look at  Check out our top tips for video marketing for small businesses, ranging from how to make videos on a tight budget, and how to use videos to improve your website’s Google rankings.

Have a look at our Clipchamp Sharepage video below

See you around on Clipchamp!

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