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How to Use Videos to Improve Your Work Culture – Top HR Trends

Posted February 9, 2021
Written by Rachel Surgeoner
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With so many offices around the world gone virtual in the past few years, it’s never been more important to improve internal communications. That’s where innovative Human Resources (HR) comes in better to reach out and connect employees both online and offline. 

In this blog, we’ll give you the tools, information and inspiration to bring your company’s HR strategy to life and take your company culture from strength to strength, year on year!

Read on as we press play on video ideas for work culture!

  • What is workplace culture?

  • How video can improve work culture

  • Video ideas to create a positive work culture

  • HR Video Trends

HR video webinar-How to use videos to improve your work culture - HR Trends 2021-Clipchamp Blog

What is workplace culture?

Anyone in HR will know workplace culture covers a gamut of employee experience and how the company is viewed by the outside world. Workplace culture is essentially the character and personality of your company or business—your values, attitudes, traditions, and beliefs. Positive workplace culture drives engagement from employees, as well as encourages retention of employees and attracting new talent. Digital tools for employee engagement like HR Cloud and Empuls can help you design an engagement plan that best suits your organization.

How video can improve work culture

When it comes to HR, the goal of any good company is to create a positive experience for its employees. One of the most important pillars of effective people management is communication. In our increasingly digital world, where project management systems such as the Agile project management becomes increasingly important, what better way to inform and connect with team members than video. 2020 proved that companies had to evolve to stay connected outside of the confines of a regular office, and video was there to connect employees and employers through video conferencing, webinars, online learning, study resources, and more. . Beyond Zoom, Teams, and Hangouts—video lives on in our emails, websites, and social media, helping to keep companies communicating and in turn, happier and more productive employees. 

Making HR videos- How to use videos to improve your work culture - HR Trends 2021- Clipchamp blog

Video ideas to create a positive work culture 

Be an HR leader in your workplace by having a suite of human resource videos ready to go and updating them, as necessary. Getting creative and unique is an important part of building a talent management process that helps with HR success

Here are some recommended types of videos to improve internal communications and company culture and create a positive employee experience: 

Monthly update from CEO 

Have your business or company CEO lead workplace culture by staying visible and connected to employees via speaking to camera style video updates. A simple and effective way to communicate updates and a great platform to build company culture with notable achievements, appreciation notes, and congratulations to team members. These can be a short video sent as a monthly or even weekly update email that may also provide suitable content for company video newsletter ideas or marketing emails too. 

Employee welcome video

Starting a new workplace can be a daunting experience—help new employees settle into workplace culture and create a positive welcoming environment that also helps inform the employee with useful information.

This employee welcome video from TrueCar gives a fun insight into the CEO as well as capturing a day in the life of the company’s employees.

Make sure to complement your visuals with licensed music or royalty free sound effects for commercial use so you don't need to worry about copyright challenges in the future.

Employee birthday video

We spend so much of our time at work, it’s essential that team members feel valued. A fun way to boost workplace morale and show appreciation is with a personal birthday video on an employee’s special day.

Employee Birthday Video-How to use videos to improve your work culture - HR Trends 2021-Clipchamp Blog

Check out Clipchamp’s free video montage maker for easy ways to make video fun!

Employee invite to events

Annual company events are always a highlight of the calendar year—help build excitement and anticipation for company events such as virtual conferences, webinars, or festivities with a video invite. Invites are fun and easy to create with Clipchamp video templates.  

How-to tutorial videos 

Rather than explaining every day around the office systems, processes, and procedures over and over again—create a video library of how-to videos that demonstrate common actions such as how to apply for leave, use speciality tech equipment or even just a handy reminder how the office recycling or waste management works. You can store, share, and view these videos using a file sharing tool to make it easily accessible among your team. A little work now will make for a far more productive office and proactive work culture long term. 

Here’s a fun and unique video on how to work from home by the Harvard Business Review: 

‘Day in the life’

Putting together a ‘day in the life’ video to help employees understand how other team members do their job—capturing their employee experience and how it relates to the overall company culture.

We love this Mailchimp day in the life example:

New hires

Video is a great tool for recruitment to attract the best talent to your business. Create a video to help paint a bright picture of your business or company culture and why it’s awesome to work for. 

Now, let’s highlight some of the most important HR video trends for 2022

Now that you’ve got a solid list of video ideas to improve work culture at your business or company. Let’s take a snapshot look at how HR leaders in the industry are approaching HR trends in 2022, taking note of all the shifts, changes and growth 2020 brought to the world and workplace culture.

HR software solutions company Talentsoft’s HR Trends 2021 report outlines four key trends for work culture in 2021-22.

Workplace Culture-How to use videos to improve your work culture - HR Trends 2021-Clipchamp blog

1. Virtuality

Harness the power of technology to help businesses operate online, no matter where their employees are. The future is all about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can assist us in our interconnected work lives. Think about the ways AI, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) can assist in creating more immersive, multiuser learning and remote team-building experiences that break the boundaries of the traditional workplace. Here’s how team members can get better at asynchronous communication when working remotely.

2. Humility

Talentsoft’s report says “This pandemic has caused many of us to shift our focus internally—and listen.” The company’s chief marketing officer, Ségolène Finet says “We are facing new challenges today that we have never faced before. No one should be expected to have all the answers. In fact, it’s ok to say, ‘I don’t know.’ Because not knowing the answer isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s an invitation to work together and build solutions for whatever new challenges lie ahead.

3. Connection

At the core of working virtual is connection. Here companies must unpack what diversity, inclusion and collaboration mean in a virtual world. Video can help alleviate that loss of that in-person connection that helps us thrive as a team at work, but companies need to give their employees the tools to succeed during change and be aware of tailoring to meet the different needs of all employees. 

4. Authenticity 

After a challenging year like 2020, employees value transparency and honesty from their employer more than ever. By using video to communicate better and more openly, companies can continue to build trust and engagement from their employees, leading to improvements in workplace culture and staff retention. 

Ready to create videos to improve your work culture? Clipchamp is here to help by offering free, easy to use video editing and producing tools. Plus, a wide range of templates and a handy stock footage library at your fingertips. Sign up to Clipchamp and use those savvy video ideas and trends to keep your team connected and start improving your work culture today!

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