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How to Vlog in 2021 – Tips for New YouTube Vloggers 

Posted January 24, 2021
Written by Ritika Tiwari
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There is no denying that vlogs are the most popular video content at the moment. From cafe owners to dog groomers, moms, and even just students – everybody is now vlogging their daily lives and getting millions of subscribers. Even brands are now readily using vlogs as a part of their video marketing initiatives. 

You may want to start your own vlog channel, but at the same time feel like it’s too late to learn how to vlog. The truth is, all you need to start a vlog channel is a good camera, a free video editor, and some extra time.  

In this article, we’ll discuss all the best tips you need to successfully learn how to vlog in 2021. 

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What is a vlog? 

Vlog is short for a video blog and it is exactly what it sounds like: content you could have written as a blog, but instead talk to a camera about. As a result, blog vs vlog is often a common dilemma that many new YouTube vloggers face.  

The answer to this predicament is simple: if you like writing more, you can stick to it and manage a blog. On the other hand, if you feel more comfortable talking about it out loud, you can start creating vlogs.  

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According to YouTuber Jessica Stansberry, “Vlogging is as simple as documenting your daily activities on camera and sharing it with the world.” 

John Dovey, also a YouTuber, points out that, “to shoot an interesting vlog, you need to take your viewers through a journey. Your video should have a story to it in order to keep them hooked.”  

Casey Neistat, a vlogger with over 12.3 million YouTube subscribers says, “vlogs are about using your life as a narrative for a daily series that people can watch and enjoy. You need to treat your vlogs as a film – there has to be a beginning, a middle, and an end. The three sections can include an initial setup, some conflict in the middle, and then resolution.”

Top tips for YouTube vloggers to start vlogging in 2021 

1- Define the main purpose of vlogging  

Before you even think about how to vlog, you should first ask – what should I vlog about? 

Creating your personal vlog channel, deciding on your audience, and coming up with video ideas will become a whole lot easier once you define the purpose of your vlogs. Of course, you could start vlogging in an off-script or free-spirited way and see where it goes, but deciding on a purpose and niche will help you attract engaged viewers and subscribers.  

2- Choose your vlog category  

Every vlogger you come across has a different style of shooting, editing, and showcasing their life in their vlogs. 

Travel vlogging or simply any other niche vlogging can feel like a saturated market but you can still stand out if you create well-edited vlogs and quality content.

While some vloggers show their daily routine, others share motivational tips or their recent travel videos. There are numerous vlog categories for you to choose from and each one of them is acceptable as long as you are comfortable in doing it.  

Avoid picking out a popular niche that you have no interest in. If you don’t have the expertise or the enthusiasm for the niche you are picking, your viewers will soon catch on and lose interest in your videos. 

The idea is to find your passion and then create vlogs around it. Your passion and vlog niche should overlap so that you can actually enjoy creating videos for a long time.

Here are some of the many vlog categories you can choose from: 

  • Daily vlogs: Show your viewers what a day in your life looks like 

  • Travel vlogs: Show famous travel destinations through your lens. You can also share travel tips, your favorite local restaurants, and lessons you learned from your recent trip. or collab with other travel websites or content creators. 

  • Tech vlogs: Post how-to or setup videos about different tech products or apps 

  • Music vlogs: Cover your favorite songs, react to newly launched music videos, or help others learn musical instruments   

  • Review vlogs: Share your opinions about movies, books, TV shows, tech gadgets, and more 

  • Challenges: Take up the latest fun YouTube video challenges doing rounds on the video platform  

You don’t need to choose just one vlog category and stick to it. You can pick 4-5 vlog styles and use them consistently on your vlog channel. It’s also a great idea to experiment with different types of vlogs from time to time to see how your subscribers react and engage with them. 

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3- Find your target audience  

In order to become a successful Youtuber, vlogger, content creator or a Youtuber, you should have a clear idea about who your potential subscribers are. Based on the purpose and niche of your vlogs, you should determine the following details about your target audience:  

  • What do they like and what do they dislike? 

  • What are the main age and demographics? 

  • Where are they mostly located? What time zones are the majority of your subscribers in?  

  • Who are the popular vloggers that they follow?  

With a clear idea about who your target audience is, it will become easier for you to tailor content for your vlogs and steadily build an engaged audience for your vlogs

4- Get inspired by other vloggers  

Take inspiration from other vloggers to learn what they are doing right and how they are doing it. Start by picking a few top vloggers in the same niche as you and spend some time studying their vlogging style, editing techniques, and overall vibes. 

By analyzing successful YouTube vloggers carefully, you will be able to understand more aspects like: 

  • What topics should you be vlogging about? 

  • How to engage with your audience? 

  • How to edit videos to make them engaging? 

  • Should you film our vlogs in one take or combine and merge multiple shots?  

  • How to title your vlogs on YouTube?  

  • How long should a vlog be?   

5- Get your vlogging gear  

It’s true that many successful YouTubers now use expensive filming gear that could easily rival what professional filmmakers use. But they didn’t all start that way and you don’t need to either.  

To launch a vlogging channel on YouTube, you don’t need to spend heavily on an expensive video camera and sound equipment. You can start recording with your smartphone camera or a digital camera that you already have.

Consider investing in video equipment once your YouTube channel starts to grow. While aesthetics can set you apart, it’s also important to remember that the quality of your content is always more important than the quality of your videos. Also, you should know the important Youtube KPIs that can help you measure your video performance based on likes, views, subscribers, watch time, etc.

Vlogger equipment for Filming a movie or a video blog Drone Steadicam Camera Stabilizer and laptop.

6- Video editing for your vlogs 

What really makes vlogs stand out is... how you edit them! Some vlog channels have garnered a huge following primarily based on their distinct editing styles alone. You don’t need unique or groundbreaking editing styles or an expensive video editing tool to create good vlogs. You can just start by reading up on the vlog editing principles for beginners and use a free video editor and make sure your videos look clean and professional, or fun and quirky – whichever direction you choose!

Here are a few editing tips to make your vlogs: 

- Decide on how you want to start and finish your video  

- Add an intro to all your YouTube videos to introduce new viewers to your channel 

- Don’t use too many transitions in your vlogs 

- Make sure the audio is clear in your videos. Remove background noise and add voiceover, if necessary 

- Create video templates to quickly edit and publish videos  

- Add texts or images in your vlogs to add more context 

Focus on consistency to grow your brand 

All of your videos should have a unique tone and branding to them. One look at the videos and your subscribers should know it’s from you. A great way of doing that is by creating templates and using similar fonts as well as transitions for your videos.  

Clipchamp is a video editing tool that makes creating unique YouTube vlogs as simple as clicking a few buttons. You can merge videos, add music or voiceover, incorporate funny transitions, and even put up text/ images to edit and upload your YouTube vlogs quickly. 

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