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How to increase sales by repurposing your content with videos 

Posted October 12, 2021
Written by Jordan Bishop

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Are you a sales or customer relations manager looking to increase business revenue? Don’t spend hours brainstorming new ideas that take time to test and perform. Start by repurposing existing content and turning them into engaging videos instead! 

Video marketing can reach more people in a shorter amount of time, reinforces your message, is cost-effective to make, and is extremely easy to share. With the right tools, your businesses can get more value out of existing content that your audience already enjoys. 

Keep reading to learn how to bring your dated content back to life using Clipchamp’s free online video editor

What is repurposing content?

So what exactly does repurposed content mean? To put it simply, repurposing content is when you gather old content like articles, blogs, photos, or videos, and transform them into new, creative content. You can easily post the new content on different social media platforms or websites. 

Repurpose content through video

One of the easiest and most engaging ways to repurpose content for your business is through video. Videos are a powerful tool to connect with your audience, are easy to create and upload, and are available on almost every popular social media platform. They can communicate your business’s message in a way that written words cannot, making them a valuable business tool

With its original intention to save money and time, repurposing content through video also allows businesses to connect with their audience on another level. Video content makes understanding concepts and information a lot easier for potential customers and viewers. And with high engagement rates being the key to a successful social media profile, video is the perfect way to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged for longer. 

Think about it like this; if your blog posts or articles are receiving less engagement or hardly any at all, viewers might be having a hard time staying focused while reading the text. The blog is still beneficial to read, but you can turn it into a video for easier understanding. Viewers can slow down, speed up, and even pause the video to learn at their own pace. Consumers feel more comfortable watching a video rather than reading long-form text as it requires a lot less concentration.

How repurposing content can increase your sales

80% of marketers say video has directly helped them increase their sales. Taking content that you’ve already created and giving it a new purpose through video increases your brand’s visibility and is evident to boost sales. 

Let’s explore how repurposing your content into video can increase your sales. 

1. Reach new audiences

Not everyone has the time to sit down and scroll through a blog or article, so your content is only reaching a certain group of people. 96% of consumers have increased their online video consumption since 2020, and viewers want to see more videos from brands and businesses instead. Repurposing well-written content into a video allows more people to see your content and make them aware of your business. The more eyes that are watching means the more potential sales you will make.

2. Improve visibility

74% of marketers say video marketing generates more leads than traditional blog posts as videos are easier to share, and more accessible to consumers. Repurposing optimized content in many different formats can give your business a significant boost in visibility and online traffic. Some viewers may prefer to watch a video, others prefer to read an article. So making your content accessible for everyone can increase your sales in no time. Make sure you have a simple and direct checkout process set up in advance to make sure they go through with the purchase.

Turning written content into video generates traffic, leads, and sales, and well-known beauty brand Dove proves this. Dove created a short video campaign emphasizing how women see their beauty. They asked participants to describe themselves to a professional forensic artist who sketched their description. Then, they had the same artist sketch the same women but based on their peer’s description. 

The single 3-minute YouTube video went viral overnight, having over 70 million views, skyrocketing Dove’s sales. 

What to consider when repurposing content

Here are four tips to consider to optimize your social media videos and boost active sales and generate passive income

1. Choosing the right content to repurpose

When looking for content to repurpose, make sure to only consider content that is still relevant. As repurposing means taking a piece of old content and turning it into something new, sometimes statistics or information can be outdated and irrelevant. Once you have chosen your content to repurpose, make sure all information is up to date. 

2. Consider your target audience

When creating your video, keep in mind who your target audience is. Ask yourself what social media platform will the video be posted to? Who will be watching? How many minutes should the video be? With Clipchamp’s online video editor, users can change the aspect ratio of their video to suit any platform and directly upload straight from the export page. 

3. Add a call to action in your video

Remember to always include a call to action at the end of your video so your viewers know how to contact you or browse your products. A call to action helps viewers get involved, give feedback, and even become new customers. 

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4. Add your business logo and branding

Make your video recognizable by including your business logo and branding. When viewers are scrolling through the sea of social media videos, they want to be able to identify brands straight away. Clipchamp’s free video editor lets you upload your logo and brand kit so you can keep your branding consistent throughout.

Increase sales through repurposing content with Clipchamp

Take the stress out of generating new content ideas by repurposing existing content. Increase your brand awareness and boost sales through video instead. 

Transform your dated content into engaging video content with Clipchamp’s free online video editor. 

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