3 easy ways to make your sales emails stand out

Posted January 7, 2021
Written by Rachel Surgeoner

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Today, the average customer can receive more than 30 sales emails every day from different companies they’ve interacted with, even if briefly. Which brands do you look forward to receiving emails from? Few, if any, right? 

How do you represent a brand or company that customers want to hear from? ‘Star/flag this blog as important’ as we discuss email marketing tips and strategies to help clever sales professionals (yes, you!) increase their email open rates with fresh and easy tactics.

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How to stand out in a crowded inbox?

For anyone new to the sales marketing fold, email automation is different from newsletters and one-off campaigns that you usually send to a whole list of subscribers in one go—an automatic email campaign is designed to automatically send to a particular person when they meet a certain "trigger". This could take the form of a welcome email when someone subscribes to receive updates from a brand or a brand reaching out to gather feedback after a recent interaction either online or in person. Check out this post from Fluxe Digital Marketing if you need help with creating your automated email sequence. Don't forget the basics such as checking SPF records to ensure high email deliverability.

Did you know, according to Forbesit can cost five times more to attract a new customer, than it does to retain an existing one—it stands to reason then, you clearly want to nurture the customers you already have! And if we’ve learned anything by now, it’s that communication is what makes for a good relationship—ergo, email communication—not too little, and not too much! Having an email template can be of great benefit and help you boost your sales. Read on as we explore the perfect recipe to make your sales email sing!

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3 ways to make your sales emails stand out

1. Wordsmith it

It’s true, first impressions really do count. And what do people see before they open an email? The email subject line and preview text! 

Here are some email marketing tips to help out your word count! 

  • Short & Sweet - a quick glance is all it should take for the reader to get a grasp of what your email is about. Remember to keep it short as long subject lines can be clipped on mobile devices.

  • Build some intrigue - there’s a fine balance between creating a clear subject line while also dropping a clever hook to get your reader curious to find out more. Adding a dash of mystery can help with that desire to open! Sometimes it’s as simple as asking a question—a relevant question that speaks to their lives—perhaps their dreams or frustrations. 

  • Want to say more with less? Add an emoji. Emojis can inject more expression to grab your viewer's attention and help to create a more positive and friendly approach to your email campaigns.

  • Don’t forget the pretext - here’s your chance to give a short summary of your email. With all those emails flooding into people’s inboxes, and in our modern world, so many of these emails are either glanced at and ignored (or ideally) swiped open on mobile devices. By giving good preview text, this is your chance to grab an extra second of your reader’s attention. Make it informative but fun and no longer than one short sentence. For example:

Subject line: Huge Jewelry and Fashion Sale! 

Pretext: Don’t miss out on 30% off all jewelry, clothing, accessories & handbags tomorrow only!

  • Once they’re in - hey presto! The content on your email must reflect the promise or lead you made in the subject line and preview text. Make your email concise, compelling and actionable. A study conducted with over 40 million emails found that emails with 75–100 words had the highest response rate at 51 percent. So, how to best use that word limit? 

    • Put your best foot forward: make sure the most important information is in the first few lines of your email. 

    • Make it easy to read: by using short paragraphs and headers and breaking the text up with bullet points will make the copy clear and easy to read. 

    • Get to the value: the core of your email - what do you want your customer to do next? If it’s to click on your call to action, make it clear and enticing. 

    • Offer support: being friendly and authoritative on the subject matter helps your customers know you appreciate their needs or their pain points and have the solutions to help improve their lives. 

2. It’s all about the readers

Personalization is the big tactic you want to make sure you nail. Everyone likes to feel special so tailoring your sales email is a simple yet effective way to build the bridge between a customer’s inbox to be on a customer’s mind. Personalized video is a sure-fire way to increase email conversion (i.e. opens, clicks, sales, sign-ups), while making the nurturing cycle of marketing automation more personal, and improving overall customer satisfaction. Read more on how to increase customer retention rate with personalized videos.

3. Drumroll… the star of the show… video!

You’ve heard it here before and you’ll hear it again—video is the only way forward! According to research, emails that include videos offer a 280% higher return than traditional emails. Remember above we mentioned keeping your emails short and sweet? Save on text by letting a video say all you need and more! If a picture paints a thousand words, a video paints it in technicolour! Having a video marketing strategy means you’ve got video content ready to roll, making your sales email template a breeze. 

What makes it even breezier is Clipchamp’s video editor with transition effects to make your marketing video stand out! Plus, and our range of free templates can help you create polished content with little effort!

Fast Five: Even more fun marketing ideas to help your sales emails stand out

  1. Interactive content - video can also equal gifs and animations. Plus there’s charts, infographics, quizzes and polls.

  2. Customer testimonials - what better way to cement your customer retention strategies than direct from happy customers with video testimonials.

  3. Make it mobile-friendly - with so many consumers checking email via mobile you need to make sure your emails are responsive. Use a single-column design to make it easy to view and use small sizes images and compressed videos so they load quickly and don’t leave the viewer waiting. 

  4. Static image with a play button  - when using video in an email, if you don’t want to embed the video in the email you can instead use a catching image with a play button that when clicked takes the viewer to your watch the video either on your website or video hosting platform. This way you can track clicks for extra stats!

  5. Clear call to action - ensure your email has a stand out CTA - a great way to make this compelling can be to use an animated text gif or bold graphic design text box. 

Bonus tip: To make sure your email has a chance to stand out, you can use inbox testing or an email tester before you hit Send to test for email deliverability which helps you detect any issues that may cause your email to land in spam – and fix those issues ahead of time.

Winning Sales Email Examples

This sales email from Goli has a simple yet eye-grabbing animation (in action the gummies and text are moving).

Goli Sales Email Campaign Example

And this tongue-in-cheek sales email from Who Gives A Crap uses a simple gif animation to add some vigor to its email!

Who Gives a Crap Sales Email Campaign Example

Start making personalized emails to take your brand’s email marketing automation to the next level. If you’re looking to increase your number of new customers, adding a video can help turn a cold sales email into a red hot new customer lead!

Clipchamp is here to help you create, edit and export video for email—try us for free today! 

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