MyCastingNet Gains Greater Efficiency & Cost Savings through Clipchamp’s JavaScript Video API

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Clipchamp’s API is on the cutting edge.With Clipchamp we’re able to receive fully transcoded video files directly to our cloud storage without the need to transcode them on our own servers.Clipchamp is the Holy Grail of video transcoding!

Hayden KerrCEO MyCastingNet

Visual content is king in media and especially in the field of casting. There is a real time need to share video files that are often large and unwieldly.

The TV and movie casting industry is feeling the strain of the time, manpower and expense associated with receiving, converting and distributing video files online. Clipchamp’s JavaScript video API emerges as a valuable tool to assist casting companies reduce data costs and improve the efficiency of their turnaround time to clients.

Helping to save on transcoding resources

Recently, leading Australian online casting software provider, MyCastingNet, successfully utilized the Clipchamp system to streamline their video management. The goal was to enable candidates to upload their casting videos directly and to allow the company to quickly share that content with their production company and TV network clients.

MyCastingNet has realized efficiency and cost savings with Clipchamp’s client-side transcoding solution, an advanced API that combines video compression and delivery. They are very pleased with the results and happy to recommend the Clipchamp API.

Hayden Kerr, CEO and Founder of MyCastingNet, provides helpful feedback to explain how Clipchamp simplifies and speeds up their process through applicant-side transcoding. Kerr comments that, “We use Clipchamp to encode and convert our applicant’s videos, then upload them directly to our hosting provider.

For some of our very popular shows, we would receive and encode an enormous amount of video. In order for these videos to be encoded in a timely fashion for our clients to view them took an enormous amount of processing power. Clipchamp relieves us of that encoding burden and still allows us to deliver our videos encoded into a standardised format in a timely manner.”

MyCastingNet finds that using Clipchamp reduces their data costs. “What Clipchamp does for us is move the video transcoding to the client’s local machine and away from our specialised encoding servers,” Kerr explained. “This provides us a nice cost saving on our hosting bill each month!

Secondly, it then delivers the encoded file directly to our cloud storage provider, this entire JavaScript video recording solution is just brilliant.” While there is a fee for the Clipchamp service, it is a fraction of the cost that MyCastingNet previously paid for cloud conversion of video submissions. In this way, Clipchamp is able to eliminate significant data costs while simultaneously improving the end user experience.

Easy setup for the complete JavaScript video solution

Transitioning to a new technological service can be burdensome for a company, but MyCastingNet gives Clipchamp high marks in this area. In fact, Kerr specifically cites ease of use as a major feature of the API, saying, “Technically speaking, implementing the API was a breeze … the whole process took less than a day.”

According to Kerr, Clipchamp also excels in the customer service department. Kerr comments on his experience with the team by saying, “Alex and Soeren are two of the nicest guys I’ve ever worked with. They have tremendous knowledge of the video encoding space and have worked tirelessly to ensure Clipchamp was able to deliver us the robust solution we needed. They have taken our considerable feedback, implemented updates and demonstrated impressive technical prowess in deploying them quickly.”

With one line of JavaScript, Clipchamp video API customers are able to add all of the program’s features to their existing website for their users to engage with. The way the program works is technical, but fairly simple to understand. Once launched, the API enables fast HTML5 uploader capabilities without the need for further encoding and allows customers to have complete control over the compression and format of the videos they receive.

Delivery of videos in MP4, WebM, FLV, and other formats are currently supported. Clipchamp allows customers to set and standardize the resolution and compression level of uploads depending on the quality required in the output.

All of these settings are managed behind the scenes, and the view of the API from the candidates’ side is extremely simple. They choose to upload or record and immediately begin transmitting with Clipchamp’s direct cloud storage integration. Because the submission is sent directly and never passes through Clipchamp’s servers, customers, their candidates and their clients receive privacy without sacrificing efficiency.

The API’s client-side video encoding technology is in use by millions of people around the world. It has many uses, but the collaboration with MyCastingNet illustrates that the API is especially well suited for the needs of the casting industry.

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