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How to plan and create sales pitch videos easily

Posted August 31, 2021

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Is your sales team looking to reach prospects faster and build lasting relationships? Skip the boring sales pitch presentations jam-packed with an overload of information. Stand out in your prospect’s inbox with a sales pitch video instead! 

Sales pitch videos have become a priority for forward-thinking businesses that are looking for the best ways to communicate with their potential customers online.

Keep reading to explore the value of branded sales team videos and how you can make your very own sales pitch video with Clipchamp online video editor. 

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What is a sales pitch video?

Before we jump into how to create an effective sales pitch video, let’s discuss the basics. 

A sales pitch in the form of video is a condensed sales presentation that explains the nature and the benefits of your business, product or service. They’re usually under 3 minutes or less to keep your prospects interested.

Sales teams can directly send a sales pitch video to prospects to gain their attention, interest and stand out from the competition. Since 69% of potential customers prefer video over text when learning about a product or service, why wouldn’t your business jump on the opportunity?

A well-crafted sales pitch video can intrigue your prospects, leave a positive and personal first impression, and encourage them to take the next step with your business. 

Why you need to add a sales pitch video to your marketing strategy

Using video on a website landing page increases conversation rates by 86%. That’s a figure your sales team should not be ignoring and after a proper channel management review, it's unlikely your company should as well. Video content is the preferred way to build connection in today's virtual sales environment.   

We'll keep it quick—here are three strong reasons why sales pitch videos can help your sales team can close more deals for your business.

1. Sales pitch videos are easy to personalize

Not only do sales pitch videos have a higher performance rate than standard presentations, but they can get personal with your prospects without spending too much time. One of the easiest and most effective ways to convert prospects into paying customers is to personalize and customize your sales pitch videos. 

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By adding personalized video pitches to your plain text emails can help your sales pitches deliver better results, gain the attention of potential customers faster and are so easy to create. It’s as simple as adding their name to the start of a video. 

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2. Explain your business, product or service in 2 minutes

On average, there are over 1 billion mobile video views per day. Fascinating right? Well, video is one of the easiest and fastest ways to explain a complex idea to your audience.

Visual elements like whiteboards, graphics, charts and animations can all help make your sales pitch video more effective, but a basic piece to camera also works very well in establishing a connection.

3. Gain insights and analytics

Any video hosting platform like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, share video metrics with you. These metrics are extremely important and beneficial for any business to see, as they give you an insight into who is engaging with your video. 

That's why your sales pitch video analytics can inform your sales teams to create more targeted sales pitches in the future. It's a test-and-learn approach for sure.

For instance, if your prospects stop watching the video after a certain point, you can analyze what’s making them drop the video and change those elements to refine your pitch.

3. Gain insights into analytics

How to create the perfect sales pitch video with Clipchamp

Creating an engaging and impactful sales pitch video is easy with Clipchamp.

With no editing experience needed, your business can start creating sales pitch videos in just a few clicks. 

Edit clips of all sizes directly in-browser without the hassle of inconvenient uploads. If you’re lacking inspiration, browse Clipchamp’s library of fully customizable video templates—made by professionals, tailored for your industry.

Your sales team can even edit on the go with Clipchamp’s iOS app and easily add captions to all your videos using the autogenerated captions tool. 

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Make professional videos in minutes

How to plan your team's sales pitch video

Here's how to draft a strong sales pitch video.

1. Address main pain points of your prospects

Start your sales pitch video off by getting right to the point, fast. You need to address your prospects main pain points in the first 30 seconds in order for them to even continue watching your video. 

By doing so, your business will connect with your target audience by letting them know you understand their frustrations and challenges they’re facing and have a solution to solve them.

Try to include a sense of urgency by outlining what will happen if their challenges continue to exist and why your audience should do something to resolve them using your business.

2. Share key benefits of your product or service

Once you have addressed your prospects pain points, give them a brief explanation of the main benefits of your solution.

Don’t go overboard with the information, just emphasize a few of the main points you believe will resonate with your prospects. 

3. Visualize data and key points

We’ve discovered that prospects prefer video over text-heavy emails.

If you’re including text in your sales pitch, make sure the text is short and stick to titles or putting emphasis on a key feature or benefit. Too much text? You might lose their interest and attention. 

If you feel the need to explain a benefit further, try using a visual or voice over element instead. Statistics and data are great to include (where necessary). This gives potential customers greater insight into your businesses success and how you can help them achieve their goals.

4. Include customer testimonials or case studies to support your sales pitch

After you’ve explained the value of your product or service, it’s time to add some proof to your sales pitch video. By adding customer testimonials or case stories can show fellow prospects real-life experiences and raving reviews, possibly influencing them to follow through with their purchase. 

Potential customers are most likely to buy your product from a recommendation as 92% of customers read online reviews before buying. 72% of consumers say positive testimonials increase their trust in a business, and 88% of consumers say reviews influence their online purchasing decisions

Sales teams can offer current customers to submit a short testimonial video in exchange for a discount on their next purchase. You can also break down a customer case study and show how your products or services helped their business by sharing real and tangible numbers. 

5. Keep your sales pitch video short and effective

There are only a few short minutes to impress your target audience and convert them into paying customers. Your sales pitch video must be straightforward, easy to understand and entertaining. Here are our favorite tips to consider when making your sales pitch video: 

  • Introduce yourself and your business to build a connection.

  • Answer the most common questions prospects have about your products.

  • Keep your sales pitch video under 3 minutes only.

  • Remove anything that isn’t important to your prospect or irrelevant for the current stage of the sales funnel.

  • Add a powerful CTA before ending the video. 

Top 3 sales pitch videos to create with Clipchamp

The style of sales pitch video you decide to create will all depend on who your target audience is, what your product or service is and the stage of sales funnel they appear in.

Below are our top 3 sales pitch video ideas that will suit any business and easily be created in Clipchamp’s online video editor. 

1. Mini-demo of your product or service

Whether your product or service is physically or virtual, sharing a mini-demo is a great way to engage your audience with the live use of your product. Record your product or service in action for viewers to see its key benefits. If your product is virtual (on the computer) use Clipchamp’s screen and webcam recorder. It’s easy to use and can be created absolutely anywhere with internet access. 

1. Mini-demo of your product or service

2. Selfie style sales pitch video

Connect with your target audience by filming yourself or a sales team member talking about your business, product or service. Your prospects want to put a face to your brand, so connecting with them through face value is easy and effective. 

Make sure you look directly into the camera lens or webcam, give your best sales pitch and add a human touch to the traditional sales email. You don’t need a fancy filming set-up.

Simply record your video directly on your smartphone using our working from home tips.

3. Voice-over sales pitch video

If you’re camera-shy, don’t stress. You don’t need to always feature your face in a sales pitch video. Sometimes, it’s best to display your product in action with a beautiful voiceover placed on top. But using your own voice isn’t the only option. 

Clipchamp’s text-to-speech feature has 170 voices spread across 70 languages, helping you find a voice that speaks to you and your audience. You can even set the pace of your text to speech creations with our speed control feature. Whether you want to stay under a time limit or take things slow, you can find the right speed for your video. 

Ready to creating engaging videos with Clipchamp?

Hope these tips spark some creativity in your sales team.

The beauty of video marketing is that you can edit and modify it as many times as you would like. Personalize your sales pitch video uniquely for each prospect and make changes as you go.

Ready to create engaging and effective sales pitch videos? Head over to get your sales pitch video made in 2 minutes with our free online video editor.

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