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How Rose Serafini Reinvented the Zendesk Onboarding Experience with Clipchamp Videos

Posted December 17, 2020
Written by Lana Sciasci

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Clipchamp Rose 1

Meet Rose Serafini – she’s an Associate Startup Solutions Architect on the Startups team at Zendesk. Rose works on onboarding newcomers to the Zendesk for Startups program, which provides six months of free Zendesk to qualifying startups each year. On a mission to streamline her customer communications, Rose is replacing long-form written content with short, sharp videos made in Clipchamp.

In this case study, we’ll give you an insight into Rose’s journey editing videos with  Clipchamp. Specifically, we’ll be unpacking Rose’s adoption of video content and the success she’s experienced using it as a creative and time-efficient tool to communicate with customers.

The challenge


Rose’s work onboarding new startups to Zendesk, involves a lot of information sharing. At times, this information can prove lengthy and technical, and it's presented in a mix of one-to-one and group formats. In a bid to simplify things, Zendesk launched the CX Academy. This online portal hosts a range of explainer and product walkthrough videos. The benefits? As well as simplifying things, the CX Academy is able to onboard customers sooner and convert them at a higher rate. They just needed a solution to create the videos CX Academy required.

“If we can get someone onboarded as quickly as possible, with all the information they need, then the likelihood we are going to convert them after 6 months is much higher because they are making use of the tool right from the start.” 

“We have a lot of people come through the program and we can’t talk to every single one of them so making videos available via the CX academy is a huge win for us”.

The solution

With the adoption of video, came the search for a platform that would allow Rose to perform all of the tasks she needed, in one place – enter Clipchamp. We provided the practical tools and features Rose was after, matched with an easy-to-use interface that required little learning curve (a must-have for a busy Associate Startup Solutions Architect).

“With Clipchamp, videos render as soon as I import them - there’s no wait time. The timeline is easy to function, clips are easy to find and trim, and the stock library of vision and audio is incredibly useful. Also having the ability to screen record and edit within Clipchamp is a huge win”. 

Video is providing solutions beyond Rose’s original vision. Now, it’s not just about simply translating written text into videos, Clipchamp is also helping Rose condense information into fewer resources that are easy for Zendesk for Startups’ customers to digest.

“Within the Startups team - In general, I am working with people who are very crafty, self-starters, wear many hats and generally don’t have time to read huge amounts of content to find the answers they need. Therefore I use video to minimize the need for excessive back and forth to answer questions and follow up requests. I take the time to demonstrate what the individual needs and put a personal touch to it so I am relationship building along the way too”. 

The results

Clipchamp Rose 3

As discussed, since discovering Clipchamp, Rose has become an avid user – she’s taking all previously written communications and creating short, sharp pieces of video content for her customers instead. Rose is now committed to a single video editor, instead of juggling many applications at once.   

“I personally leverage Clipchamp any time I believe a message can be best presented visually. After having used four separate platforms and many content websites to produce videos in the past, my video creation speed has increased significantly while using Clipchamp.”

Numbers-wise, the adoption of video content has increased the viewership of the CX academy. With more eyes on video content, Zendesk is broadening its reach to more and more Startups that can use their help.

“Before Clipchamp, we only had online articles, 40 min long videos. Now our content is far more targeted to a startup type person and startups in general. In the videos, I will take product features and functionality and put them into content as to how a startup would use it. This has shown a higher graduation rate for our program plus higher CX viewership“.

The final word

It’s clear to see that Rose’s experience with Clipchamp has transformed the Zendesk for Startup onboarding experience for the better. Beyond this, it’s also turned video creation into a task Rose personally embraces.

“I went from being unsure of whether I would accomplish my video production goals for the quarter, to learning how to use Clipchamp and exceeding this goal. Now, not only can I produce more videos in less time, but I have so much more enjoyment doing it”.

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