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How to Share and Embed Videos

Posted June 7, 2019

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Introducing Video Sharing

You’re done creating your video masterpiece, time to share it with the world! We’ll show you how to enable sharing so you can copy your unique share link and send your video to your friends for a laugh, or to your co-workers to get feedback.

Step 1: Click export

Export your video in your chosen resolution.

Step 2: Enable sharing

Click Enable Sharing to link your Google Drive account to Clipchamp.

Choose the correct Google account to connect to Clipchamp.

Step 4: Wait for your export to finish

Your videos will now automatically be uploaded to your Drive while simultaneously exporting! No need to wait around to download first and upload to Drive again.

Copy the link and paste it in an email or message to send it to your friends or co-workers to get feedback. You can paste the link in your browser to see your video watch page.

Step 6: Embed video

Embed your videos with your unique embed code to any website or blog.

If you are creating videos for fun, want to experiment with creative short films, or run a small business and want to make short, effective marketing videos, Clipchamp is the best free video maker for your purposes.

Clipchamp allows you to edit your video files without the downsides of installed apps or traditional online providers. The unique difference to all others is that all videos are processed in the browser and never leave your computer, so you know that your files are safe.

You don’t need to download any software, or wait hours for your videos to upload or download from a server. Just go to to start editing your videos online for free. The tool lets you trim, crop, rotate, flip and adjust the saturation, brightness and contrast of your videos, without needing any technical skills or prior video expertise.

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