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How to turn boring Zoom presentations into engaging virtual meetings

Posted September 13, 2021

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Do words like boring, slow and repetitive come to mind when thinking about your upcoming Zoom meetings?

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Love them or not, Zoom presentations are here to stay. It’s a new form of communication in our virtual world. But if virtual meetings aren’t executed correctly, they can be extremely unproductive and painful to sit through.

If you’re delivering a virtual meeting and worried that your audience is yawning behind their turned off cameras, there’s a better way. 

Explore how to improve your Zoom presentation abilities to suit a virtual audience below.

How to present on Zoom and keep your audience engaged in virtual meetings

Fight the temptation to multitask during Zoom, Google hangouts and Microsoft teams presentations and keep your virtual meeting audience entertained and engaged by using the below tips.

1. Plan your presentation content in advance

The biggest part of running a successful virtual meeting is to prepare the presentation ahead of time. Why exactly are you hosting the Zoom meeting? What do your meeting participants need to know or do before the meeting starts? Are there any spreadsheets or documents that can be shared? Pre-asked questions? 

Without proper planning, your virtual meeting might not be so effective. Make sure you keep your target audience in mind and develop a presentation that is directed to them. Plan your content to appeal to your audience and demographic. Do they enjoy the use of storytelling, GIFs or short videos? 

2. Deliver a strong introduction about yourself, the topic of discussion and why it matters

Forget about holding “ice-breaker” sessions at the beginning of a Zoom presentation. They’re time consuming and overused. Instead, briefly introduce yourself and any important people who will be speaking or making an appearance during the meeting. This is especially important to external virtual meeting audiences as they may not have ever met you before.

Next, outline what you’ll be talking about to give participants a clear picture of what is going to be discussed. Keep your introduction short and sweet, but direct and to the point.

3. Make “eye contact” through your Zoom webcam

When hosting a Zoom virtual meeting, don’t let your attention wander elsewhere. Avoid looking at yourself on the screen or spotting something outside your window. Direct eye contact into the camera gives your participants the feeling that you’re engaged in the conversation. Make sure your video and audio are clear. 

Webcam positioning is also a key element to consider when hosting a Zoom virtual meeting. Your camera and computer should be at eye level so you can simulate the eye-to-eye connection with participants. Avoid having your camera too high or too low. No one wants to see up your nose!

4. Add interactive Zoom polls to vote on topics

Adding in polls midway through your Zoom presentation is a great way to gauge topics of interest and add an element of engagement. Zoom’s poll feature allows you to create single or multiple-choice poll questions displayed during the virtual meeting and gather responses from your attendees. A downloadable report is also available, as well as the option for anonymous polls. 

Polls are a great way to find insights and valuable information about your audience that will inform the rest of the presentation. They don’t require verbal participation, and they’re accessible on all devices. 

5. Use branded or fun Zoom backgrounds

Add character to your virtual meeting by adding a customizable Zoom background. From themed videos to company branding, the options are endless. 

5. Use branded or fun Zoom backgrounds CC

Changing up your Zoom backgrounds can really enhance your Zoom presentation by keeping your audience engaged and focused on the call, rather than clicking onto another tab.

You can also play some fun online icebreaker games together like “guess that destination”. Replace your original virtual meeting background with a holiday destination of your choice. 

Zoom offers a couple of virtual background options to get you started, but here at Clipchamp, we’ve gone one step further. Choose from thousands of different royalty-free Zoom presentation backgrounds and presentation templates. From under the sea to Christmas, sandy beaches, Halloween or professional offices, we have a Zoom background for every occasion. 

Winter Wonderland

6. Ask for participation in Q&As 

Encourage virtual meeting participants to use the “Raise Hand” function on Zoom. Team members can ask questions or make a comment on the virtual meeting topic. Make sure your meeting is as interactive as possible so your audience understands the agender and raises any questions they might have. 

Taking advantage of this interactive feature may even stop participants from zoning out when they don’t understand something. 

7. Embed entertaining video content

Video can make your Zoom presentation go from boring to fun. It’s a key attention-grabbing element that can help keep your audience engaged and attentive throughout the meeting. Your attendees may even generate their own personal discussion after watching the clip. 

Visuals are a great way to break up your speech and give you a moment to check your notes. Just like in Google Slides, embedding video within Zoom is easy and effective. 

Repurpose your Zoom meetings

It’s always beneficial for team members to be able to re-watch past virtual meetings and Zoom presentations. 

At Clipchamp, we’ve made it easy to elevate your video presentations and repurpose them for internal company calls or even sales. Zoom Pro, Business and United Business users can import Zoom cloud recordings for use in their Clipchamp video projects.

Upload, edit and export. It’s that easy. Cut out all the unnecessary chatter using our online video editor. 

Add webcam recorder footage

If you’ve completed your virtual meeting and forgot to share some important information with your team, don’t stress. Our webcam recorder tool allows you to webcam record a new clip while you’re editing your virtual meeting and add it to your video. All repurposed Zoom presentations will have the added webcam recorder footage included. 

Deliver a virtual meeting that will have an impact

When you plan and deliver your next Zoom presentation, remember to refer to Clipchamp's top 7 tips to have a real impact on your audience. Stand out from all the other boring Zoom presentations and make yours memorable. Interact with your audience and ask questions to keep them engaged. 

When you're ready, just drag, drop and edit your Zoom video in Clipchamp.

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